1. A

    Use of HEAT Rounds by Tanks

    I know the basic history of anti-armor HEAT rounds and their effect since WW2. I know that after WW2 they seemed to fix the issues of HEAT rounds fired from rifled barrels. And I'm aware that postwar there was a big emphasis still on velocity dependent APCBC rounds, necessitating thicker armor...
  2. RidiculousName

    If Tanks Were Never Invented?

    Assuming that, for whatever reason, nobody happened to think of putting an armored body on treads. What would've happened in WW1, and how would the world be different?
  3. R

    Complex German tanks criticism

    Were the Germans wrongly criticized in WW2 for trying to build overly sophisticated and complex tanks like the Tiger I and II and Panthers? The problem the Germans face is that even if German tank production were more efficient, they just could not match the Soviets or the Western Allies in...
  4. D

    New T34 movie - Did Russians use convicts to man T34 tanks in ww2?

    There is a new movie coming in 2018. A Russian production. The trailer seems to show what seem to be criminals manning a T34 for some sort of suicide mission. Now I know the Russians had Penal battalions they used for a lot of dangerous duties. But I would have thought tank crews would be more...
  5. Robert165

    Are tanks and helicopters really analogous to horse cavalry

    Are tanks and helicopters really analogous to horse cavalry? In other words: 1- Are the battle tactics and maneuvers actually very similar or is it simply a matter of "loose definitions" that we call tanks and helicopters "cavalry"? 2- Wouldn't tanks and helicopters actually be more lethal...
  6. M

    What is more vulrable to artillery fire-Infantry or Tanks

    Title Artillery refers to Howitzers and large caliber guns, not direct fire anti-tank guns. Lets say a head on clash between an infantry and tank division ends in a crawl, which side usually has a better chance inflicting causalties with artillery fire?
  7. Visigoth Panzer

    WWI Tanks Compared to Early WW2 Tanks

    How would WW1 tanks like the Mark IV, Renault and A7V compare to early WW1 tanks like the Panzer II or M3 Stuart? Would the Mark IV's gun be able to penetrate their armor? Could the later tanks penetrate the earliers' armor?
  8. V

    Does anybody knows why Finnish Tanks during ww2 had swastikas drawn on them ?

    I was watching some footage by Talvisota and I notised that Finnish tanks had swastikas drawn on them and I found that weird because I know that Finland was a Duchy and it had no connections to nazi ideology.Later I found that Finland fought against Germany as well and I got confused because...
  9. W

    When heavy infantry battle lighter infantry, is it like tanks rolling over trenches?

    I notice many games and movies often portray when heavy infantry armed to the teeth with-every body part covered in metal and using heavy weapons such as pikes- battle lighter infantry such as say macemen wearing just leather as armour or militia armed with just thick clothing and a sword, its...
  10. R

    The RN and Frwipe out Guderin's tin tanks along the coast. Brtian reinforces Dunkirk.

    OTL Britain and France had everything to defeat Germany in 1940. They lost, only because they panicked. Guderian had few and mostly extremely vulnerable Pz I and II, the former with MG and the latter with a 20 mm cannon and MG, both with extremly thin armor. The allies had excellent and...
  11. D

    US tanks casualties in Vietnam (1961-1969)

    Hello.Wikipedia indicates that the chinese army has lost 485 tanks (principaly T 59) in two months of war in Vietnam (february-march 1979).A journalist told me that it was more thant the US army in nine years....Can we know the number of US tanks destroyed during these nine years.It will prove...
  12. M

    WW2 Tanks in World War One

    At the start of the First Great War, each of the following countries receive FIVE THOUSAND tanks from the Second World War -They appear outside the capital city of each nation Allied Powers: France - Renault R35 Tanks UK - Comet Tanks Russia - T-34-85 Tanks Japan - Type 4 Chi-To Tanks...
  13. K

    WW2 tanks found in mud, pulled out and restored

    Hi, Im new here, my interests are mostly world wars and war machines that are used then. I have read some threads, and do not want to spam them, so I decided to open new one :) Here is some rare videos that I have fonud. These war machines are not forgoten, some people still care about them :)...
  14. S

    How much of a difference did tanks in WW1 make?

    I'm aware WW1 was sorta the start of tanks and were used a good amount but would a tank make a big difference? Would they be turning points for battles? Would a Renault FT or a Mark V Landship be the difference between a battle?
  15. Lazy Courier

    War Elephants: The First Tanks?

    I was curious about war elephants and their use on the battlefield. I read an interesting thread about cavalry and how they weren't always effective. How were they used in combat? How effective were they? How did opposing armies counter the elephants? Examples of them being used? I would...
  16. BloodyPirate

    What do you think of the Patton series of Tanks?

    There is only the M46,M47,M48 series of the tank.How was their performance overall?
  17. BloodyPirate

    IS-2 vs Tigers and Panthers

    I have heard of IS-2's ripping the turret off of Tigers and Panther tanks. Is this a true thing, or is this another one of those exaggerations? And was the IS-2 knocked out by Stug's through the front? According to the fanboys on the internet, the IS-2 was raping Tigers and Panthers, and only...
  18. Darth Raidius

    Earliest tanks that could fire on the move?

    What were the earliest tank models in history that could fire with relative accuracy while moving? The way I understand it, most tank models during World War II were capable of firing on the move, but due to the lack of stabilizing systems this was very inaccurate. Did any World War II tank...
  19. ez123

    drone tanks

    It seems to me that drone tanks would have a huge advantage over manned tanks, because they could be lighter without the need to protect a human crew. They would probably be cheaper too. Are there any drone tanks in the pipeline?
  20. T

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks?

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks? During the course of world war 2 , one can see a clear tendency towards, bigger, more powerful tanks as the war progresses. Take for instance, the German Panzer II, their mainstay at the beginning of the...