1. SufiMystic

    Lovely traditional Ottoman Turkish music:share your favourites from around the world!

    I would like to share this lovely traditional Ottoman Turkish music. I particularly like the song that starts at 8:53. Hope you enjoy! :) Feel free to use this thread to share other lovely traditional music. I don't mind if it's Greek, Armenian, Arab, Persian, western European or anything else...
  2. Haakbus

    A question about traditional cannon casting

    So if you look at many Chinese (somewhat Korean too) cannon, they have prominent rings along the barrel. According to Needham, the hudunpao had these rings actual separate pieces that were heated and slipped on. This made it withstand stresses better. I always thought the the whole thing was...
  3. S

    What Countries Still Wear Traditional Clothes

    In which countries do regular people still wear traditional clothes as daily and regular clothing. Also, starting from which decade did traditional clothing become purely ceremonial in that country. Exclude religious practitioners such as Gurus, Yogis, Sadhus, Imams, Monks, Shamans, Priests...
  4. F

    Any historical exogamous eugenic program with traditional gender roles reversed?

    Traditionally, polygynous countries across the Old World systematically imported women (female slaves for the most part) from foreign lands to be impregnated by local men in order to perpetuate local stock; paradoxically, foreign male slaves were denied access to local women by castration or...
  5. A

    Anyone know a lot about traditional african religions?

    I've been doing some research on traditional african religions and I was wondering, does anyone know a lot about them or has studied them?
  6. K

    Last days of the Bulgarian traditional life

    Free of charge for all "green", "eco", "nature", etc. fans. :)
  7. L

    Ukrainian traditional embroidered shirt “vyshyvanka”, some facts from history

    Embroidery is one of the main characteristics of Ukrainian clothing. The patterns of embroidery are different for different regions of the country. And they're also very symbolic. There are guardian patterns, patterns that tell a specific story about the owner of the shirt, patterns that bring...
  8. The General

    ancient roman to byzantine military?

    since when did the byzantines stop using the traditional roman infantry and start using cataphracts? if i remember correctly, even during the times of justinian they had used heavy roman infantry. When did they start using heavy cavalry, rarely used in the ancient roman empire?
  9. Sephiroth

    Favourite Traditional Asian Clothes

    By Asian I mean clothes from any culture on the Asian continent. I think the Kimono (from Japan) looks the best on women (though I believe China had something similar in one of its dynasties). As for men, I just go with the Deel (Mongols and Turkic peoples).
  10. jrbartlett

    Last practitioners of traditional Greco-Roman gods/goddesses

    As title says, I'm curious how far into late antiquity individuals or groups of people still practiced the traditional gods/goddesses. Particularly interested in the Western regions of Europe of the former Western Roman Empire. I know that after about 400Ad, for all intents and purposes...
  11. O

    Korean traditional powder weapon

    Since Goryeo dynasty, Korea developed their own powder weapon independently after they brought gunpowder from China. Those are the lists of powder weapons used during Imjin war. Shinguijeon: The rocket weapon developed in 1448, Joseon dynasty. It could fire 100 arrows at once and shooting range...
  12. M

    Why were the traditional shield and spear phalanxes abandoned?

    Why were the traditional shield and spear phalanx abandoned? It seems, to me at least, that they were never adopted by completely foreign cultures, and I haven't seen any late examples of it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. H

    When did Egypts traditional religion end?

    When did Ancient Egyptians stop worshiping all of their different gods like Ra and Horus? I used to think the Egyptians were polythiests until the Arabs invaded them and they were converted to Islam, but one of my friends told me they stopped worshiping many gods long before Islam existed and...
  14. Salah

    Music in Chinese history

    I've frequented "Chinese" restaurants and watched kung fu movies for no reason apart from savoring the music playing in the background - what is, or what is styled to be, traditional Chinese music. It often stirs my soul, for whatever reason. We have a lot of members who specialize in Chinese...
  15. Midas

    Can traditional music be copyrighted?

    I don't mean from an ethnic group, but from an artist. If I go out and sing a version of an Irish traditional song in public, am I (or the promoters) illegal? I just read a very weird thing that happened in Crete last night. The Armenian singer's, Haig Yazdjian, concert was interrupted by the...
  16. Haakbus

    Joseon Dynasty units of measure and weight

    Does anyone know what the metric values of units of measure and weight during the Joseon Dynasty were? If not, does anyone know where I could find them? If no one can answer this that's fine. Thanks a lot.
  17. M

    The origin of the Korean traditional dress

    Men's clothing (The Ming dynasty Reconstruction ) A luxuriant silk coat Chineseman recover it for one year The ancient cultural relics clothes is the origin of the Korean traditional dress . The emperor of China will give...
  18. S

    Traditional Chinese Characters as one of the oldest writing system in the world

    As a Hong Konger i'd say i very proud of my writing system it was one of the oldest and the most unique writing system in the world. The traditional Chinese characters. I've always heard people who from mainland China say ''Why still use traditional Chinese characters it's so hard '' or ''...
  19. čarević

    Yemen traditional music thread

    Looking for traditional music I have come to Yemen, and found very good music I would like to share, but also to look for a possible translation If someone is gifted with the language. I was interested in Middle East and Arabic music when looking on YouTube because is said that are the kind...
  20. W

    Traditional Characters

    What is some traditional Characters like Humpty Dumpty? Not like Puss in Boots because he has a author but what are some others?