1. JaddHaidar

    Kurdish and Syrian government cooperation: A new phase?

    The only two factions that we can say are "winning" in the 7-years long Syrian civil war are the Syrian government and the US backed-Rojava, the de-facto autonomous state of Syria's Kurds. The Rojava's plans (in their words) are to continue being a part of a decentralized Syria with either...
  2. Constantine V

    The Syrian Wars

    Who was the overall winner. The ptolemies or The seleucids? What were the battles fought.
  3. Frank81

    Syrian Civil War: military operations (the show must go on)

    I open this thread to discuss "normal" military operations in Syria, away of the great powers clashes in the area. The SAA conquered 1,200 km2 south of Hama and north of Homs, a long standing pocket finally subjected, that Rebels used to block easy transit between Latakia and Damascus. The...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Flamma the Syrian Gladiator

    Shows the stretch and power of the Roman Empire....that a Syrian man would rise up to go down in history as one of the great Gladiators of the Roman Empire/Republic, Famous Gladiators - Flamma Flamma was one of the most famous gladiators of Rome because he was awarded the rudis no less than...
  5. JoanOfArc007

    Heroic Syrian Football team

    Syria is arguably the most dangerous place on the planet...where innocents are being attacked everyday by ISIL and ISIL like groups. But amid the horror their is beauty...and that beauty is the courage and commitment of the Syrian National Football team. The Syrian National football team is on...
  6. M

    Meet a Syrian girl who came from Aleppo to WYD in Cracow

    She came to WYD in Cracow, and - unbelievable - she wants to go back to Syria after WYD: Interview in English:
  7. Redbad

    Machete attack in Munich by Syrian refugee

    Woman killed, 2 others injured in Germany machete attack - WECT, weather & sports Wilmington, NC Germany machete attack: Syria migrant kills woman - BBC News
  8. G

    Why Cant Muslim European states of Albania and Kosovo take the Syrian refugees

    Why Cant Muslim European states of Albania and Kosovo take the Syrian refugees. They are Muslim and also on the eastern side and can easily share the burden with Turkey as well. Why is everything being lumped on western Europe and places such as Germany which have taken in so many already? The...
  9. VHS

    How may these three civil wars develop? (Syrian, Libyan, Somali)

    In spite interstate wars and conflicts have been very rare (at least lately), we are witnessing at least three ongoing civil wars: 1) Syrian Civil War (there is an extensive thread on this already). 2) Libyan Civil War 3) Somali Civil War Somali Civil War has lasted the longest, and full...
  10. G

    What is your prediction for the Syrian Kurds from now on?

    What do you think will happen in the Syrian Civil war with regards to the Syrian Kurds?Will they now continue with Assad and the Regime and completly abandon the opposition including Syrian Democratic forces with whom they had previously aligned? Can they trust Assad whose regime did not even...
  11. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: An Iraqi Annexation of Syrian Territory During the Arab Spring?

    If Saddam Hussein would have still been in power in Iraq during the Arab Spring (such as if Al Gore would have won the U.S. Presidency in 2000), then exactly how likely would Saddam Hussein have been to try annexing some Syrian territory during the Arab Spring? Any thoughts on this?
  12. G

    How should the Syrian Kurds approach this issue

    What do you think they should do now post the plane downing? How can they achieve their objective of uniting the three cantons if at all they can under the present circumstances?
  13. G

    Will Russia now actively support Syrian Kurds against Turkey

    Will it support Syrian Kurds to connect Kobani and Efrin by helping them takeover Azaz, Jarablus and Manbej areas allowing them to form a contiguous territory. With Russian protection can Syrian Kurds enter the no fly zone west of the Euphrates?
  14. holoow

    US will stop training Syrian rebels and focus on arming Kurds and other groups

    U.S. will stop training Syrian rebels and focus on arming Kurds and other groups - LA Times Arming Kurds is probably the best solution in a war against ISIS.
  15. Futurist

    After the Syrian Civil War ends, would you support an Israeli purchase of the Golan?

    In other words, after the end of the Syrian Civil War, would you support having Israel pay Syria (or Syria's legally recognized successor state, if Syria permanently breaks up into 2+ separate, independent countries) a certain amount of money in exchange for Syria recognizing Israeli sovereignty...
  16. Redbad

    IS beheads two Syrian women 'for the first time'

    IS beheads two Syrian women 'for the first time'
  17. A

    Syrian Refugee Crisis in Turkey Fast Forwarded

    Syrian Arab refugees in Southeastern Turkey: 2014: Refugees 2024: Government: "Guests" 2034: Permanent residents 2044: Turkish citizens 2054: Separatists / independence movement 2064: Secession of the southeastern settlement areas to Syria: "eternal and historically rightful parts of Syria" As...
  18. Phil25

    Syrian Christians in India

    So I read an interesting article about the so called St. Thomas Christians Saint Thomas Christians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They have been in South West Coast of India since around 2nd Century AD. They claim to...
  19. Arlington

    Syrian Embassy given the boot

    A bit late. :deadhorse: And given the initial redline fiasco. More useless Obama administration posturing? Afaik, no weapons have been removed or destroyed. Civil war still ongoing people dying. And Syria remains a Russian pet project. Worse. We all know how credible the Russians view the...
  20. A

    Returning Syrian Jihadists Threatening European Security

    What do you think can the Syrian jihadists returning to Europe do and what will they do? How can the European governments react to the potential threat and what impact would a new wave of Islamic terrorist attacks have on the already strained relationship between Europeans and the Muslim...