1. EmperorTigerstar

    The Battle for the Indian Ocean

    Might as well make the first thread for this new section. So one thing that I think is simultaneously interesting but overlooked is the battle for trade in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, being the smallest non-polar ocean, is usually not discussed as much compared to the Atlantic and...
  2. Futurist

    Would Poland be willing to trade Danzig for German military help to retake the Kresy?

    Here's the scenario that I am thinking of here: Due to France doing a better job of defending the Ardennes, the Manstein Plan fails and thus France doesn't fall in 1940. After several months, Hitler and the Nazis are overthrown and replaced by a military junta of anti-Nazi German generals...
  3. Blue

    Trade During the Great Depression

  4. stevapalooza

    Great map of trade routes

    Here's a detailed map of all the major trade routes in the known world in the 11th & 12th centuries
  5. Naima

    Responsibility for Slave trade is African?

    The whole world is always blaming the west for the slave trade by major european powers like England , holland, France , Spain and Portugal, for creeating the slave trade. But nothing is told of the responsibility of the very same Africans and the role that they had in the slave trade Slave...
  6. K

    Any Mexican involvement in the Old China Trade/Opium Wars era?

    Given that Mexico was a nation with a substantial Pacific coast and had achieved its independence by the 1820s I was just curious whether any of their vessels became involved in the Old China Trade under the Canton system, or alternatively if any of their traders come on the scene around the...
  7. K

    How“Free Trade” is killing the American Middle Class

    How Global “Free Trade” killed the Middle Class A capsule summary of why so-called 'free - trade isn't free, and why apparent price reductions of goods are in many cases an illusion. This brief article focuses on NAFTA, but incidentally offers some insight on the supposedly looming...
  8. H

    China should Cut Trade Deficit, says the US president

    "China has been asked to develop a plan for the year of a One Billion Dollar reduction in their massive Trade Deficit with the United States. Our relationship with China has been a very good one, and we look forward to seeing what ideas they come back with. We must act soon!" says the US...
  9. specul8

    Non-monetary Trade

    How did 'change' work ? If a sack of lentils was traded for two pairs of leather sandals .... or whatever , you took miscellaneous goods to markets in your 'wallet' ? They kept 'accounts' or ledgers ? What about 'change' ; you buy some fish, but you 'pay' for them with something...
  10. F

    "Trade" deficit when you import more people than you export

    In terms of importing and exporting people, the USA has deficit with almost every country with lower standard of living, yet some people think the USA is getting the better end of the trade? Same question can be asked about every country who has such "trade" deficit. The countries who have...
  11. Dios

    Pre-Columbian Trade to/from the New World

    Read this first (from University of California Riverside -- note .edu URL): American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies Then look at the Balabanova video on YouTube. --- a little hyped I'm afraid. Cocaine is "naughty" and "racy", but the significance is that...
  12. X

    Economics Explains Everything

    Horses make it less costly to move resources from point A to point B. The same is true of our ancestors walking upright. As the cost of allocation decreased the frequency increased. More frequent allocation meant more frequent allocation problems. When monkeys, lions, whales and birds...
  13. F

    What was global trade like before WWII?

    Did the European Powers trade often with each other or did they try to be self-sufficient? Were colonies of one European country allowed to trade with a colony of another one? For example, could British Burma trade with French Indochina? Or did it all have to go through London and Paris first...
  14. markdienekes

    Book Trade

    Anyone up for trading books? I've recently moved and though it's a bigger house, some of my book collection is either going to be donated to charity, or, better yet, swapped here? If this is, of course, allowed (I can't seem to find anything on this is in forum rules?!) I'm after ancient...
  15. M

    What was so special about Africa that many people was affected by slave trade?

    As from past we know that from 16th to 19th century african people mostly affected from slave trade . People from africa was traded on mass scale WHY AFRICA ? How this all started in Africa ? What is the situation now ?
  16. F

    Historically, was trade controlled by the government?

    For example, in ancient Egypt, did the government own and trade their exports? Or was it private businessmen and women? Same question for Rome, Persia, etc. Obviously, the governments at the very least taxed the trade. What about the silk, porcelain, and tea coming out of China? Was that...
  17. F

    How were Europeans so easily able to dominate Indian Ocean trade?

    Beginning with the Portuguese. As far as I know, when the Portuguese first reached the Indian Ocean, they had the same matchlock muskets that the Ottomans, Indians, Arabs, and Persians had. So what gave the Portuguese the ability to dominate so quickly?
  18. B

    Would the Portuguese have gained more by peaceful trade in Indian Ocean?

    Due to numerous custom duties imposed in the Mamluk ports on goods transported from Indian ports to the west, the goods were incredibly expensive when they reached say, Flanders or Italy, compared to their prices in India. The Cape route was much cheaper in comparison, and using this alone the...
  19. B

    Good books on arab slave trade?

    What are some good books on arab slave trade?
  20. C

    British Trade With The Union (American Civil War)

    I am uncertain whether this should be posted in the American History or the European history forums since it concerns the interchange between the two. I have been looking for a work that gives a thorough treatment of the imports and export exchanges between the Union and the Britain during the...