1. L

    Teaching Christianity to the enslaved

    I heard that at first this was strictly prohibited 🚫 in case they got wise, questioned their conditions and rose up. They also banned them from being taught to read and write for the same reason. Why did as this allowed? How can you teach a man who is enslaved Christianity and to serve god? Was...
  2. J

    A new visual history teaching website

    Go to: Thanks Jeff
  3. larkin

    Does the teaching of history have a purpose?

    I have been admonished many times for drawing parallels on post 1990 events with events of the past. There are two very good reasons for the post 1990 prohibition. The first reason is to maintain a civil forum where discussions can take place without insults, flame wars and overall bad behavior...
  4. L

    When did Christians start teaching ‘The End Is Nigh’

    Christianity and the Old Testament has been around well over 2000 years. Did the early prophets and preachers from Roman times teach world is ending soon, we are in the final days, with the ‘second comming’ Etc when god punished the world? Well if the first Christians taught and believed that...
  5. L

    Teaching Christianity to the enslaved in the US

    Did the plantation owners originally ban the enslaved from being taught Christianity or practicing their traditional religions? The r asin being Christianity and no other religion allows it? Did they teach that the enslaved were cursed by god, inferiors with no souls to be saved, so not...
  6. NBSHistory

    Is Youtube a viable option for teaching History?

    Hi! I am a current student at a University in Canada working into entering graduate studies in History. Because I already do an enormous amount of research for the University and in my personal life I decided to try and make a History Youtube channel. I do this to try and promote history...
  7. sparky

    Teaching young soldiers

    . teaching young soldiers has since time immemorial involved a great amount of contempt and shouting , as warfare became more technical , this had to change . During the 20th century ,various training courses , manuals , cartoons and movies were made to engage bored young men attention one...
  8. M

    Teaching German History - Reading Suggestions

    Hi all, I'm a high school history teacher about to start teaching Nazi Germany, and I'm looking for suggestions for books I could read to help me prepare. I'm already halfway through Kershaw's great Hitler biography, and I'm going to read Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich over...
  9. P

    History education in India

    What is your experience of learning history in indian schools and colleges? Are your satisfied with the way history is taught in India? Do you think that it is biased in any way? Is history portrayed accurately enough? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  10. M

    World Wars Activity

    I'm a first year teacher and I am looking for ideas on hands on (non-lecture or video) activities for WWI and WWII for World History so preferably not just American-centricism. If you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it!
  11. Wallach

    Why aren't schools teaching kids (basic) philosophy?

    Hello everyone, Philosophy, in my eyes, is one of the most important forms of thought that a person can engage in. What strikes me as odd, is the fact that the schoolsystem, atleast here in the Netherlands, puts almost no effort in teaching children in the field of philosophy. I think it'd be...
  12. S

    Teaching primary sources: Why?

    I've read various posts in historum suggest that students need to be exposed to primary sources, even at the ages 6-18 levels. Since I never got to experience primary sources as a student (although I enjoyed reading through a short primary source that was posted in a historum thread this week)...
  13. VHS

    "He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches".

    I guess we cannot take this too seriously, otherwise we won't have education as we know it. On the other hand, the following comes from the same text: When a man teaches something he does not know to somebody else who has no aptitude for it, and gives him a certificate of proficiency, the...
  14. H

    Civil Rights Teaching Activity

    I am looking for an interactive lesson plan for teaching about the sit in movement employed by the civil rights organizations during the 1960s. If anyone has an idea or can post/reply with a lesson plan that would be great. thanks.
  15. Pacific_Victory

    Should we be teaching History "backwards"?

    Personally, I've always found it easier to learn history by starting at the present and working my way back in time. We are naturally more familiar with our modern world than with any historical period, so it makes sense to use our own time as the foundation of our historical learning...
  16. notgivenaway

    Teaching Scottish history in UK schools

    How come most history we learn is English, and not Scottish? Take the medieval era, just as Henry I, Henry II or Edward I were great English kings, how come we don't learn about Robert the Bruce more? Or momentous events like Magna Carta, why not the Auld Alliance? Or about the Normans who...
  17. World History Fan

    Why are schools not teaching Kids about Jamestown?

    I am puzzled at why Jamestown is mostly ignored in schools. Why is that? Why is it not being taught? And the truth as well about the Landing , the Aftermath and Pocahontas. The Film gives Kids the wrong idea. When I was in School they taught us about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of...
  18. post punk

    Career Guidance Teaching high school with masters

    I'm graduating in May with a degree in History and a minor in education. I am more interested in teaching high school than college level, but I am also interested in getting my masters for the purpose of learning more, gaining more life experience, and gaining the skills necessary for writing...
  19. Sun in Splendour

    Teaching history to children

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Warwick the Kingmaker (by John H. Haaren (John Henry)) I found this article on the Earl of Warwick. It is taken from a book written by a high school teacher. Each chapter is based around a central figure (hero if you like). It is very simplistic and very easy to...
  20. Emperor Trajan

    teaching history through music

    A lot of people learn history from books, television, movies and through discussion. Not many people think about learning or teaching history through music. One such band does that. The Swedish rock band Sabaton does all of their songs about events in history. A good chunk of their music deals...