1. Naive American

    Words that don't have translations in English

    Hey everybody! To be more specific than the title, your favorite words that describe a feeling, or action we have no direct translation for in English. These can be from currently used languages or dead ones throughout history. Mine is a German word, schadenfreude. It basically means to take...
  2. W

    Jotvingian language translations

    Does anyone have access or know where to find a transcription of Pogańskie gwary z Narewu (Pagan speeches of Narew) or any other documents that might offer some remnants of Jotvingian language? On Wikipedia there is a page in Lithuanian and Belarusian about this document, uncovered by a...
  3. C

    Where to find transcriptions / translations of old, out of print books online?

    Collecting old material is a bit of a hobby of mine, but what I'm actually interested in is the content, and not always the physical items. So with that I wonder if anyone knows of any good repositories online of old, out of print books? Or even anywhere to get a bigger glimpse into writing...
  4. Inc

    Latin Translation Thread

    I thought I'd start this thread because I'm looking for a translation myself and it (thread) might be useful to others. I know that Latin is featured on Google Translate, but I'm unsure of its accuracy. So, to kick things off, anyone here know the Latin translation for Memory is fleeting?
  5. M

    (WWII) Looking for German Accounts (Eng.) of Mortain and Falaise Pocket Ops

    To satisfy my personal curiosity,* I'm researching Patton's role in the breakout from Normandy in WWII. I've located numerous Allied sources, but have not had much luck finding English translation of German sources. I'd love to find a few accounts from a command (7th Army) and individual soldier...
  6. Archa

    Names and translations

    I'm not really sure which sub-forum this should belong to, so feel free to move it elsewhere. So. Translations and names. Something I've always been curious about. As a bilingual person (Chinese/English, arguably the best combination :D), I've always find translation a fascinating subject...
  7. apophaticlogos

    Are translations of the Koran the Koran?

    I'm curious about the general Muslim belief on this. I know that, technically, "you can't translate the Koran". The Koran is inherently Arabic, but I wonder if that means that translations are the same as any other book and deserve no special respect. For example: I know the Koran can't be...
  8. T

    Roman registers (notitia) translations?

    I'm looking for english translations of various roman registers, but I can't seem to find them. Can anyone help me? Notitia urbis Romae Notitia urbis Constantinopolitanae Notitia Dignitatum Notitia Galliarum and like articles. I need these things very badly, and I can't find them anywhere...
  9. Pacific_Victory

    Worst Translations Ever

    What are the worst dubbed, or worst subtitled movies/documentaries/TV shows in your opinion? My nomination... Star Wars Ep III - Backstroke of the West - YouTube
  10. Thessalonian

    Web sites that provide original ancient texts and English translations?

    I am trying to find such web sites but google didn't help much. I only found one so far which has some ancient Greek books. I am looking for more. Additionally, this thread has a very important purpose: To gather sources for genuine original ancient books (in Greek, Latin, Hebrew etc.) and...
  11. Kirialax

    Translations of 'City of God'

    I'm not having a great deal of success finding a complete translation of Augustine's 'de Civitate Dei'. Despite the Penguin edition being almost 1200 pages long, I have heard that it too is somewhat abridged. Does anyone know what the best complete English version is that is not the Loeb...
  12. M

    The Tale of Genji Translations

    I'm looking to buy a copy of the Tale of Genji and I am aware that there are several translations out there. From what I know, the Seidensticker and Tyler translations seems to be popular. Which one should I get?