1. Maria0mimi

    The nonhereditary titles

    would u please explain to me this quote? especially the red one. "Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949, affected the House of Lords and removed most of its political authority. Later Acts created nonhereditary titles (life peers), which supplement the old arrangement in which most peerages were...
  2. Valens

    Hitler's Titles

    Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933, but after Hindenburg's death in August 1934, the office of the Reichspresident was abolished and a new title - Führer und Reichskanzler - created for Hitler. What's interesting is that he abolished the office of President, created a new title of the...
  3. Romanianboy2013

    Why Sweden abolished in 1974 the kings prerogative to grant nobility titles?

    I found it very weird, since Sweden is still a monarchy. We all know that UK and Spain grant titles for its extraordinary citizens that are very good in their fields of work like arts, sport, charity work, medicine, writers etc. Even my country which is a republic, grants medals for its...
  4. P

    Two new titles on post Roman Gaul

    OK, this is pretty obscure stuff, but there are members here who are interested in what happened after Rome in the West. Following are two new volumes which - if they don't shed more light on the "Dark Ages" - certainly can develop interest in that puzzling periodization. Both are military...
  5. Ancientgeezer

    US Titles and Etiquette

    Any knowledgeable American out there? Now the US election is over I can ask a question that has been bugging me. Throughout the US Presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton was always referred to by her supporters and henchmen (and henchwomen)) as "Secretary" Clinton. Now I have never heard of...
  6. WhatAnArtist

    Do you feel that titles like 'president' and 'prime minister' command less respect...

    ...than titles like king and emperor? Personally I do. I know this probably isn't a majority opinion, but I feel that a monarch immediately has an air of respect and command about them, like even disregarding what the character of the monarch is, just by having the title of king or queen or...
  7. E

    Tenger Khan- Borrowing titles from other Civilizations and Inventing RoyalTitles

    Do you know of cases in history where one Emperor/Ruler invented a new title for himself or adopted a Title from another Culture? Examples would be Tenger Khan adopted by Taizong of Tang and Mahmud of Ghazni taking the Title Sultan (visual shouting removed by moderator.) "I'm sorry, but you...
  8. Rex Hiemis

    Late Antiquity titles translated as Count and Duke

    In English history books about Late Antiquity titles Comes and Dux are always translated as Count and Duke. For example Comes Theodosius> Count Theodosius. What is the reason of that? As far as I know they don't have anything common (other than etymologically) with Medieval titles Count and Duke.
  9. A

    Macedonian titles?

    During and after Alexander the Great, a number of functions and titles were applied, such as: Regent Guardian Lord of Asia What were they called in Greek (still in Latin letters)?
  10. Futurist

    Which heads of state had extremely funny (full) titles?

    Which heads of state had extremely funny (full) titles? For instance, can any head of state beat Idi Amin's (full) title? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idi_Amin#Erratic_behaviour.2C_self-bestowed_titles.2C_and_media_portrayal "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor...
  11. LegioXIII

    Creation of Titles

    What exactly does this mean? How come certain titles get created repeatedly, how come some go extinct and get recreated. While some are just left vacant for years?
  12. Darth Raidius

    Feudal titles

    Apologies if this thread has been done already, but I could not find any direct answers on this site. I am familiar with the feudal system in medieval Europe as well as Japan, and I am a faithful reader of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. I know how to address many people by titles (Lord...
  13. P

    Titles of the church

    Okay, being Agnostic and not Aethiest, I have an interest in Christianity, at least along the original branches such as Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant, but can someone please explain the overall hierarchy? like I think Bishop is catholic and Priest is Protestant??? or the other way around...
  14. Naima

    What are the right titles of east emperors?

    I mean japan and China , i can understand the translation of the Chinese maximum head of state of the past as emperor but whats the correct title and translation? For Japan instead why its not used simply the title king of? I mean Japan is not an empire , it covers only japaneses and not other...
  15. Romanianboy2013

    British titles of nobility

    I saw for many years that in UK, many actors or musicians had been knighted by the Queen. That means they can use the word "Sir" before their name (Sir Anthony Hopkins for example), but can not pass that to their children. What I want to know is if the Queen can bestow titles like Earl, Baron or...
  16. tjadams

    Help Me Understand Royal Titles and Peckings

    I heard today on the news that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was ill and taken to the hospital. When listening to the news anchor give the story, he said "the Prince was taken to the hospital...." My question is, "How come he is not called King Philip?" Didn't it used to be when a male...
  17. C

    Extinct Spanish nobiliary titles?

    Anyone knows a Spanish Duke/Duchess or Marquis/Marchioness whose title is extinct? (yes, this isn't the best wording but I am not sure whether Duchy is to Duke what barony is to baron or if Mark is to Marquis what County is to Count)
  18. Pacific_Victory

    Greatest Titles of All Time

    We all know rulers and nobility like to have ridiculously long and often flowery official titles. What are some of the longest and greatest you can think of?
  19. Glowin

    Difference between titles "tsar" and "emperor"

    Is there a significant difference between these two titles, apart from the geographical one? In Serbian language, we use the same word ("car" derived from the latin word "caesar") for both titles, so I might not be seeing something obvious (?) The title of emperor was used for the rulers of...
  20. T

    Book Titles That Weren't

    The Alternate Titles of Famous Books: Who’s Afraid of Franz Kafka? | PWxyz A look at a half-dozen famous books whose titles, now ingrained into our brains, almost weren't. Also, check out the interview with Vladimir Nabakov. Interesting fellow. :)