1. P

    Shanghai 1939 tiger advertising sign Race Track

    Hello, Can you help me to find out what the advertising reads? What is it for and are the colours known? It was used at the Shanghai Race Track in 1939. If you use the photo, please credit family Gesner van der Voort. Best regards, Pieter
  2. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance Apply for Phd-track Masters program if I intend to switch universities for PhD?

    I am looking at applying to the University of Iowa history program for my Master's degree. My plan is to complete my Master's at UoI, and to then apply to one of the top-ranked universities for my doctorate in history. Degree Requirements | Department of History | College of Liberal Arts &...
  3. Zannanza

    Ancient Babylonians used geometry to track Jupiter

    Ancient Babylonian astronomers calculated Jupiter?s position from the area under a time-velocity graph | Science Analysis of ancient Babylonian tablets reveals that, to calculate the position of Jupiter, the tablets' makers used geometry, a technique scientists previously believed humans had...
  4. B

    Turning Point in the Pacific War (WW2): Kokoda Track or Coral Sea

    Which of these battles were more important in stopping the Japanese?
  5. HistoryFreak1912

    How did civilizations keep track of time before the BC/AD thing?

    From my understanding, the BC/AD thing did not come about until Christianity (under the Gregorian calender, IIRC.) So, now I wonder how civilizations before Christianity kept track of time? According to Philip Freeman in his book 'Alexander the Great', the Greeks and Macedonians would chart...
  6. P

    Your chance to track a Royal Geographical Society explorer in real-time.

    A few months ago I told you about how I was able to track the progress of the famous Royal Geographical Society explorer Mikael Strandberg on his 2012 Yemen expedition real-time in a Google Map. Only to be interrupted for several months by the fighting going on there. Well, I am glad to say that...
  7. xander.XVII

    EU suggests bilateral track to resolve India-Italy row

    European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has said the EU is 'ready to work closely' to help resolve the issue of two Italian soldiers jailed in India for killing two Indian fishermen. "In terms of what happened in India I've already had conversations with the Italian government...
  8. Mohammed the Persian

    Did Romans keep track of Criminal Records and Executions?

    Aha, a rather intriguing question which I just thought about :laugh: Did the Romans ever keep Criminal Records or anything ? Did they record how many executions happen in , say a year, with regards to the charges against them, the name... etc.. And also, how did the Romans solve crimes such...
  9. Awesomated88

    Kokoda Track....

    This Thread is top discuss the implications and details about one of the most costly and Brutal campaigns that Australian troops have took part in.... here is a wiki website:Kokoda Track campaign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia DISCUSS
  10. S

    History Audio Track

    Hello, Sorry if this has already been posted for I am new to the site and haven't had much time to look around. Unfortunately, not to dock you history people (because I like history), my current U.S. History teacher is essentially horrid and I myself am not a history buff, rather a...
  11. S

    Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games?

    how many Medals did Carl Lewis win at the 1984 Olympic games? The ball is in your curt members.Your answers a waited.