1. R

    why brahmin kings adopted Mitra title instead of Gupta or Pala title of kshatriyas ?

    Vishwamitra, Sungas like Pushyamitra, vasumitra etc all were brahmins and adopted title of Mitra instead of Pala and Gupta of kshatriyas. do you think there is some kind of Reason behind this ?
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    what was anne of cleves's title before she became queen of england?

    what was anne of cleves's title before she became queen of england? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. T

    Help--need a book title

    Years ago. Well actually many decades ago, I read a book about the Battle of Shiloh. I remember that it was considered to be the authoritative book on the battle. I also remember thinking after trying to look at the many maps provided, how good can this book be if the maps are utterly...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Title for Ruler of World

    Not sure if this is the right category but if someone conquered the world and established a hereditary monarchy what title would he be called? Would Emperor be too small a title for the ruler of the world?
  5. A

    how converts from upper caste got Khan as title ?

    In pashtuns onpy KPK and fata pashtuns use this, khan is very rare in Afghanistan as onpy Mughals used it as title and surname. I i ow some rajput clans used this title as well because they joined Mughal armies 8n large numbers and Emperor gave theme this title. But why even non martial Brahmin...
  6. Naima

    Emperor title of China and Japan?

    I can understand why the Highest feudal title of the Chinese empire was translated with emperor, after all China was a huge country with a lot of people , many with different cultures and languages as well ... But Japan? I mean a Little Island with only one ruler , one ethnicity and one culture...
  7. M

    Change UK Monarch's title?

    The official title of the present monarch of the UK is in English: Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith[2] And in Latin: Elizabeth II, Dei...
  8. C

    Roman royal title in Britain

    Although Roman authority was exterminated in Gaul did the legal right persist in Britain ? Was the Saxon kingdom of Wessex based on Roman title ? After all, the Pope approved William's inheritance .. "J.N.L. Myres noted that when Cerdic and Cynric first appear in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in...
  9. JeanDukeofAlecon

    How seriously was the title "holy roman emperor" taken in medieval europe?

    I've been wondering lately how much the nobility and the people at large of western Europe actually believed the claim that the emperor of the HRE was an actual roman emperor in the same vein as Trajan or Constantine. Carolingian, ottonian, and other early medieval emperors certainly tried to...
  10. Fabius Maximus

    Academic Guidance Need help coming up with a thesis title

    Hello all, I've just finished my research proposal for my MA thesis; basically, I'm going to argue that the late Roman army wasn't as big as modern scholars tend to suggest, and that the defence of the Roman Empire was hindered in this respect by a lack of efficiency in the Imperial government...
  11. Rex Hiemis

    What determines the title of an independent feudal lord?

    What determines the title of an independent feudal lord? For example during the First Crusade when crusaders took Edessa, Baldwin became the "Count" of Edessa and in Antioch Bohemund became the Prince of Antioch. Both were independent states. So instead of becoming kings, why did they become...
  12. S

    German 'Political' Title Kammergerichtsrath 1914

    Greetings Hoping to identify the position inherent with this title- what i have found from a non-german speaker perspective is vague. Thanks for viewing!
  13. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Did the byzantine emperor ever formally give up the title of "Augustus"?

    I know that Heraclius gave himself the title of "basileus", mostly for propaganda reasons, but did he also give up the title of "augustus"? If not, do we have any sources that call the byzantine emperor "augustus" after Heraclius? The empress was still commonly referred to as "augusta"...
  14. notgivenaway

    Which rulers deserve the title "the Great"?

    I can think of Cnut, Constantine, Alexander, Alfred, Peter and Cyrus/Darius. Alexander though only for his military victories, the others were militarily strong and laid down great infrastructure, laws, and civil works. Cnut it could be argued set the template for Norse kings away from tribal...
  15. notgivenaway

    What was a Roman Emperor's official title?

    Was it Augustus or Caesar? I know Augustus meant venerable, and Caesar was an understudy to the Emperor, but then where both part of the Emperor's official title/style? For instance, Marcus Aurelius was labelled Caesar with Lucius Verus by their step-father Augustus Antoninus Pius. And when...
  16. W

    Anyone read this Osprey book?

    Has anyone here read 'The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades 1100-1500' from the Osprey series? I'm wondering does it give decent coverage to the pagan armies at that time (Finns, Estonians, Balts etc.) or does it only talk about the Crusader forces? Also has Osprey done any books focusing on...
  17. SSDD

    Should women change their title to their husband's tile after marriage?

    Should women change their title(surname) to their husband's title after marriage? Traditionally, it was the case. Though I generally dont like it. Woman changing their title to their husband's title seems to me patriarchal. In my opinion, woman should keep their titles after marriage. When...
  18. Oranjeboom

    Ok I'm entering a title subject then!

    I make and drink lots of beer. Gin's good too although I must admit It's easier to buy the stuff than trying to replicate a decent Bombay. There be dragons!
  19. Azad67

    Pashtuns got 'Khan' title from Turk Sultans of Delhi , not Mongols

    1- Some people assume that when Mongols devastated Afghanistan in 13th century ¸ Pashtuns must have borrowed from them at that occasion. Why would Mongol conquerors bestow their royal title to them?. Also People should keep in mind that Mongols devastated central and northern Afghanistan...
  20. S

    Can't think of a good title!

    Ironic, as i am here to gather knowledge from all of you fine people to write a book. :laugh: Anyway, mostly i'm looking for events and/or hero that are unknown to most people. Battles, horrific events. Mysteries. Cool stuff like that. I'll be back on from time to time to ask questions about...