1. dlnewhouse

    Facts are stubborn things

    Please recommend books about Joseph Stalin. Especially a Penguin Classics edition. Wait, according to quote investigator, this quote was used by John Adams! Exact quote in the 2nd source, approximate in the first. [TU] 1713, Treason Unmask’d; or, The Queen’s Title, the...
  2. O

    Time travel actually made things better

    Are there any novels, etc. where somebody went back in the past and changed things for the better? Too many are like Stephen King's November 22, 1963 where things become so bad they need to be put back the way they were. I've always wanted to be a chrononaut. Haven't you?:) I used to dream I...
  3. S

    Phenomena without history

    Are there phenomena without history or things without history?
  4. Rodger

    Is this a sign of things to come regarding health care?

    NHS provokes fury with indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obeseĀ  I can understand that certain behaviors contribute to one's need for medical services -many of which are costly, but this policy seems rather harsh. Are there options in the U.K. to decline the government's health care plan and...
  5. M

    Things that happened at the same time in History.

    I saw something a while back that blew my mind, talking about how Woolly Mammoths Were Still Alive While Egyptians Were Building The Pyramids. Are there any other things you guys can think of that are like this? This should be a cool discussion.
  6. Eric the Red

    What were some good things King John of England did during his reign?

    Most people know of King John, and that he abused his powers that were given to him, and as such, was forced to sign a document called the Magna Carta, which limited royal authority, but I'd like to ask the question, what were some good things that King John did during his reign? Thanks for reading!
  7. O

    Things to Come 1936

    Things to Come (1936) In 1936 they predict the start of WWII with the bombing of London, Dec. 25, 1940. The war lasts until at least 1970 and is much worse than the real one. Yet, by 2036 things are so good........ Anybody see it?
  8. VHS

    Could things developed differently in Japan in 1930s?

    The militarism in 1930s Japan meant "the beginning of an end" for the Japanese Empire, would any people provide a different interpretation? What developments might have allowed the Japanese Empire to thrive and survive? Pacific War was suicidal, as was the expansion into China beyond Manchuria.
  9. WhatAnArtist

    Minor things in history that make you sad?

    Ignoring all of the wars, massacres, genocides and assassinations that have filled the history books for millenia, what are some of the smaller, less outwardly significant moments in history that make you sad? Recently I found out that the first photograph was taken by a French guy in 1826, and...
  10. kdbooklover16

    Do you think Barons ever interfered with moving things forward?

    I noticed a lot that, whenever a King was ready to settle down and/or move the country forward, some baron(s) got restless and/or ambitious and started a rebellion, thus stopping or, at very leat postponing, anything good things that the King planned to do. Nowhere did I notice it more than with...
  11. Y

    How were these mental "things" important ?

    Exactly:How was confidence,overall "badass" look (sorry for that word) and intimidation factor of a medieval or an ancient army important ? Did generals or someone that led the army even care about that ?
  12. D

    14 Things You Didn't Know About Alexander Hamilton

    I'm sure many of you know most of these, but I want to see if any of the facts on the list are new to you: 14 Things You May Not Know About Alexander Hamilton
  13. purpleguy89

    Things forbidden to the historian

    Salutations: One of the things that I find troubling about being a historian is whether or not you're forbidden to state certain things. We know that a historian is supposed to base his/her claims on evidence, but are you forbidden from stating certain things? For example: -Using the term...
  14. kdbooklover16

    Edward IV/Bosworth; what if things had turned out differently?

    King Edward IV of England' s death, whether you consider it a good thing or a bad thing, was definitely untimely and premature. I cannot help but ponder at what things would be like if he hadn't died when he did. Do you think his sons would have ascended to the throne? If he had been alive at...
  15. J

    Best edition of Lucretius' On the Nature of Things?

    I'm looking for a good edition of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura, On the Nature of Things. I know it is renowned for being beautiful poetry, but right now I'm most interested in understanding the content of what he had to say. Thanks.
  16. purakjelia

    Things that I dislike about East Asian culture

    Just wanna say a few things that I dislike about Chinese and East Asian culture in general, I'm East Asian myself, so don't take this as a rant. 1. Old people are almost always correct, parents are almost always correct, as a young person you must be very obedient to them 2. Age problem, women...
  17. T

    Things the Romans could have invented but did not and why

    This is a thread about what the Romans (up to the 4th century AD) could conceivably have invented (not talking about the computer or the laser here) and used on a large scale ... but did not.... And why they did not The first thing that comes to mind for most is steam power but it has been...
  18. B

    things that roman worshiped

    hello, My first post on this forum, and I bring you a question. There had been a few threads on coin forums discussing this, an object romans seemed to have worshiped. It was depicted on coins in several different styles. This egg shaped object always had a "neck", can be on top or within a...
  19. K

    What are the things that are still stopping peace from prevailing now?

    Here's a list 1. Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2. Sunni-Shiite conflict 3. Islamic terrorist movement as a consequence of the two above 4. Sino-American rivalry in the Pacific and South East Asia 5. Russian effort to defend her buffer zone 6. Still unresolved problem of social polarisation giving...
  20. JapaneseSamurai

    Why do people do bad things?

    Most people and societies that have ever existed seem to recognise that certain things, such as murder, are wrong. So why do people do them? This question was prompted by the horrible case of Shrien Dewani, who had his beautiful wife murdered on their honeymoon. Such a despicable crime against...