1. R

    Did Charles Darwin believe in his theory?

    I heard in recent years that Darwin din`t belive in his own theory in the end. I myself have not find any facts supporting this, but am open for discussion if you know something i dont (I am new and i really dont quite know were i should post this.)
  2. R

    Did Charles Darwin believe in his theory?

    I heard in recent years that Darwin din`t belive in his own theory in the end. I myself have not find any facts supporting this, but am open for discussion if you know something i dont
  3. P

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory ?
  4. Tammuz

    Fact and Consensus in the Theory of Science

    In the everyday understanding of reality,facts are seen as something that exists independently of the cognition of subjects. This does not correspond to the factual understanding of today's theory of science. First of all, a misunderstanding must be clarified: according to current theory of...
  5. J

    East Asian origins: A theory

    The story starts in pre-Bantu Africa, where we have a certain group of ancient pre-Bantu African technologists. As the Bantu were expanding out of the central African jungles, the pre-Bantu Africans (East Asians) gradually gave way and started migrating out of the continent via sailing ship. At...
  6. R

    How valid is the domino theory in the mid or early 60s?

    Say if Saigon fell in 1965 to the North, is Thailand next? What about Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines?
  7. J

    The Horserider Civilization Theory

    (I made this post in another discussion but thought it was important enough to have its own thread.) I want to make the case that certain hunter-gathers had a better food surplus than early agriculturalists due to the fact that some of them were traveling and hunting on horseback and were...
  8. A

    Egypt, Ningizzida wave theory, lambda. Is it here, 4000+BC?

    Please notice the standing wave in the hand sketch, relate it to the second picture (you know from where) with the two bevels which resembles radiation pattern from twisted pair antenna line feed. See the radiation pattern in the owls eyes. If the dipole antenna is crossed with another opposite...
  9. P

    What if germ theory was accepted earlier?

    In the original timeline (OTL, our world), germ theory wasn't even on the radar until 1847, when Ignaz Semmelweis made the connection between puerperal fever and doctor hygiene (or lack thereof). This was the first strong proof for germs being the cause of disease, but his theory was ridiculed...
  10. D

    Question about the origin of the Romanians

    Hi everybody! I'm interested for this topic, and I read a lot of about this, but I still don't understand a few things. Can you explain? Romanians prefer the daco-roman theory, and their two main reason for this theory are: 1. Romanian is a latin language 2. Gesta Hungarorum mention vlachs in...
  11. MrKap

    Phaeton (hypothetical planet)

    I've been mulling this "historical" scientific theory around for some time now. I suspect it may still be valid. even though it's original promoters, have been discredited. Has anyone taken this idea seriously? It seems to be...
  12. B

    Genealogy of kings given in Puranas refutes Aryan invasion theory

    "Puranas" in Sanskrit means "history", and the Puranas give the history of ancient India. The Puranas accurately describe the genealogy of kings after Chandragupta Maurya's time, since it is corroborated with other sources. The Puranas also give a genealogy of kings and their dynasties before...
  13. D

    Literary Theory & Criticism: Historical Peaks

    What are the historical peaks for Literary Theory & Criticism? I have read the discipline peaked around the 1980s with a decline in interest beginning in the 1990s. Did literary theory become Cultural Criticism?
  14. notgivenaway

    Norse raiding theory - why monasteries?

    How did the Norse who raided Lindisfarne know about the monastery and its treasures? Did the Norse get to know of Christianity, and how monasteries operated? Did they also just venture out, find the coast, and decided to raid these places on a whim? And after that, they told their compatriots...
  15. S

    What do you think about Game Theory's prediction on knight vs samurai?

    gwoGVWgK8v8 I'm not even European, but I think he's too pro-samurai and his analysis is ridiculous.
  16. M

    Greek migration theory

    Herodotus described Persians and Medes and suggests they are Greek in origin. Persians They were formerly called by the Greeks, Cephenes, but by themselves and their neighbors Artaei. When Perseus son of Danae and Zeus had come to Cepheus son of Belus and married his daughter Andromeda, a...
  17. cachibatches

    Voyage of the Argo- My own Crackpot theory

    Good day all. My nephew is really into Jason and the Argonauts, one of my childhood favorites, and so I am reading The Voyage of the Argo by Apollonius of Rhodes. I have a crackpot theory. It has long been demonstated that Greek myths often have truth behind them: the Minoan civilization...
  18. O

    Aryan Migration Theory update

    Hello, How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate - The Hindu Here's an article from The Hindu - newspaper. It's been trending on Twitter. I thought I could share it here. There he claims AMT is NOT a theory anymore. What are your thoughts/counter-arguments to what he says in the...
  19. S

    Theory of daco roman continuity in modern Romania

    Hi, i am from Romania , and in my country , in scools we learned that romanian peoples ancestors are the romans and the dacians. Resume the story In 106 romans conquest a part of Dacia , and ours historians say that in this moment begining the romanization proces in which dacians learned...
  20. ppyle

    History of History - Theory research reccs needed

    Hello all! I'm having trouble finding sources and information for a project. I am trying to research how social movements have been studied by historians over time. Any suggestions for how I can search for that?:weird: