1. I

    Naval Warfare tactics in times of Ironclads (19th century)?

    Someone is familiar with ironclads naval warfare tactics in 19th century? I am curious to know how the naval warfare tactics evolved since Trafalgar battle to the end of 19th century. As I have seen in some paintings, steamed frigates still had their cannons in the broadsides so I am thinking...
  2. N

    Wiping arsch in medieval times.

    From wiki, which lists arsch-wiping things in pre-toilet paper ages: "Elsewhere, wealthy people wiped themselves with wool, lace or hemp, while less wealthy people used their hand when defecating into rivers, or cleaned themselves with various materials such as rags, wood shavings, leaves...
  3. Man of Sin

    Race-relations in ancient times are vastly better than in modern times?

    I’ve been reading up on ancient race-relations and found that black people despite looking different were regarded as human. At least to the ancient Greeks who had this belief that they were just white people with permanently burnt skin accidentally caused by Helios’ son Phaethon...
  4. Old Reb

    Fortifications in ancient times

    I've always wondered if Vauban's fortification design (star-shaped walls with turrets at the corners) of the 17th century was ever done by earlier civilizations like the Romans, Byzantines or Vikings. The concept is so simple and effective that I'm surprised that an earlier general didn't come...
  5. H

    Dealing with a corpse in Victorian times

    What would a land owner do with a corpse in Victorian times? I've struggle to find answers for this searching online while researching a novel I'm writing. I have a situation where a magistrate has died of a heart attack while visiting a wealthy landholder's property in the Australian...
  6. O

    English-French relations during Saxon times

    Is there much known about French-English relations during the Saxon era in England? Any good books on the subject a public library would be expected to have?:D
  7. James Cook

    Who wore purple in Roman society at different times?

    I remember reading in some places that senators and other officials in the Principate wore some kind of purple stripe, its model depending on which office the person occupied. Also, especially in the 4th century it seems that usage of purple was legally restricted to the emperor, and I have a...
  8. T

    Studies claim westerers IQ have dropped 10 points since Victorian times

    Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing | Daily Mail Online IQs have largely increased since the 1930s thanks to better living conditions and education - a trend known as the Flynn effect But IQ test results suggest people in the UK, Denmark and Australia have become less...
  9. James Cook

    Antecipated harvest times in Cyrenaica

    In The Corrupting Sea (2000) the authors state that Cyrenaica had an early harvest time, "a month earlier than that of most of Greece and well before that of the Black Sea" (p. 72).¹ Considering its geographical position, closer to the Equator than Greece and the Black Sea, I came to the...
  10. A

    Why did the ERE lose Italy three times.

    I just wanted to know one simple question. Why did the Eastern Roman Empire lose the Italian peninsula and Dalmatia three times. First! Odaocer's Kingdom of Italy (476-493) was a vassal state (possibly territory) of the ERE. But lost it to the Ostrogoths. But later reclaimed by Justinian but...
  11. E

    What regions are the most important to history at different times?

    I'm a big believer in centrism, the focus and emphasis on different historical areas at different periods in time over other areas. Whether this mean emphasis on Europe "euro-centrism", or the Middle East(never heard a term for this one) or Africa, "Afrocentrism" or more than one region, what...
  12. T

    Did people really have short lifespans in the ancient times?

    I hope this is the right thread, but anyway, here it is. Ive often read people in the ancient times had short lives, but is that really an accurate description or is the process to determine this flawed a bit? For example, the most common method I presume would be to take the average life span...
  13. N

    What's the reason for spending money and time on studying ancient times?

    Hi everyone, I know this is a silly question, but when somebody asks me why I'm studying ancient history I could only say 'just for fun'. Although this is the reason I'm studying history, I wonder is there another good explanation which justifies the money and time that I've spent on this...
  14. E

    List the most important people alive at different times

    This is a pretty time consuming exercise but one I thought many would find interesting. Let's pretend being the most important and/or powerful(or combination of the two) person alive was a title like a throne, that would go to someone else upon that person's death/ceasing to be important. Make a...
  15. C

    Were there any secular societies pre-modern times?

    Pre-modern times, were there any societies that were secular,or at least a precursor form of secularism? Did something at least similar to secularism or a forerunner exist before pre-modern times?
  16. funakison

    How many times was Marshall Ney wounded in battle?

    Sorry to be soo gruesome can someone here please give me the details of Ney's many wounds and at which battle they were received.
  17. R

    Quiz: food specialties invented in ancient or pre-modern times

    Many foods and recipes familiar to us today, which we might consider to have modern origins, indeed have ancient or pre-modern roots. Here is a quiz: Where and when were the following food/drink specialties first created? 1. Cheesecake 2. Meatballs 3. Fruit sherbet 4. Hot coffee 5. Green...
  18. Le Hoang

    Price of important thing and labour in Ancient Times

    At present,we can buy a car with 600USD or 1/2 wage in month or fewer but in ancient times,one family must work near 30 year for buy a horse in Han Dynasty or 15 year for buy a peacock in Caesar time.Let's see how Varro and Ban Gu describe about their ages: - From Book of Han,Ban Gu recorded: +...
  19. R

    Education in ancient times

    Opinions, please: what was the most highly developed or most effective educational system in the ancient world?
  20. Oliver Cromwell

    Ancient Empires VS Modern Times

    I've always had an interest in the great empires of old, mainly thanks to my Christian upbringing and the role of different world empires in the Bible. Recently however I am gaining a new interest, and new insight, into such empires. I have recently watched some of a documentary about the...