1. C

    Essay Topic for European History

    Hi everyone - For my AP European History class, we have to right a 10-13 page essay on a topic of our choice. It must be something argumentative and must have a strong thesis statement. Some people are doing things like "should Napoleon be considered a hero?" and such, but I want something...
  2. W

    On the topic of Song Dynasty vs Mongols

    I've noticed that certain anti-China trolls on this forum have repeatedly brought up the fact that Song was conquered by the Mongols and use it to ridicule the weakness of Chinese. And when I brought up the fact that the Song resisted the Mongols for nearly half a century before it finally fell...
  3. M

    Need help formulating a history thesis about slavery before 1865

    hello I have a major problem in finding a good theis that are argumentative and descriptive enough about slavery. tex which questions can I ask about slavery that are specific but broad enough to write an 4-5 essay on. i was thinking to try and do something about the family structures in slave...
  4. E

    Russian history topic: suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I have to do research for school. We have to do research on a topic we like. You can choose everything, as long as it is a question you can answer. There can be more questions in one paper, those questions need to be asked to help you find the answer to the original question...
  5. U

    Topic for Irish Rebel Essay

    Hi, I'm currently working on a University project. The general topic of my seminar is "Individual Versus Society". I'm in love with Irish History from the Celts to the Easter Risings and absouluty knew I'd love to take a topic about the Irish from the start :) Problem is my Seminar Mentor...
  6. U

    European History Topic 1500+

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you could give me some topics for me to do on my research paper. The paper must be anything after 1500+ and it must obviously have sources found on library databases. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, So far my number one topic is biography of...
  7. C

    Need help choosing a topic relating to encounter, exchanges, and exploration

    Hello! Every year I compete in the national history day competition. This years theme is exploration, encounters, and exchanges. The topic I choose has to be modern enough to collect primary resources for but not within the last 10 or so years. I would prefer to do something not involving war...
  8. C

    I'm new and need help choosing a topic for a history project!

    Hello!!! Every year I compete in the national history day competition. This years theme is exploration, encounters, and exchanges. The topic I choose has to be modern enough to collect primary resources for but not within the last 10 or so years. I would prefer to do something not involving war...
  9. T

    History of mathematics topic ideas?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but... Next year (of 1st year at uni) we have to choose something to research for our 'special topic', and write an essay on it. I was thinking of doing something a bit different, and looking at the history of maths. But I have no idea where to...
  10. Karl XII

    Most overrepresented topic on historum?

    Discuss which topics you think are way overdone and what you'd like to talk about in their place. This is for military topics only! 1. WW2- Hitler, the Nazis, if only they had invaded Russia earlier, we've all heard it a million times and frankly while world war 2 is very interesting it seems...
  11. gothgoesblonde

    Academic Guidance Academic Writing topic

    Hi, this is very newbie question but... am I supposed to capitalize all letters in the topic (except of, in etc.)? :P Life and Adventures of Santa Clause for example?
  12. Earendil

    Topic for a research paper

    Hello, I have to decide on a topic for a paper. Our teacher said it has to be 6-8 pages long and argumentative. I decided on doing something about Medieval History but having a hard time finding an interesting topic that I can write argumentatively. It would be great if anyone had any ideas for...
  13. A

    Help for an essay topic on Europe and Modernity

    Hi guys, I needed help picking a topic for a final research paper. This is for a fourth year university European history class. Our paper has to be 25 pages (double spaced) on Europe and modernism/modernity in the nineteenth or twentieth century. I was hoping to do a topic on World War I and...
  14. nat47

    Need a Paper Research Paper Topic [Christian History]

    I've got a fairly short, 10 page, history paper for a Christian History class this semester. The paper needs to be centered around one figure. The paper will explore: What does this person believe about salvation, about the church, the Christian life should look like? I don't want to do one of...
  15. S

    EPQ topic help

    Hi, I'm doing a EPQ at college and I was going to do a EPQ based around Anicent Egypt however I have to link it to classics or Archeaology and my classics teacher suggested to do the revolts in Roman Britian, such as Boudicaa. Is there any way to link Egypt to Classics? Or can you suggest any...
  16. nat47

    Research Paper Topic Ideas/Advice on [Slavery]

    I've got a BIG paper that I'll be doing through this whole semester. The Course is on Slavery. We can pretty much pick any facet of Slavery in North America and research/write about it... However, paper research is almost completely primary source driven with some required monographs. I am...
  17. I

    Please help me pick a topic.

    So I have a paper due tomorrow that I unfortunately left off until the last minute, which is now. My assignment is linked here: The idea is to pick a point in time from post-WWI to pre-Cold war and relate to an ongoing...
  18. C

    Can anyone suggest a paper topic for the Hannibalic War

    Can anyone suggest a paper topic for the Hannibalic War? Not too popular ones like should Hannibal have marched on Rome after Cannae, or could Hannibal have won the war. I looked at some topics but there is a lack of scholar debates. Thanks in advance!
  19. Modest Learner

    Academic Guidance A topic for presentation...just a topic nothing else

    Okay, I have to give a presentation after nearly a month. I know some people will say that I am insane, because I care so much about it...but I want my presentation to be the best in the class. So, for the past one week I am keeping a pad with me. Whenever a good topic comes to my mind, I jot...
  20. C

    The evidence of topic

    Giuseppe Castiglione,1688—1766) build a naked female sculpture Western characteristics, but the emperor Qian Long think this is back Chinese ethics, IT IS SHAME redesign! and later with the twelve zodiac statue. REFFER TO History of the Qing Dynasty (the history , the scholars of Taiwan...