1. Frank81

    Armoured Trains

    What we know about them and their performance? I was reading about the Spanish Civil War and how some Russian advisors recommended using them. And they were so, but their performance was dissapointing
  2. W

    What makes Marine Boot Camp so Special?Is it because it trains Civilians as infantry?

    There's so many arguments online ranting over special USMC Bootcamp is. Some people attack their Bootcamp, saying its only slightly harder than Army Bootcamp, others say its harder than Army Infantry. I remember however a commentary on a documentary I seen once. One of the instructors stated...
  3. Earl_of_Rochester

    How essential were trains & railroads in WW1?

    AJP Taylor had a famous theory that WW1 began because of train timetables and once the armies were mobilised there was no simple way of stopping the massive logistical nightmare of moving men to the front on troop trains. I have the pleasure of reading a personal, handwritten WW1 diary of a...
  4. jttwong

    The Impact of the Railway on Victorian England

    Introduction The railways worked in collaboration with the Industrial Revolution in England during the nineteenth-century to play a crucial part in the lives of the Victorian people as well as the outlook of the city during this era. The impacts they produced were unseen in relative terms as...
  5. CIowa

    4 fans of: ACW hist, silent films, comedy, and trains

    ‪A General - 1927 - Filme Completo Legendado‬‏ - YouTube
  6. Jake10

    Using the heat given off by trains and people at stations to heat buildings.

    What do you think? Could this sort of concept be used around the world? Warmth of Human Bodies Waiting Below Ground for Paris Metro Will Heat New Apartment Complex | Popular Science
  7. bigscreeninkster

    Mummy trains

    I saw a documentary years ago about the British rail system in Egypt using ancient Egyptian mummies for fuel in the locomotives. Does anyone know which rail lines these were or the specifics of the mummies?


    Trains seem to be a thing of the past, yet modern society relies heavily upon them... What roles do trains play, besides the obvious passanger carrying... what are some common household items and amenities that simply would not be possible without trains... I am posting this to make people more...
  9. Ambreville

    Trains, Cars in Russia -- WWI

    Greetings I'm currently doing research for a story taking place (partially) in Petrograd in Dec 1916. I'm trying to find out what brand cars were most commonly found there, since no private motorcars were built in Russia at that time (anything from taxis to vehicles owned by the wealthy). I...