1. VHS

    "Super Education" or other technological privileges?

    The concept is from Liu Cixin (刘慈欣)'s short story of Wages of Humanity (赡养人类): Some privileged humans from Earth #1 (not quite Superman; in the story, there are 4 versions of humans created by aliens, and our earth is the...
  2. A

    technological nightmare In blazing California, this app for avoiding traffic congestion has sent people into burning neighborhoods with closed roads.
  3. VHS

    Is technological growth currently stagnating?

    The 20th century of the Gregorian calendar (note: I am addicted to usage of other calendars) includes some of the most innovative and life changing technological developments such as: The Internet and computers CRES (Corrosion resistant steel, or stainless steel; when I was on a scientific...
  4. Foundry

    10 most important technological innovations in warfare

    What do you think these were over the course of human history,that completely changed tactics,the balance of power and the nature wars were fought tactically or strategically?
  5. VHS

    What led to technological revolutions of the Homo sapiens sapiens?

    In comparison with many species, especially the sponge (the 700 million old group of animals or perhaps the first of animalia), we are an incredibly young species. Even so, we are the most powerful species on Planet Earth due to our technologies. Martial arts as powerful as those in Dragonball...
  6. VHS

    What exactly limited Chinese technological developments?

    The Song Dynasty had a slight technological edge over most other civilizations. The Yuan Dynasty? While the Mongolians did not have much culture or civilization, they quite emphasize the importance of technologies. While the Mongolians were known for massacres, they typically spare the lives of...
  7. VHS

    What has been holding technological development back?

    Our current technological level might be the highest that we ever achieved, but we still have many unfulfilled dreams, such as negligible senescence, repairing disabilities, living beyond planet Earth, etc. Still, we are also facing unprecedented crisis, such as population explosion in parts of...
  8. Joe Freeman

    Cases of technological regression in history.

    Some argue that Ming China saw a technological regression from Song dynasty times. Were there any other cases of technological regression in history? Did we see technological regression after the fall of Rome? What are the causes of technological regression?
  9. VHS

    What contribute to the accerelated technological progresses on the last 50 years?

    Although some of our dreams are not fulfilled YET (such as reversal of aging, full repairs of congenital and acquired disabilities, settling on alien planets, amongst many others), the last 50 years represented the fastest rate of technological developments. The Internet allows massive spreads...
  10. VHS

    Native Americans and their technological level before contact

    In comparison of technological level, even the relatively advanced Aztecs were at the technological level of early Babylonians or early Egyptians. (Hieroglyphs, early bronze tools). The Mayans were noticed for their advanced mathematics and astronomy, but their productivity was NOT much beyond...
  11. VHS

    Questions about military technological ages

    We certainly have gone way beyond Black Powder, and people occasionally divide into the Age of Cold Weapons and the Age of Black Powder. How do people divide military technological age? The Age of Cold Weapons occupied much of the history of Homo sapiens sapiens so far.
  12. Precedence

    Has the technological boon in the past 10 years made you happy?

    With dozens of different computing devices, cell phones that can do practically everything, opportunities to speak to more people than ever, more options for entertainment than ever, are you happier? Personally, I feel like it takes more to stimulate me and my attention span is brittle. While...
  13. Karl XII

    Was the Roman empire bad for technological development?

    As we've seen countless times throughout history, competition breeds innovation. One only need look at WW1 and WW2 for examples of this. After the defeat of Carthage however there was no one left who could seriously challenge roman rule, and due to the lack of impending danger there was no...
  14. S

    Did western technological advantage begin with the Normans?

    From the building capabilities and the upgrading in armour and most of all success in the battle field against all comers whether the saxons of England or the turks of the middle east they had an impressive military record. How much is the crusades influenced by the Normans? A more...
  15. G

    Indian history in applied sciences and technological inventions

    Looking at Chinese one feels India was behind in this. They innovated things like printing, paper, gun powder, compass etc. created new inventions. Similar like the west. Indians were good at pure sciences (discovery of zero, theorems, Vedic Maths etc.) but Indians were always behind the race of...
  16. Seven

    Nazi Technological Advancement

    With a German victory of WWII (not necessarily a defeat of the US, but maybe a truce with the US and UK) and a survival of the "German" empire up to today, January 2015, would we see a more technologically advanced world, the same, or less? Myself, personally, I wonder what an American/German...
  17. B

    Technological advantage and the rise and fall of overseas empires

    It seems obvious that the overseas European colonial empires were made possible by huge advantages in technology. The "scramble for Africa" was maybe made possible by the machine gun and improved medical treatment for tropical diseases. I wonder if decolonization was partly a result of less...
  18. Joe Freeman

    Technological gap between East and West

    China was for some time the most technological advanced place in the world(B.C.). They had gunpowder and iron instruments before anyone else. They mastered the art of warfare earlier than anyone, too. But all that technical advantage, they lost it at some point in history. The same would happen...
  19. G

    Significance of technological developments in WW1

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am currently completing a dissertation for my GCSE that looks into the significance at which we view events. More specifically I am investigating the significance of four technological advances of WW1, and which holds the greatest level of significance. The four...
  20. jeroenrottgering

    How important was the cultural and technological impact of the crusades in Europe?

    There is no doubt that the crusades had a big influence on European history. Not only in a religious sense, but also military, technologically and culturally. We know the religious impact and more research has been done and is currently being done on the other aspects. Do you consider the...