1. J

    Why we need a New Term for "Revisionist Historians"

    Why we need a New Term for "Revisionist Historians" ruqt8uv__18
  2. C

    Long term and distance comparisons of premodern living standards

    In England, there are long term data for prices and wages since early 13th century. There have been several analyses. The results differ somewhat, and I cannot precisely quote everything I remember. Maybe I conflate several contradictory ones. Key points of my impression: In 13th century...
  3. Azad67

    The term anti-semetic

    Why the term semite is only used for Jews by media of Israel, America and Europe?. In media a Palestinian or any other Arab gets called "anti-semetic" whenever he/she talks against Israel and jews, and i have watched Arabs asking how they can be anti-Semitic when they themselves are Semites...
  4. notgivenaway

    What was the common term to refer to a Roman Emperor?

    Did they call them Caesar? But then wasn't Caesar a term for an Emperor's son, or heir? Wasn't Augustus a term just reserved for Emperors? And how did the naming work for an Emperor? I read that Marcus Aurelius would have been Imperator Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. Is this true?
  5. C

    Worst long term trick played on an enemy

    So, what was the worst long term trick played on an enemy. I will put forth the train ride given LENIN by the Germans in 1917. With that one act the Germans cost their enemy millions of lives over the next 40years. What’s yours? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. K

    Why use the term Archaeological Complex instead of Civilization for BMAC?

    I'm kinda confused as to why the official designation is Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex instead of just saying 'Bactria-Margiana Civilization' or just altogether going with 'Oxus Civilization' What is the difference between the term 'Archaeological Complex' and 'Civilization' in the...
  7. lodestar

    Has democratizing military history made the term ‘heroes’ increasingly meaningless?

    I'm very impressed with the responses to my thread-starters so far and there are so very well-informed and articulate posters on this Forum (oh Cripes! I hope that doesn't sound fawning and patronizing?:o). Thought I'd put up another one I posted on the ACG Forum a while ago. Not strictly a...
  8. A

    What was meant by the term copper-colorer race in the past used by Europeans?

    Like in this book here, some European colonials compared native africans to copper-colorer race: https://books.google.ca/books?id=VCxQBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA267&dq=guinea+copper+colored+race&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj9h-6ystfRAhWI7IMKHaW4CigQ6AEIMTAE#v=onepage&q=guinea%20copper%20colored%20race&f=false I...
  9. VHS

    How would you use the term soldier?

    A soldier in the narrow sense, is a private or lower ranking officer. A soldier in the board sense, is any people in the military. I have read encyclopedia that calls kings like Edward I and Richard III soldiers. In history texts, which way is used more? Can Han Xin 韩信 be called a...
  10. Swagganaut

    The abuse of the term "Tribe"

    I am fairly often confronted with the term "Tribe" in my fields of interest, especially African history and the Romano-Germanic kingdoms. I see a lot of people, even on this forum, excessively using that very term. A tribe is a people which traces its origin on a common ancestor, mostly...
  11. JeanDukeofAlecon

    GDP per capita (if that term is applicable) of early-high medieval states?

    You sometimes hear about how certain states/realms were prosperous or not in the medieval period, but do we have any idea what the average income/gdp per capita was for different early/high medieval states? If possible I was looking to see if a direct comparison of early medieval economies...
  12. Sobo

    The eternal chancellor syndrome - why no term limit?

    I wonder why we never installed a term limit for the german chancellor. Not in the Kaiserreich, not in the Weimar Republic and also not in the BRD and DDR. We have a 2 term limit for the president. Who has a ceremonial role and no real power but the chancellor can get elected again and again...
  13. L

    axis powers: post war plans for occupied Eurooe?

    Did hitler have any long term or post ear plans for occupied Europe? Or were they still preoccupied with the war with Britain US and the Allies? In other words the was was not over despite occupation?
  14. R

    the term "black" in Europe before modern racial concepts

    Moorish Kings of Europe: King Charles Stuart II ? The Black Boy King of England 1630 ? 1685 ? by ? Oguejiofo Annu | Rasta Livewire King Charles the grandson of King James known as "Black Boy" his symbol of the "Black Boy Inn" was a black man is there any truth to this? was King James a...
  15. King Arthur

    Suggestions for replacing the term paganism

    I think it'd be interesting and fairer to stop using the label "paganism" and the associated "pagan" and "heathen". Here are some suggestions: Saxon Paganism: Eseism/Osism (They believe in the Ese, singular Os) or Irminsulism (Irminsul tree) Norse Paganism: Yggdrasism (Yggdrasil tree) Roman...
  16. SirOrmondeWinter

    Once and for all, the origin of the term 'salary'?

    Famous myth, Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in salt which they could then exchange for other goods via barter. Every schoolboy knew that but nowadays they say its not true and based on the fact that they would be issued a salt ration which they would sometimes trade with civilians. Anyone...
  17. Thaladan

    Is "Jap" an offensive term?

    I've encountered this debate in other online forums, and I honestly can't comprehend why some people think "Jap" is any way an offensive or derogatory term. It seems to be a very controversial word in America, and I don't understand why. I can only assume that there are perhaps some historical...
  18. P

    who coined the term communism

    I always thought Marx coined the term communism but from the preamble may be someone else did? " I. Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power." from preamble communist manifesto
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    Telling the Causes of Historical Events: Long term or short term?

    Someone asks you: "What started World War I?" You have two general answers. There is the short term answer. "Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and as a result Austria-Hungary went to war with Serbia. Soon after the major European powers joined in, beginning World War I." Obviously this is the...
  20. Guaporense

    Long term national accounts for China

    I post this paper again: www.lse.ac.uk/economicHistory/pdf/Broadberry/China8.pdf Now a more recent version. Interestingly the Balassa Samuelson effect was weak in 1840, when prices in China were only 40% lower than prices in UK. Chinese economic history from 1050 onwards was of constant...