1. S

    Fantasy History Timeline

    I am creating an imaginary world heavily based on our real world. It doesn't have magic. I want to call my Time Line as "AGE OF MEN" (AOM). I was wondering what should be the event that will begin my timeline. For example should my Year "0" be, the creation of a temple, crowning of a king...
  2. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Timeline of Viking Raids on the Welsh

    The Viking attacks on the native welsh and the Britons is often overlooked for the better-recorded attacks and battles with the Saxons of England. The Viking raids on Saxon England is the subject of many documentaries and books. (probably 100s) Most of these don't even mention the natives of the...
  3. Y

    World History Timeline List by yellowhwang

    I modified the existing program so that we could make a selection to see the summary of the timeline on one screen. http://yellow.kr/en/yhistoryl.jsp
  4. S

    A NATO field exercise in 1986 leads to World War III: A Timeline

    Background: Throughout the 1980s the division of power between Gromyko and Gorbachev increasingly leaned more and more in favor of Gromyko as the latter began using the Afghan debacle to marginalize the former. The slow and gradual Soviet pullout from Afghanistan a month before the cold war in...
  5. Naima

    Roman empire survive Timeline?

    What could be a possible timeline of a Roman Empire surviving till today? What I mean is are you able to post a sort of main event timelines that picks especially the turning points that could have allowed Roman empire to survive till today and be a major power ?
  6. Marcellus

    I do not understand the timeline of the Trojan War

    It was at the wedding of Tethys and Peleus that Eris threw the apple, in the same day the three goddesses went to Paris, so that he would choose the most beautiful. 9 or 10 years later, because this is the age given to Hermione when Helen went away, Paris went to Sparta and kidnapped Helen, or...
  7. Bullit

    South Asia - 5000 year timeline.

    Okay here is map of South Asia, which proximates with what was British India before 1947 and today encompasses present day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are three points marked on the map. (1) Peshawar, Pakistan (2) Dhaka, Bangladesh (3) Madurai, India. All three points mark the...
  8. T

    An alternate timeline for post ww1 Britain

    The POD is in 1918. Lloyd George unknowingly misled the House of Commons in claiming that Haig's forces were stronger at the start of 1918 than they had been a year earlier – in fact the increase was in the number of labourers, most of them Chinese, Indians and black South Africans, and Haig had...
  9. U

    Egyptian Dynasties timeline

    I just started Durant's "Story of Civilization," volume 1 and I absolutely love it. I plan on reading "Our Oriental Heritage" and "The Life of Greece" before I tackle Landmark Thucidides. Reading Durant's work on Egypt has made me very interested on the topic. I am trying to find the most...
  10. Z

    Changes to Timeline of World History

    Following a review of what I have written so far, I have decided to alter how I am going to write this series so that instead of doing a chronological year by year series, I will focus on a particular region, topic or event instead. For example, Palaeolithic Europe, Thirty Year's War, Neolithic...
  11. G

    Strongest military powers throughout history:A Timeline

    Approx. 4000 BCE: Urban life emerges in Sumer. Uruk is the preeminent Sumerian city. 3000 BCE: Upper and Lower Egypt are unified, making Egypt the most powerful state in the world. 2300 BCE: The Akkadian Empire has emerged as possibly the first empire in history. 1500 BCE: Egypt is...
  12. Space Shark

    A Greater Game: An Italians-CP and Ottomans-Entente timeline

    Figured this could be posted here, in addition to the other alt-history forums i browse. This timeline is largely based on an idea that weissaul had, where, after an alternate WWI, a mostly democratic Western Europe in a proto-EU is in a cold war with Imperial Russia and its client states in...
  13. Z

    Timeline of World History (Part 3)

    After a long delay I am back with some more Timeline of World History, this covering the period from 40,000 to 30,000 BC. We get to bump into another one of our cousins, discover that we can create figurines and produce the earliest cave art, and survive another eruption that nature throws at...
  14. P

    Timeline of the Chinese dynasties

    Do you wonder which Chinese dynasty invented the gunpowder? I wrote a post about the greatest Chinese dynasties and their biggest accomplishments. So if you've wanted to know everything about them here's the post :) https://ninchanese.com/blog/2016/04/14/chinese-dynasties/ There's also a funny...
  15. Z

    A restart to Timeline of World History

    Have decided to restart Timeline of World History to get a cohesive structure to it and change one or two episode periods. It should not take long to rewrite as I already have the bulk of the written material but need to add one or two other things such as the complete absence of Jomon Japan...
  16. Z

    8,400 to 7,600 BC

    Updated episode to Timeline of World History covers period from 8,400 to 7,600 BC. https://timelineofworldhistory.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/8400-bc-to-7600-bc/ I aim to publish an episode every 2 weeks on Tuesdays so the next episode will be available on 15 February 2016.
  17. Z

    Timeline of World History

    I am currently doing a long-term project called Timeline of World History covering the story of humanity from its humble beginnings in the Upper Palaeolithic to near enough the modern day. This will probably take 10 to 15 years to complete at least. I have a website where all the blogs are...
  18. EmperorTigerstar

    Timeline and List of Roman Socii?

    Does anyone have a list or timeline of the major socii groups? I've found maps of a general year or two but Rome has that habit of winning a war and making a socii a colony / territory. A timeline would be really appreciated.
  19. Offspring

    A timeline of Palestine becoming a state

    25 April 1920 – the British Mandate for Palestine is created. Transjordan is officially part of the mandate, but has an autonomous system of government. In 1946 it becomes an independent state and in 1948 it changes its name to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 22 March 1945 – the Arab...
  20. Robby

    Albanian History timeline

    I want to see if anyone has a timeline of Albanian history as my parents were born in Albania and i really want to learn about Albania because i don't really know anything about Albanian history Thanks.(Also i am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.)