1. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Tiger tank drivers meet old foes

    From the Daily Express. German Tiger tank drivers meet their British counterparts 72 years later | UK | News | Express.co.uk
  2. R

    Panther and Tiger combat strength.

    What was the combat strength of Tiger and Panther tanks in all locations at 01.07.1943 and 01.08.1943.
  3. P

    Shanghai 1939 tiger advertising sign Race Track

    Hello, Can you help me to find out what the advertising reads? What is it for and are the colours known? It was used at the Shanghai Race Track in 1939. If you use the photo, please credit family Gesner van der Voort. Best regards, Pieter
  4. Azad67

    Tipu Sultan: Tiger or tyrant? --- by William Dalrymple

    By William Dalrymple The battlelines are drawn in Karnataka over the Siddaramaiah government’s decision to celebrate November 10 as Tipu Jayanti. But what’s the truth about the ‘Tiger of Mysore’? Author and historian William Dalrymple elaborates... In 1791, the Swami of Sringeri Math...
  5. sailorsam

    Some Flying Tiger era Pics

    these are some pics my Uncle took at the end of WWII. He was a mechanic with the Flying Tigers.
  6. Linschoten

    How a tiger killed Hong Kong policemen in 1915

    Reports of sightings has been received from the New Territories in 1915; they were initially viewed with scepticism, but three policemen went to investigate after a villager was reported to have been killed by the tiger. Two of them, Ernest Goucher, a 21 year old Constable from Nottinghamshire...
  7. BloodyPirate

    King Tiger vs IS-2

    Who wins? I'd say King Tiger. better ranged gun, better armor.
  8. Belloc

    Is the Tiger tank overrated?

    Interesting analysis of this issue: http://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/tigers-reputation-rewrite.html/2 Tiger and Panther tanks constantly had mechanical problems, and I remember about the early Panthers they had to be shipped back to Germany to be repaired then sent back to...
  9. Space Shark

    Tiger II vs. Cold War tanks

    I've always been curious: as the King Tiger is arguably the strongest tank of the Second World War, could it, if adjusted with better movement and modifications for the 60s, have stood up to tanks of the first half of the Cold War such as the T-62 or the M48 Patton?
  10. T

    Did Sher Shah Suri really kill a tiger?

    Rumour has it that Sher Shah Suri (Hemu's Boss:)) killed a fully grown tiger with his bare hands. I find that hard to believe. Male Bengal tigers have an average total length of 270-310 cm, 90-110 cm in height and weigh around 220 Kg. Is this true? Or some made up story to make him look...
  11. P

    The Search For Historical Artifact's of all Culture's having lion's fighting tiger's

    Hello everyone of all culture's, race's an nationalitie's, - Hi again, I was doing a little research of multiple culture's that had lion's and tiger's either indegidous to there native land's or imported. I know that a great deal of certain culture's had animal battle's that included the lion...
  12. P

    Search for Historical Artifact's of lion's vs tiger's

    Hi everyone, - Me being Hawaiian an part of the United state's I was wondering if our country had any memorabilia of lion's fighting tiger's imported here. I have found some intresting artifact's on lion an tigers and I wanted to know exactly who was usually the victor of the past of the B.C...
  13. P

    The Search For Historical Artifact's lion's fighting tiger's

    Hi everyone, - I love the British culture for it's highly potent culture of deligence an brilliance of recording million's of memorabilia, I have found some intresting artifact's on leon an tigers and I wanted to know exactly who was usually the victor in the arena of the med evil day's of the...
  14. CuriousHistorian

    Normandy: First US encounter with SS Troops and PzVI Tiger tanks

    This is a straight request for information, although there may be different opinions on what was the first encounter. When after D-Day did US ground forces first encounter SS troops and/or Tiger tanks? I have been meaning to research this for some time and never got round to it, but mentions...
  15. bartieboy

    Turret of the Tiger

    as you can clearly see on this picture the Tiger 1 had a bit of a strange attachment to the back of its turret. This attachment is empty in the middle and strangely sticks out of the turret. So l'grande question, What was this? What was it's use? Is this where they put their radio equipment?
  16. Solidaire

    The Obedient Tiger

    I wanted to share this documentary about the European crisis as manifested in Ireland and the events in the country that led to it, starting from the years of the roaring Celtic Tiger. YouTube - ‪ YouTube - ‪ YouTube - ‪ YouTube - ‪ As I was watching the documentary, I often found myself...
  17. W

    Repair of a Tiger Tank 1944

    Hi All, found some nice Pixs from a Tiger-Tank Repair of a Tigertank 1944 Great Week wx:eek:
  18. JohnnyH

    US deaths at Slapton Sands (Op. Tiger), 1944

    Do many American military bases hold memoriums to the US personnel that died in Operation Tiger, 1944. In the colossal build-up to the top-secret D-Day landings, a huge American amphibious exercise, involving massive troopships, was ambushed at night by German e-boats. What unfolded was the...