1. Escritor

    Hate the portrayal of Celts in Hollywood

    Notice the portrayal of Celts in the following films: Braveheart King Arthur The Eagle Brave They all have in common that they have no tactics and strategies when fighting other opponents, are naked or semi-naked, and paint their bodies with very crude tattoos, as well as lacking in...
  2. C

    Academic Guidance Tired of outdated literature

    I am a bit tired of outdated literature with many contradictions and mistakes that are even fixed by Wikipedia. Can anyone recommend me some updates to help me with my research? I need Roman Imperial history and Late European Middle Ages.
  3. kdbooklover16

    What historical periods are you sick and tired of studying?

    Title says it all- with what historical periods have you had your fill? I think, for me, I would say that is the case for the American Civil War, World War II, and the Tudor era. I'm sure the Tudor era is a common one for this. It's just talked about way too much. I've had enough of Henry VIII...
  4. D

    Who else is TIRED of Trump and Clinton?

    This piece makes the case for not voting for either nominee this year: link deleted by moderator.
  5. No Bias FTW

    To Those Who Are Tired of Eurocentrist Trolls

    Besides reporting, there is another way that should be effective. A lot of idiotic arguments posted by these Eurocentrists/Greeco-Roman blind lovers can be traced back to Conon394 of Total War Center Forums, Caparthian Wolf of Total War Center Forums, and Dan Howard of MyArmoury/Roman Army...
  6. jeroenrottgering

    Are Europeans tired of war?

    In Europe you see a very anti-war sentiment especially in the case of Afghanistan. Why is this? How can Europeans change from the most war like people on the planet into people who now dislike war the most. European union plays of course a role in this. But is possible that because Europe has...
  7. Kylar Stern

    So Tired..

    I do not know if I have a right to post this, but I believe I will anyway. :) Of the hate between the religious and the atheists, the Muslims and the Christians, the Buddhists and those ignorant. I'm so tired of the lack of respect for one another's beliefs. Forcing your system on another...
  8. M

    World Grows Tired of Iran

    Article Found Here World powers lose patience with Iran, threaten punishment 'We have no choice,' minister says PARIS, France (AP) -- World powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran back to the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the clerical regime has given no sign it...