1. civfanatic

    Indian Territorial Divisions. their Numerical Suffixes, and Populations

    Many inscriptions from early medieval and medieval India record territorial divisions with numerical suffixes, such as "Gangavadi-96000", "Nolambavadi-32000", "Banavasi-12000", "Vengi-16000", "Kammanadu-16000", "Kollipake-7000" etc. It is generally agreed that these numerical suffixes represent...
  2. Futurist

    Historical Territorial Purchases

    Which historical cases have there been of either successful territorial purchases or failed territorial purchases which came very close to succeeding? (This includes claims to the land; for instance, while all of the Louisiana Purchase apparently officially belonged to France, France doesn't...
  3. M

    The Germanic peoples-a cultural group, or territorial category?

    Hey this is a thread about the ethnic categorization of the Romans and Greeks. They referred the area beyond the Rhine and Danube as Germania and this is what the modern Germany comes from. However I heard that these tribes all had their indivdual languages, culture, and customs. The Gauls too...
  4. Futurist

    Missed Chances at Additional United States Territorial Expansion

    While the United States of America successfully acquired various territories throughout its history, which cases exactly (if any) were there in U.S. history where the United States failed to take advantage of an opportunity (or a possible/potential opportunity) for additional U.S. territorial...
  5. Futurist

    The Lack of German Territorial Losses in the West After World War II

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. Anyway, why exactly did Germany not lose any* territory in the West after World War II (in contrast to the East, where Germany lost all of its territories east of the Oder River)? It is because of one or both of the two reasons below: 1. Unlike...
  6. JM1906

    Territorial Changes - Modern Times Stabilisation?

    I was wondering when viewing a topic about the German Empire and Prussia how that territories changed from sovereignty to sovereignty (ex. Holy Roman Empire - Prussia - German Empire - West/East Germany - Germany)*. It was quite common in History this type of "evolution" or territorial changes...
  7. xizhimen

    why Japan has historical territorial dispute with every neighbor?

    Why Japan has historical territorial dispute with every single neighbor? Russia,PRC(the people's republic of China), ROC(the Repbulic of China), North and South Korea.Those countries make every single neighbor of Japan. That's what Russians believed where the problems lie.
  8. larkin

    China's territorial claims

    Anyone care to speculate on this chess game and how it might play out? East Asia - China - Why China's territorial claims are unjustified (historical perspective). - YouTube
  9. Inc

    Rome Empire - Maximum Territorial Extent

    I was under the impression that this occured in 117 AD, with the death of Trajan soon after. However I've recently read a tome which gives 116 as the year, with Trajans Parthian conquests. I'm thinking that this view may have some merit and that perhaps the year 117 is cited, as the territorial...