1. trhowd

    Nok culture didn't have Iron tools

    Hello, I was learning about the Nok, and learned that they had iron tools, and I tried to find their so-called iron tools, so I googled them, but the only things I found are stone artifacts : Did Nok really have iron? If yes, then where are the evidences? the artifacts? I am very skeptic about...
  2. I

    Tools of medival wisdom

    Hello :) Yet another ancient-origins article: "Archaeologists in England have unearthed in excess of 10,000 medieval artefacts in central Oxford and every single one of them is providing a clearer picture of day to day life at Oxford University, as it was seven centuries ago."
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Older tools used by man

    Older tools used by man. I say that the first tools made by man were made with stone and bones, which made spears hammers, etc. Both tool has years of the spear today is not used unlike the hammer that still is used by man. You will have other tools older than the spear and the hammer, tell your...
  4. Helios

    Found paleolith stone tools

    Some of my latest finds, this time by accident, while working in my vineyard on top of a hill in Bosnia, what do you guys think, how common are finds like these? At the local museum, they said these are from middle paleolithic period.
  5. H

    Principles, methods, structures, tools, for collection, synthesizing and retention

    How to get the most out of your learning time? What are yours of the above mentioned things? inviting you to critique mine. Some of my: Principles: Wisdom trumps knowledge shallow knowledge can be dangerous if it is not known how shallow it is - ie not calibrated confidence levels...
  6. Tityrus

    Ancient Greek farming tools?

    What kind of farming tools did the Ancient Greeks have? Are there any good books on the subject?
  7. O

    What kind of tools are needed to create flintlock mechanisms? Bolt action?

    This is kind of speculative as I've been thinking "if I traveled back in time with a flintlock, how far back can I go before it's too difficult a mechanism for people to be able to create?" Same with bolt action (and the percussion caps to go with it). But I don't know what tools and...
  8. V

    Republic of Georgia - historic tools to limit its independence?

    I found an interesting CNN report related to the history of Georgia. Brezhnev, Suslov & Georgia - GeorgianJournal While the report is focused on Abkhazia, a region of Georgia, ... my interest was caught by an older history ... as old as 1961. Take for example this text from a 1961 Report of...
  9. Korin

    Xiaochangliang and stone tools [x-post from CHF]

    So Xiaochangliang is even older than Peking Man, but that's a type site I take it. It had stone tools, but how is it older than Peking Man, and who was in the Xiaochangliang culture ?
  10. tjadams

    Ancient Humans Used Fine-Crafted Tools Much Earlier Than Thought

    Ancient Humans Used Fine-Crafted Tools Much Earlier Than Thought By Jennifer Welsh Published August 31, 2011 | LiveScience Read more: Ancient Humans Used Fine-Crafted Tools Much Earlier Than Thought |
  11. Mohammed the Persian

    History of Pens, Pencils and other Writing Tools?

    Well ? What did people use to write and draw with, in ages past ? When did we get pens and lose the old feather and ink bottle ?
  12. P

    New interactive teaching tools

    If you are teaching about the explorations of Charles Darwin and primatologist Jane Goodall, or the American Civil War, or the ancient ruins in Africa, then you might find the following link of value. MyReadingMapped™ MyReadingMapped has interactive Google Maps based on books. It is...
  13. sabio

    Early humans forged tools with fire

    WASHINGTON — Humans living along the southern tip of Africa some 72,000 years ago used fire to forge and shape their stone tools and weapons, said a study published Thursday by the journal Science. The findings indicate that modern humans were capable of complex thought much earlier and in a...
  14. fire_of_sekhmet

    Archaeologists find ancient stone tools MINNEAPOLIS - What appear to be crude stone tools may provide evidence that people lived in Minnesota 13,000 to 15,000 years ago, which if confirmed would make them among the oldest human artifacts ever found in North America...