1. M

    Terrible, the villagers caught a giant snake attacking the cow

    Can not believe that the snake is so big, it is trying to swallow a cow but the villagers discovered and catch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4y7LD5Nnps
  2. SufiMystic

    Is democracy a failure?

    It seems to me democracy in England and the USA is broken. After observing politics, I have come to the conclusion that this is no way to run a country, and that the system is a travesty, a farce, an absolute joke, and a horrible way of deciding public affairs. Why? 1. Elections are a cheap...
  3. James Cook

    Was the Byzantine plague of 541 so terrible as historians portray it?

    It seems that a great plague reached the Byzantine Empire through Egypt in the first half of the 6th century, and continued coming back until the 8th century. While some historians say that this plague caused great disruption in the empire, with maybe half the population being dead by the 8th...
  4. S

    A new hero of Russia! A monument in honer of Ivan the Terrible in Oryol!

    This weak, notwithstanding a silence of media news, it has become known that a decision has been made to build a monument in Oryol in honor of Ivan the Terrible. It is quite interesting. Years ago the church told that it is wrong to think of the Terrible as a hero - the Terrible deposed at...
  5. Frank81

    Turkey: terrible blast kills 28 in Ankara, 17-2-2016

    The target seem to be a military bus Ankara blast: At least 28 dead in Turkish capital explosion - BBC News Turkey's capital Ankara rocked by deadly explosion - Al Jazeera English https://www.rt.com/news/332788-ankara-blast-military-dorm/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLmbRit8KDQ
  6. Linschoten

    Arab Isil Jiahadis have terrible manners!

    They rummage through your property without asking your permission: "This is a common habit for Arabs in the Middle East. I remember an incident from when I first came to Shām; I was sitting in ribāt next to another British brother, and as we were talking a Syrian brother came into the...
  7. pinguin

    Is the 22nd Amendment a terrible idea?

    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/05/opinion/05burns.html I stumbled across an old article arguing for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment, and thought that I'd kick-start a discussion here. I'm of the fairly strong opinion that term limits are one of the more stupid ideas that get bandied about in...
  8. Marcellus

    What a terrible waste of Hittite history...

    Extracted from the book "Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore" by Bettany Hugues. "But Helen's is a story of two civilisations – of Greeks and of Trojans. There are fuller written sources from the other side. Paris, Helen's Trojan lover, occupied territory in the Troad, the coastal...
  9. B

    Is this a brilliant idea or a terrible one?

    Welcome to Berlin's House of One ? a church, synagogue and mosque - Europe - World - The Independent I think that to some degree it makes perfect sense, society seems to be becoming more and more anti-religious so perhaps there is safety in numbers (and showing not everyone who follows a...
  10. M

    Good Strategists, Terrible Tacticians.

    Title: My personal opinion: -Antiochos the Great -Pompey the Great -Verxongetorix -Heraclius -Saladin -George Washington -Zhukov
  11. nuclearguy165

    Great Tacticians, Terrible Strategists

    There have been many commanders throughout history whose tactical skills may have somewhat outshone their strategic skills, or vice-versa. However, which commanders can you think of who had some nice tactical wins to their name, but other than that, who couldn't campaign worth you know what?
  12. M

    The terrible human sacrifice. The ancient Chinese custom

    The Shang Dynasty was in the peakday of slavery, the slave owning aristocracy is the ruling class, forming a huge bureaucracy and military. Slaveholders can sale, can also kill; master's death but also by the slaves. The human sacrifice, the object is a concrete manifestation of slave society...
  13. Korin

    Is Scar-H a terrible gun?

    It has a terrible rate of fire, and is slow in using. M4A1 and AK-106 kicks its arse.
  14. K

    Ivan the Terrible. Myth and Reality.

    Translated by google.com/translate Ivan the Terrible. Myth and Reality. The first Russian Tsar Ivan IV, Ivan IV, Ivan, nicknamed the Terrible (1530 - 1584) - son of Grand Prince of All Russia Vasily III. Ivan the Terrible was born on August 25 (September 7) in 1530 in the village of...
  15. Jake10

    Why did Ivan IV Vasilyevich become so terrible?

    Was this a self fulfilling prophesy? Was it the death of his mother? The influences around him? I hope some of the people more familiar with his early years can share.
  16. T

    What 'Classics' do you find terrible?

    Link A few editors and writers share their own. Unsurprisingly, there was a writer who shared my views. ;) They essentially cover all the classics, though I'm surprised to see no Nabokov. What 'classic' literature have you found impossible to read? Why?
  17. Essa

    The Terrible Turk !

    Im impressed on the scale to which such image was promoted since the 15th century.....Bringing some thoughts such as: - Why Arabs were not subject to the same "tenacity/calamity" when it comes to 'Image' in the West. Not that Arabs are portrayed in a decent way by the West but I don't think...
  18. Belloc

    The lure of the Kremlin: the court of Ivan the Terrible....

    This should be interesting. :) The lure of the Kremlin: Ivan the Terrible (31 Jan 2012) - YouTube
  19. wario2255

    Did stalin do terrible things before he become leader of russia

    So did joseph stalin do terrible things before he become leader of russia or did power make him a monster?
  20. Anna James

    Ashoka the Terrible and Ashoka the Great

    Who was Ashoka the Terrible and how did he turn into Ashoka the Great? How much of his story is realistic and how much an idealization due to his conversion to Buddhism and the understandable kick that the said religion took out of it's icon emperor? Interesting source The Unknown Ashoka by...