1. Bush Barrow Symbol

    Bush Barrow Symbol

    Bush Barrow Symbol Bush Barrow is a site of the early British Bronze Age (c. 2000 BC), at the western end of the Normanton Down Barrows cemetery. It is among the most important sites of the Stonehenge complex, having produced some of the most spectacular grave goods in Britain. It was excavated...
  2. Kookaburra Jack

    Chi-Rho ☧ originally a Symbol of the Centurion

    A common Christian legend has it that the Roman emperor Constantine first used the Chi-Rho symbol ☧ on his vexilla (military standards) to represent a christogram formed from the first two Greek letters of the word "Christ" (Greek: ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, or Χριστός) — Chi (χ) and Rho (ρ). "By this, conquer!”...
  3. Y

    Tian-an-men, the emblem of Communist China

    As we all know, the Tian-an-men (天安門, Gate of Heavenly Peace) is on the emblem of the People's Republic of China. This seems like a great contradiction to me, since the Tian-an-men is the front gate of the imperial palace, the very symbol of reaction and authority, that any...
  4. M

    Found strange symbol

    Hello all. I found this strange symbol and I wanted to know if anyone knew what it could mean.
  5. V

    Uttarpradesh State Symbol

    I want to know about the state symbol of Uttarpradesh. Interesting to note the Bow and arrow and the double fish.
  6. K

    Iron box\chest with the symbol of Royal Mail.

    Good time, On Friday I found an interesting thing. Iron box\chest with the symbol of Royal Mail. In South Africa. Gauteng Province. City of Johannesburg. On the cover can be seen: W E G 1880 1885 1886 *the symbol of Royal Mail* V R №2 And inside the secured paper on...
  7. G

    What is this symbol?

    Any suggestions? It's from the Church of San Miguel das Almas in Lisbon Cathedral.
  8. L

    The Confederate Flag- Noble Historic Relic or Symbol of Racial Hatred?

    Okay boys, here we go. Have at it! I guess to start things, I'll note that what is often called the Confederate Flag is really a battle flag from the Northern Virginia militia. (?) It also resembles a Confederate Navy flag used later in the Civil War. The true Confederate Flag is a different...
  9. C

    Three stroke symbol on military buildings

    I read something very interesting in a book today. It was talking about a certain three stroke symbol, like /|\, and claimed that it was put on pretty much every gun, cannon, military building, etc. until at least fairly recent times (or it may have even continued up to the present, but I can't...
  10. J

    Old symbol

    People of 'Historum', I need to know the meaning and origins of a certain symbol. I have a photo of said symbol attached to the thread. It'd be great if someone could help me with this. -Jmvandermolen
  11. P

    Symbol question

    Ive been interested in this symbol, when google automatically translates my last name this symbol (Þ) replaces a (t). From the research that I have done it seams like it is a slovic combination symbol, and im looking for some guidance.
  12. Y

    unknown symbol, n2

    Hello. What is the enclosed symbol? Does it have a name? I have seen it on one Jewish synagogue. Inside, there are the Tablets of Stone there. I have also seen it in one garden, so maybe it doesnt have a name, it can be just random architecture decoration. Or maybe the owner of the garden was...
  13. markom

    What is the origin of the Flower of Life symbol?

    I have been collecting resources and tracing the history of the Flower of Life geometrical symbol, since it contains great properties of many kinds: While the oldest occurence in Abydos, Egypt has been questioned, I was long thinking Iran/Iraq has the oldest examples of the motif...
  14. Petyo

    A shield and spear symbol in Roman architecture?

    I can't remember whether I've made a thread about this before or I only had the intention :rolleyes:, but here it goes: There is this symbol I've seen a few times exclusively on pediments, depicting a round shield with 1 or 2 spears behind it. I've asked around at each location, but haven't...
  15. civfanatic

    Why is the double-headed eagle such a common symbol?

    I see this symbol used by numerous different peoples and regions, including Sumerians, Hittites, Seljuk Turks, Byzantines, Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Russia, and even medieval South Indians (?!?). Can someone explain to me why so many people were captivated by a bird with two heads? I am...
  16. Y

    unknown symbol

    Hello. What does this symbol mean? I have found it on more buildings close to the Jewish Quarter in Prague, Czech Republic. Thank you.
  17. P

    What is the mean of this symbol

    i have medal and it has a symbols i attached the image of this medal please help me about meaning of this symbols
  18. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    Symbol for Gojoseon or Muism?

    Are there any symbols that represent Gojoseon or Muism? I'm having a hard time finding these things DX
  19. Thessalonian

    The first flag that became a symbol for a nation was...

    ......? It is a tricky question, because the OP wonders about the first flag or banner that became a symbol for a European nation-state, not some ancient tribe's flag that was found buried and dates back to 3000 BCE or so...
  20. Kookaburra Jack

    The Chi Rho symbol as "Chrest" and the archeology of "Chrest"

    Archaeology of ‘Chrest’ Archaeology of the ‘Great and the Good’ Chi Rho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia