1. O

    The female Pope?

    This is a real hoot. Shows how useful videotape, etc., etc., etc., can be to history, if you know what I mean, or do you?:laugh: CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pope Joan
  2. Corvidius

    Crows cleverer than first thought

    Experiments with New Caledonian crows have shown that they posses cumulative cultural evolution, a way of learning that is thought confined to hominids, though suspected but not, so far, proven in chimps and passerines, corvids being a branch of the passerine family of birds. Interesting link...
  3. Johnny J

    What would have Marx and Engels have thought of the Russian Revolution?

    Karl Marx died in 1883 and Friedrich Engels died in 1895. Would they have sided with the Bolsheviks in 1917? Was the Soviet Union Marxist?
  4. WhatAnArtist

    What do you think the French people really thought of Napoleon?

    This is a topic that's interested me lately (well, when I say lately, I mean today). Of course, Napoleon Bonaparte is a very controversial figure in Europe (and the Middle East too, I suppose), and you'll find many people that love him and many that hate him. Personally I fit into the former...
  5. C

    Custard's Last Stand monument different than I thought

    Years back I was able to visit Custard's Last Stand memorial Park monument in Montana. What I found out about the battle and conditions of the United States Calvary was to say the least very surprising. They had two people talk about the battle. One a very interesting guy dressed in a U.S...
  6. G

    Have people in any country thought of abandoning Islam wholesale due to all its issue

    Has it ever happened in any Muslim country where Muslims have grown tired of the extremism in Islam and just decided in large numbers to just abandon the faith through a large protest movement (not some kind of Islam reformation but outright rejection) and move to something else since it hurts...
  7. K

    Food for thought: Reflections

  8. Salah

    Evolutionary thought before Darwin

    Evolutionary thought did not originate with Charles Darwin - rather, he was the right man, with the right book, at the right time and place. Which historical intellectuals before Darwin toyed with the notion of evolution, or with any ideas of our existence being owed to something other than the...
  9. Misusawa

    Thought I may join the fun!

    Hello! I'm Amy (Misusawa or Misu-Chan are also names i answer to) I am a student at The Open University studying history. I'm generally vague and not good at introductions but i'll try! My main historical interests lie in the ancient stone circles and rock carvings that litter the...
  10. Waterloofinalsolution

    Thought for Thanksgiving: How long before Europeans start defending their history?

    Thanksgiving. A time to be with your families and remember the Puritans and Pilgrims that came to the New World to reform their religion. But we use this holiday, to pay tribute to when the European settlers sat down to feast with Native Americans in harmony. I expected this is what I would see...
  11. Berna

    Which was the thought of Luther?

    What he criticized to the catholic christianity, what about the Gospels and the word and teachings of Jesus?
  12. Otranto

    Islamic State playing with the thought of attacking the US

    Dabiq (the official publishing arm of the Islamic State) Issue 9 has been published yesterday or today. I quote some interesting parts from the article "The Perfect Storm," the issue's special feature (sorry for the many quotes, but the Islamic State cannot sue Historum for copyright...
  13. R

    Photos you NEVER thought you'd see!

    Greetings Historum! I have started a Youtube page specifically to share images, videos, and stories from history that stir the imagination and wow the viewer. Please check out this first videos and give me your honest thoughts! There will be more to come...
  14. D

    Historical Thought

    Check out my Blog
  15. D

    Historical Thought

    Check out my Blog
  16. Fireatwill

    The asteroid thought experiment

    Imagine an asteroid that can destroy a one thousand km area is on its way to impact with earth. There is not enough time to evacuate and NASA cannot destroy the asteroid -- but it can deflect its trajectory by a small margin. The default impact zone is a large city of 10 million but if NASA...
  17. Widdekind

    Odysseus thought Italy was an island ?

    According to the EVN documentary Gods & Heroes of Greece & Rome, Odysseus' odyssey can be correlated, to known geographic locations, e.g. Lotus Eaters = Djerba off African coast close to Carthage [Tunisia] [recognizing coast of north Africa, Odysseus sailed north to Sicily] Cyclops Polyphemus...
  18. Paine


    The first ever primary source I read in the subject of Political Philosophy was The Prince, and thus Machiavelli has had a large influence upon my thoughts in that field. One thing I have always been fascinated and somewhat annoyed about when I try discussing him with people is how they...
  19. arkteia

    I thought it would be interesting to watch

    It is the video animation of the European map for the last 1000 years. - Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day From LiveLeak.
  20. Hasan

    Foundations of democracy: food for thought

    'Orthodoxy, conformity and the hounding of the dissident define the default position of mankind, and there is no reason to think that democracies are any different in this respect from Islamic theocracies or one-party totalitarian states. 'Of course, the opinions that are suppressed change from...