1. Old Reb

    counterfieting as a tool of economic warfare

    I'm sure some of you know a lot more examples, but here's a few (I've been a full and part time world coin dealer for many years). 1. Germany and England faked each other's postage stamps in WWI. 2. In 1920's China, warlords issued lightweight crude copies of some of the Chinese Republic copper...
  2. WASDA10

    Tool for drawing military manoeuvres?

    So I've been in a few simplified war games, and I'm looking for a tool to draw military manoeuvres. So far I've been using Photoshop, but this has a few drawbacks as it's not always easy to find a correct historic map and it's difficult to use military symbology. Anyone who happens to know an...
  3. K

    Most Needed Tool For Teachers?

    I'm not a history teacher but I have a degree in the subject and I have often considered teaching. My question is, when those of you who are teachers are in the classroom are there any tools you wish you had? Would replica's of the Parthenon or a trebuchet be useful since there are hands on...
  4. S

    Language as a tool to reconstruct history.

    Words are labels to concepts and, as new concepts build upon previous, more basic concepts, words mirror this process with new words deriving from previous, more basic words. By just looking at words in a principled and methodolical way, you can often reverse-enginer the chronology and...
  5. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Byzantine hyper-religiousness, a useful, but non-genuine, tool?

    I've been reading Constantine VII's "de administrando Imperio", a document written by the emperor to his son detailing imperial administration and diplomacy. The document is unique in that it wasn't intended to be read by anyone but the emperors son and some of his close associates, and as such...
  6. Celtae

    Great Learning Tool!

    Anyone interested in teaching Military History should check this out. Its a very good teaching tool to help students understand the progression of warfare from 1796-1918. Tactics & Weaponry 1796-1918: 'Man & the Killing Machine': A Study of Military Leadership & Weaponry Technology Cheers!
  7. H

    Stone tool technology of Africa

    At it's height, how did the stone tool technology of Sub-Saharan Africa compare to stone tools used elsewhere? The stone age of Africa didn't follow the 3 stage system found in Eurasia except for in the Northern parts of the continent and Ethiopia. If compared to Paleolithic, Mesolithic, or...
  8. Helios

    Did i stumble upon a stone age tool?

    Hey fellas long time no hear, latest find, site Bosnia on top of a hill. Both sides are pictured. It certainly looks very interesting. :)
  9. Zeno

    Dan Mitrione: necessary tool or evil scum?

    First off i want to say i don't believe in any "Great Satan" when it comes to nations. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rather i think of them as the heads of the Hydra. Cut one off and a new one (or two) appear, to fill the vacuum. Not only does the head need to be cut...
  10. L

    Language is the tool for creating virtual realities

    It is fascinating to me to think about the power of language and how it shapes our species and differentiate us from others. Just think about it, through the sound of a few vocals, we are capable of transmitting meaning and ideas through the air. We are capable of transferring whatever is in our...
  11. A

    Is the Military just a Tool only in existence because of a necessary evil?

    I notice so many civilians and even REMF who joined the Military only because they couldn't find jobs elsewhere and needed to put food on the table,for the free College , or because of mandatory draft (not in the US but in other countries) all seem to agree the Military is just a Tool that...
  12. theauthor

    Jesus become a tool of the Roman Empire

    Just watched the last episode of the series of the documentary "Jesus: Rise to Power". Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: I must say that it just about proves, through...
  13. ghostexorcist

    Was Paranthropus robustus a tool maker and user?

    Was Paranthropus robustus a tool maker and user? By Jim R. McClanahan Apart from language, the manufacture and use of tools is often used to differentiate humans from animals. For instance, in his book The Cultured Chimpanzee (2004), the primatologist William McGrew explains that one common...
  14. sgtdole

    Evidence of Fabled Viking Navigational Tool Found

    Viking fables tell of extraordinary crystals that helped the Scandinavian warriors locate the sun and navigate in low light. A discovery from the wreckage of a 16th-century ship may finally prove that these legendary “sunstones” really existed, a new study suggests.
  15. ghostexorcist

    Discovery of primate tool use in the 1860s

    Primate tool use was first recorded in the 1960s. This simple fact drastically changed how science viewed our chimp cousins. What do you think the reaction would have been in the 1860s, shortly after Darwin published his On the Origin of Species?
  16. F

    War as a political tool

    The sentence that I remember best about what war is is the famous one that it is "politics with other means" - a way or tool to get what You want if other means fail. If we see any purpose at all with war, it should be that (though of course for some it could be a way of life or simply a mean...
  17. davu

    Origin of Ancient Jade Tool Baffles Scientists

    but it is still there and documented -- my my -- :notrust: -- may the mysteries never never end --- :cool: Origin of Ancient Jade Tool Baffles Scientists |
  18. H

    Religions role as a tool for manipulation

    In what i have observed and learned many people have used religion as a tool and have changed its true teachings. I would like for people to give examples of this and to tell me if they agree with me that this is maybe religions main role through history. I am new to this forum so i dont kow if...
  19. theauthor

    Christianization and Reformation - a political tool only?

    I've long held the opinion that the true causes for the Christianization of the Vikings and the Reformation was more, if not only - a political tool to centralize power and that it had nothing to do with faith itself. Denmark was christianized offically around 985 AD. But in the last few years...
  20. ghostexorcist

    Japanese Tool Specters

    I am taking a class on Buddhist art. The second half of the class has dealt primarily with Japanese Buddhism (Tendai, Shingon, Zen, etc.). We just recently read a story written during the 14th century called Tsukumogami ki (付喪神記, Record of Tool Specters). It tells of how the Japanese believe...