1. SirIronshield91

    Help in translating a text

    Hello i am doing a project about an old german familiy and this text is related to them i dont know german can someone pls translate it its not long veilchen ersterben vergiessmeinnicht eleichen, es welket die rose und das rollende blatt sinkt in verwehenden staue, nicht so die blume des...
  2. Abishai1000

    Libertas (Ancient Rome): Translating Time?

    The Statue of Liberty is a proud American monument and symbol of immigration and opportunity and a pseudo-testament of the welcoming philosophy of American governance. The Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from France. The statue is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman...
  3. Swagganaut

    Someone who can read Italian and is willing to translating that paper for me?

    Hey guys, i have a small paper, which is barely 2 pages long, but it contains a description of a for me relatively interesting find and i would need someone who can translate the Italian description of that find for me. En detail the find is a Meroitic piastrella, which i would translate with an...
  4. ghostexorcist

    Need Help Translating Kanji on WWII Japanese Flag

    I'm trying to translate the text on this WWII era Japanese flag. I can read a little Chinese, but my skill set goes down hill when handwritten characters are involved. Of course I'm handicapped by not knowing Japanese either. I know the very top characters are wishing for continued luck in war...
  5. V

    Seeking help in translating a short Portuguese passage.

    Hello all,can anyone who can understand Portuguese please try translating this passage for me? It is basically from a book detailing Portuguese contact with my region in India.I'm looking for a word-by-word translation of these lines.The Nayres refers to my community who were traditionally...
  6. J

    Help needed translating a line of Latin

    Hi, can someone here who knows Latin translate the phrase below? The full context is that it is from a diary entry from 1860 of a 17 year old who is going to leave it to his father whether or not he should start college in the fall. I'm guessing the phrase is probably correct Latin because the...
  7. S

    Help translating Cherokee to Aramaic

    I need someone to help me with translating some Cherokee Syllabary into the language of Aramaic please!
  8. Cuchulainn

    Translating English to Irish

    I'm sorry, I know this really doesn't fit into the catagory of history, but I'm looking to see if I have the correct translation. If anybody can help me, I would be greatly apreciative. What I'm looking to translate is "It's not a religion, it's a relationship." I have the translation from...
  9. Jes

    I have a question in translating.

    I'm now translation a book about "King Philip's War" into Korean, but there is a sentence I cannot get. huh, What does it mean, the "form of snakeskin"? Is it a real one or just an idiom? Also, what does it mean by "filled with musket shot"? Does it mean Englishmen shot the snakeskin with...
  10. Anna James

    Interpreting and Translating Literature or Are Languages Translatable?

    What do you think about translating literature - how correct it is? For which languages it works? What have you read in original and in a translation and what do you think? Which writers writing on which languages you find well translatable or untranslatable? And why? I'm interested in all...