1. E

    Your Favorite Blogs for History Teachers

    What are your favorite blogs for history teachers (or just history blogs in general)? If YOU happen to have a history or teaching blog, I'd love to hear about it too (just make sure to let everyone know it's yours).
  2. K

    Most Needed Tool For Teachers?

    I'm not a history teacher but I have a degree in the subject and I have often considered teaching. My question is, when those of you who are teachers are in the classroom are there any tools you wish you had? Would replica's of the Parthenon or a trebuchet be useful since there are hands on...
  3. The merchant of Venice

    Is this acceptable for teachers to do?

    this happened in the netherlands, the kids are dutch. it was during a visit of a mosque. do you think it is acceptable to make little children, who either don't understand and are influenced, or they are strictly forced, do something like this? obviously we can assume that most, and probably...
  4. C

    Daech calls to "kill" French teachers

    Daesh is not just against women but against our secular principle In the latest issue of the magazine of the State Islamic Dar al Islam, written in French and published on the internet, it is ordered to Muslim parents to take their children to French schools. The terrorist group also makes...
  5. T

    Questionnaire for UK History Teachers

    The University of Leicester is conducting a survey as part of a project for Historic England to investigate History Teachers' attitudes to CPD and Professional Development. If you would like to take part in this short survey and support the future development of History as a subject then please...
  6. E

    High School History Teachers

    Hello, I'm a university student who is majoring in history education. I have an assignment to interview people within my field of study. The interview pertains to reading/writing within the profession. Would anyone be willing to answer some questions regarding the topic? Thank you. :)
  7. kameginess

    Interview Questions for History Teachers

    For one of my classes i had to choose a career to write about and i choose history teachers. One part of the project is to interview a history teacher, So if a history teacher can answer these questions for me it would be great. What make you want to be a history teacher? What is your favorite...
  8. H

    history teachers

    In 1967 Notre Dame history Professor Leon Bernard transformed the bulletin into a national quarterly journal under the current title. He brought in a national advisory board of eminent scholars. It included only one professor based in a school of education and only one from a Catholic...
  9. D

    Auschwitz History Course for Teachers 2014 - Krakow November

    Dear All - Teachers & Educators! We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the third edition of Auschwitz Teachers Training organised by Escape2Poland and Auschwitz Museum, providing excellent opportunity to continue your professional development. When: 7th-10th November 2014 Where: Krakow -...
  10. K

    Any AQA A level teachers out there?

    Hey everyone... Need help teaching unit 2 of the AQA History A level if anyone out there could give me some advice? Kelly
  11. B

    Competition for young teachers

    Hello from Bulgaria! There is competition "Young teacher of the year" in our country. I teach history in one of Sofia schools. I will be verry happy if you vote for me. ???????? | ?????? ???????? / NEWS 7
  12. W

    History Teachers - Are you finding jobs?

    Hey all, this is my first post here, and thought this section may be most suitable for my first thread I'm certified to teach grades 6-12 Social Studies (In Delaware you major in Education and pick a subject) unlike some states that are Subject driven degrees Anyway, since I was let go from my...
  13. G

    Geography Resource for History Teachers that Students Actually Use

    If you are tearing your hair out over students who show up without even knowing the 50 states, let alone any world geography, try this free website: Welcome to mymapgames.com -- Your link to geography fun! There are plenty of US map games, and a dozen or so for each continent, with many...
  14. Jake10

    Do teachers prefer female students?

    Do girls have an advantage in school? According to this study they do. Does this mean females are on their way to dominating future societies? New UGA research helps explain why girls do better in school | UGA Today
  15. BrowniesRule

    Teachers from Texas can't talk about contraception.

    I was watching a documentary on sex, where the camera crew talks with some local pregnant teenagers from Texas, and they said that even in a school to specifically help teenage moms, the teachers could not talk about contraception. Is that true?
  16. T

    teachers -

    Hello fellow history teachers Just wondering if teacherofhistory.co.uk was the only website offering full lessons? I know Boardworks kind of do too. Are there any other websites?:)
  17. T

    History teachers - good websites

    Hi I know that there are some really cool lessons at teacherofhistory.co.uk - I just wondered if anybody could recommend any other websites?
  18. T


    Hi, I teach OCR Modern World History at GCSE Causes and events of wwi Treaty of Versailles League of Nations Hitlers Foreign Policy Women's suffrage Home Front Liberal Reforms I have found that there is a real dearth of v good films / documentaries (especially on the non-war related units)...
  19. T

    For teachers: Funny things kids say about history

    I feel like I must share..... I asked my class to write down 5 American Presidents. One of them wrote Idi Amin. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They were 15 years old! Any other belters out there?!
  20. P

    1970s UK school kids using Zulu tactics versus teachers

    The era is the 1970s. The location a large UK comprehensive school with 2,000 pupils aged from 11 to 16 and 100 teachers. This was a time when British teachers could get away with rather more than they do now (corporal punishment etc). In response to this, 250 of the kids get an "army"...