1. Kirialax

    Trajan's conquest of Parthia

    My second-century AD Roman history is pretty poor, but do we know what Trajan's intention was when he set on his Parthian campaign? Did he make a coherent effort to occupy Parthian territory and install Roman or friendly administration? I ask this because from a rather "zoomed-out" perspective...
  2. V

    How do yow imagine shopping in Trajan's mall? 150 shops

    Was there advertising or something? Perhaps in latin and greek? :cool:
  3. Robert165

    Cesar vs Trajan - who was better

    I am pretty ignorant of History compared to you guys. Cesar - Brash and Bold, first Emperor, fought and won many pivotal battles both in Rome and on the Frontier. Trajan- Expanded the Empire to it's largest dimensions. Note: I am mainly talking about Battle strategy here and Generalship and...
  4. A

    Books on Trajan's Dacian Wars?

    Hey guys, just trying to find some good books on these two wars. Info on what led up to wars, battles, key players, impact. Stuff like that.
  5. Polynikes

    The Praetorian guard's relationship with Trajan and role during the Dacian Wars?

    How would you define Trajan's relationship with the guard during this period, and how did he perceive their combat effectiveness in comparison to other legions during his invasion? Were they held in high esteem as the virtual elite of the Roman army, or were they just another bodyguard unit?
  6. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Trajan's Dacian War on the Adamklissi Friezes

    Roman, Dacian and Bastarnian warriors on the Adamklissi Friezes, Tropaeum Traiani, Romania, 108-109AD including A Roman Legionary with laminated arm armour and greaves fighting a Dacian with falx on an Adamklissi frieze These were put up by the army rather than the rulers in Rome. See also a...
  7. M

    Size of Trajan's Army at Dacia and Parthia

    Can somebody give me accurate numbers on Trajan's Wars?(both camapaigns at battles) Trajan had about 9 Legions with him in 1 battle near Saziaguthuza. Which is about 50,000-60,000 Legionaires plus they had a lot of Auxilia. Howeve I hear numbers skyrocket to the 150,000-200,000 for the total...
  8. Jax

    If Trajan did it why not Caesar?

    When Julius Caesar was assassinated by the liberators in the Senate he was only days away from an invasion of Dacia and then Parthia. As dictator with the full might of Rome behind him, not only his own loyal troops but also the former troops of Pompey, who would feel the need to prove...
  9. M

    How to you rate Trajan?

    How do you rate Trajan as a politician and a military leader in terms of Ancient terms? As a politican he did help build Rome up but did his conquest have setbacks or was that mainly due to his death? As a military leader he served in Germania earlier. He fought a number of attritional battles...
  10. S

    can anyone suggest me an good history book on Trajan?

    I am really curious to know and read about Emperor Trajan''s reign of Roman empire, can you please suggest me a good book about Trajan? Would be glad if you provide a book name about Hadrian as well. Thanks in advance
  11. cachibatches

    Which ancient author(s) wrote extensively about Trajan?

    Specifically the Parthian campaign. The reason I want to go to the ancient sources is because the modern disagree on whether important battles were fought. All agree that he took a large amount of territory without having to do much, but certain sources claim that the Tigris river crissing...
  12. Perix

    What if Trajan would been defeated by dacians?

    I wonder what would happened if Trajan campaigns in Dacia would fallen desatruously, from different reasons: underestimated dacians and weak preparations, wrong tactics.... Would he prepared a third campaign? Would he afforded a third costly campaign? Would dacians occupied balkans teritories...