1. A

    heavy armored personnel carriers.

    Hey guys what do you think about heavy apc's bases on tanks? Cause I have seen ones based on T-55's, Centurions, and even a M24 used by turkey. What are the pros and cons of them?
  2. D

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable.

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable. Female tankers in this one... hope they show the problems with the t34 but this is a kv-1. yoEIpLeLZLk
  3. dlnewhouse

    Tank Air

    What is in the US inventory that can air ship an M1 or M3 tank?
  4. G

    Tone Shark Tank best conditions.

    Tone Shark Tank best conditions. Rapid Tone Shark Tank sections of Rapid Tone Shark Tank supplement that have Rapid Tone Shark Tank ir information doubtlessly open are unroasted coffee beans blended with chlorogenic harming. This mix is Rapid Tone Shark Tank amazing condition in charge of...
  5. Spike117

    Tank VS. Tank Destroyer

    I am somewhat confused about the difference between tanks and tank destroyers. Now, I know that tank destroyers are supposed to destroy tanks, but I'm confused on how they actually are designed to do so. To me, tanks and tank destroyers look pretty much the same (tracked, big gun on top, heavy...
  6. Visigoth Panzer

    Double barrreled Sherman Tank

    I've seen some information online that said there was a version of the flamethrower Sherman tank that had two gun barrels in the turret, side by side, one the regular 75mm, the other a flamethrower; anyone know anything about this?
  7. Visigoth Panzer

    German Maus Tank Battle of Berlin

    There are some rumors of the German prototype Maus (Panzer VIII) tank being used during the Battle of Berlin at the end of WW2. These stories are probably just myths but could this of happened?
  8. RidiculousName

    Why Don't we use Tank Destroyers, and Other Questions.

    My knowledge of modern military matters is very flimsy. I'm asking various tank questions to increase my knowledge. I have three questions that all sort-of tie into each other. I was wondering why I never hear of tank destroyers anymore. It seems like you would never want to get an MBT close...
  9. D

    Question about the Firefly tank

    I heard that Firefly had problem with ammunition because of muzzle break, which affected it's accuracy, but I can't find anything about this on internet. So was it true?
  10. The Reality

    First Tank

    How did the first tank in ww1 differ from the tanks that were produced in ww2 And how different were the tanks that were produced in ww1 to the ones in ww2 overall(in effectiveness)
  11. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Tiger tank drivers meet old foes

    From the Daily Express. German Tiger tank drivers meet their British counterparts 72 years later | UK | News | Express.co.uk
  12. Magnate

    German anti tank guns

    How effective were the german anti-tank guns? We all know that germany struggled to produce enough tanks. So producing anti tank guns must have been a cheaper and better option to stop the allies tank hordes.
  13. Magnate

    Which german tank could have won the war?

    Let's say that the Germans decided to focus their mass production in a single main tank. Which one do you think would give them a victory or atleast could have prolonged the war? Has to be a realistic choice that they actually could have mass produced with the amount of resources and industry...
  14. BloodyPirate

    How good were the Soviet tank crews compared to their Western counterparts?

    During WW2 till the end of the Cold War? And who have the best trained Tank crews today? I recall the Soviets had different sub classes with the tanks. Soviet class C divisions had the old/borderline obsolete equipment, B divisions had the 10 years old stuff, and the A divisions had the state...
  15. Sobo

    Germany presents super cannon able to break newest russian tank

    The cannon named "130mm-Waffenanlage L/51" is developed by Rheinmetall and able to crush the newest russian Armata tank. It will be the main weapon of the Leopard 3 but also be installed at the older leopard 2 Diese Drei-Tonnen-Kanone soll Putins Panzer knacken | STERN.de LiveLeak.com -...
  16. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Development of the 'tank' without WW1

    As far as I know the direct incentive for the creation of the tank was the trench warfare on the Western Front in the First World War. There were armored cars and trains prior to 1914, but nothing resembling a tank had been seriously considered or constructed yet. Would a quick resolution of the...
  17. C

    Why were both 75 and 76mm guns used on the Sherman?

    It has often been stated that the performance of the Sherman's 76mm HE rounds were inferior to the 75mm HE rounds. After some research I found out that the 76mm HE shell has less explosive filler because the higher firing velocity requires a stronger shell. My actual question is: Why didn't...
  18. B

    WWII Tank silhouette training models

    Hi...I am new here and have a question... Does anyone have any knowledge of WWII tank silhouette training models...that would have been used to train combatants to identify the difference from German to American tanks. I have two of these...they are quite large and I have been told they are...
  19. P

    Czech LTP export tank in Peruvian service 1941

    Hi,I just finished reading a early holiday season present"Maranon-Zuramilla:The Peru-Ecuador war of 1941"by A.English published by the military publisher Partizan press. This is really the only modern English account of this war and its fascinating. Tank attacks,mechanised column's and even...
  20. P

    W.w. Two tank question?

    Most students of W.W. 2 are aware- to varying degrees- about western allies Lend-Lease supplies of tanks to the Soviets of British tanks like the Valentine for Soviet use on the Eastern Front between 1942-45. However, given that from 1942 -45 the western allies armoured formations often...