1. M

    Translate from Latin to English

    Hello. I would like to ask you about help. I want to translate historical document fromt Latin to Englad. Please help me that´s very important because I am studying history of small village in Slovakia and these documents shows how to people lived in are of Maria Theresia. If you have some...
  2. S

    Please help me translate the kanji on my japanese ww2 flag

    My x-husbands foster-father was a merchant marine during ww2. After the battle for Iwo Jima he helped bring supplies to the troops and there was a bunch of the flags all over the shores of the island. He put it in a flimsy frame with nothing covrring or protecting it. I have always had a...
  3. Hessian Historian

    Translate 1 German word?

    I am trying to translate a word in a German death register from Bochum in 1870. It is a "cause of death" for several young children. I cannot seem to figure this one out! Are there any German speakers who could help to transcribe and translate this word?
  4. PaKeeza

    Transfer, translate - Geographic names

    I have been reading Anabasis of Alexander and something has been nagging me since. When we "translate" we carry the meaning of a word or term to another language from the orginal source. However what I can't get my head around is why translation is used and why "transfer" is used other times...
  5. civfanatic

    Can a French-speaker please translate the following passage?

    The following excerpt was quoted in a book on South Indian history (otherwise written in English) from the original French, without providing a translation. I would like to know what it means:
  6. K

    Looking for someone who can translate English to Ancient Greek for a story.

    Hello, umm...I'm not too sure this belongs here but seeing as this is where the most Ancient Greek literate folks were...I'm posting this here. See, I'm writing a story. It's not a historical fiction. It's more, believe it or not, a mix of anime, contemporary and the historical and cultural...
  7. H

    how did societies communicate and translate each other in earlier times?

    One of the things that always fascinated and confused me was how different cultures with drastically different languages managed to communicate over time (which also applies to today, since language dictionaries and study tools exist). But it's even more interesting how that happened before we...
  8. ktisis

    Help me to translate archaeological terms

    I need help with exact correlation of some Russian and English archaeological terms. Of course, I always can translate them by using common vocabulary, not specific for archaeological science, but this is trouble if I would be trying to translate in English Russian scientific articles or to cite...
  9. plutoboyz

    Google Translate Insulting Christian?

    First, sorry to all christian here but I feel I have to inform you about this. I don't meant to provoke you all. I got this. what happen to Google? it Translate Jesus Christ as Syaitan (Satan)? I suggest all Historum Member to contribute better translation: Isa al-Masih or Yesus. Thanks.:)
  10. K

    Can you translate this??!

    Hi there, I really need someone who could translate this: I would be really grateful if you would help me.