1. P

    car Beijing December 1921 what does the text read?

    Who can help me translate the Chinese on the registration plate of this early automobile? copyright University of Bristol, Ruxton family ru-s012 hpcbristol.net 21 December 1921 Bejing car at wedding of Enid Ruxton and William Cassels
  2. SirIronshield91

    Help in translating a text

    Hello i am doing a project about an old german familiy and this text is related to them i dont know german can someone pls translate it its not long veilchen ersterben vergiessmeinnicht eleichen, es welket die rose und das rollende blatt sinkt in verwehenden staue, nicht so die blume des...
  3. J

    Is this an authentic buddhist text?

    Consider grass and trees. Although they do not speak of it, the different species amongst them can be seen. Consider insects…quadrupeds, reptiles…fish…and birds. Although they do not speak of it, the different species amongst them can be seen. Amongst these beings the differences are manifold...
  4. M

    (aggressive) propaganda text collections

    I am a linguist and currently looking for (historical) propaganda text collections for research purposes. It does not really matter to me from which period that texts originate as far as the level of propaganda displays a notable degree of hatred/violence/aggressiveness. I have been searching...
  5. S

    15th Century Middle Korean Romanized Text

    Figure 1 - Excerpt from the Hunminjeongeum Sino-Korean words are shown in green. Interesting phonological observations are shown in yellow. ŏ is pronounced as 'eo', as in hunter. ŭ is pronounced as 'eu', as in hunter. u is pronounced as 'oo', as in moon. (Line 1) Narasmalsami...
  6. JeanDukeofAlecon

    A request to greek speaking forum members: A rough translation of a Greek text

    This is an image from the Madrid skylitzes said to be a depiction of the varangian guard. I have searched for a translation, but I have yet to find anything. The text itself dates back to the late 11th century, but this illustration is from a 12th century copy. Bonus image for if the first...
  7. Idris

    Hellenistic Greece Text

    I am looking for some advice on a good text (or texts) that covers Hellenistic Greek history. I am looking for a text that is comparable to N. G. L. Hammond's A History of Greece to 322 B.C. in style and content. I have a text by F. W. Walbank, which is too brief for me. Any suggestions is...
  8. Z

    Ancient Historical Text and metaphorical language

    Hello All, my first post. It seems to me pretty obvious that forms of metaphorical comparison is an ancient linguistic tool, older than Aristotelian reasoning which is a learnt skill. Our ancient minds probably cognated in a metaphorical fashion - a wolf being scary as a buffalo (simile). If I...
  9. D

    Your Preference: Fat College Text, People's History, Scholarly ?

    Your Preference and Why: Fat College Text 1, People's History 2, or Scholarly 3 ? 1) I buy a couple of used Fat College Texts (FCTs) to read a primer and see some pictures. Those get donated to the local thrift store. 2) If the subject is interesting, I search an online used book store...
  10. Jkm97

    Good text for U.S. social history

    Does anyone know of a good, balanced social history text? Thanks
  11. Seven

    A text message from my girlfriend.

    "Babe you're so good at giving me a base idea to expand on. Can you help me with this question. "Why did the main world powers - the United States, England, and France - allow the new liberal democracy regimes of Russia, Italy and Germany to evolve into threatening socialist and nationalist...
  12. J

    What do you read from this Latin text?

  13. Emperor Trajan

    The most informal Histroy text book

    I am looking for a history book that covers almost every spec of History. All the text books at my school don't even cover the colonization of the Americas. Anyone know of a good text book that does cover a lot of themes in History?
  14. E

    Song Text Meaning (Harry Chapin - She Is Always Seventeen)

    Dear fellow historians, Today i was listening to the wonderful tune of Harry Chapin's "She is Always Seventeen" when the following questions came to mind: 1. Who is "she"? (I suppose it's America) 2. Why is "she" always seventeen? Is there any historic meaning in the "17"? Since there are a...
  15. Darius I

    Cyrus The greats cylinder (full text)

    I am Cyrus, King of the globe, great king, mighty king, King of Babylon, king of the land of Sumer and Akad, King of ......, king of the four quarters of Earth, son of Cambysis (Kambujiye), great king, king of Anshan, grandson of Cyrus (Kurosh), great king, king of Anshan, descendant of...
  16. G

    How should this text be contended?

    Noble Red Man
  17. A

    Sociology in Old US Text Book

    The following quote is from "Our Changing Social Order", a 1934 high school text book. This is far from the modern idea that teachers should not have to waste their time on poor students. Do you think the old school made a social difference? Do you find in the reasoning? "Three Principal...
  18. Alamgir

    Why is Quran more holy than any other religious text?

    Quran e paq is the best and most respected of all the religious text in the entire universe so it is holy in its own context and shows a true follower real way to lead a life.
  19. R

    The best text for studying the 1910 Mexican Revolution?

    I'm not sure where to begin, so if anyone has read a good text on Mexican history in general, I'm interested in that as well. Thanks in advance.
  20. G

    Which is the most influential text written in human history..

    O.K so I thought that this would be interesting.... I know that this is a highly subjective topic but lets try... So which text is the most influential text of history? For me it goes like this : Historically (uptill now!) 1- The Bible 2- The Qur'an 3- Greek Philosophers' texts...