1. B

    BC Thracian language, language of ancient Macedonians

    According to Rufus when Philotas son of Parmenio was put on trial in front of the Macedonian army (some of them were Greeks), Alexander asked him, "Philotas, the Macedonians are going to judge you, state whether you will use your mother-tongue in front of them." Philotas answered that he will...
  2. B

    Rhodopis - the thracian courtesan..was she the original Cinderella

    The Egyptian Cinderella Story Debunked (Article) - Ancient History Encyclopedia Herodotus gives us an account of a beautiful Thracian girl sold in slavery in Egypt.Pharaoh Amasis falls in love with her and the rest is history... Some more on the Rhodopis aka rosy cheeks from Wiki.This mythical...
  3. G

    Do Thracians, Spartans, Romans etc live in the same era?

    There are many tribes in ancient Greece. Do the people below live in the same era? - Thracians - Spartans - Paionians - Romans - Dacians - Phrygians - Scythians - Etruscans - Aetolians - Galatians - Illyrians - Dardanis - Iberians - Lusitanians - Myrmidons - Thessalians - Arcadians - Cretans -...
  4. Svancolera

    What was the Thracian war cry?

    Rome: Total War Heaven
  5. The Black Knight

    Thracian Latinity

    We have many threads here arguing about Romanians, and their linguistic origins. However, what about the region south of the Danube? My understanding was the Thracians and Illyrians were more Romanized than the Dacians.
  6. Sonrisa

    Constantinopole (Byzantion) - Greek or Thracian city?

    By VI century Byzantion is a small Thracian village or settlement found after Byzas - a Thracian ruler. Constantine the Great of Thracian origin builds Constantinople and his followers Thracians who rule the Byzantine empire: - Constantine The Great (272 AD, Naissus, Moesia Superior) -...
  7. Sonrisa

    Revised History of the Bulgarians (Thracian connection)

    I am opening this thread for discussion of the possible connection between ancient Thracians and the modern-day Bulgarians. One of the topics is the deliberate adulteration of Bulgarian history by a number of Bulgarian historians which directly affects the knowledge of Bulgarian people with...
  8. C

    The Thracian Myth

    Who were the 'Thracians' ? THE THRACIAN MYTH | balkancelts
  9. C

    The Problem With Thracian

    Has modern research into the ancient Thracian language been corrupted by the inclusion of data from other cultures ? The Problem With Thracian | LinkedIn
  10. Caracalla

    Archaeologists Unearth Unique Thracian Treasure

    Archaeologists unearth unique Thracian treasure