1. JPK

    My History Travels Bucket List

    Here is a short list of historical places or sites I want to see while I still can travel. I've visited all the battlefields of the American Civil War and the Alamo and Little Bighorn. I have seen most of the US presidential sites - Mount Vernon, Hyde Park, Monticello . . etc., and a large...
  2. Kirialax

    Rapid or instantaneous travel in the pre-modern world

    In the Byzantine world, there are a number of saints and a few sorcerers who have travel miracles associated with them. Agnellus reports about an abbot who was taught by demons how to sail instantly from Ravenna to Constantinople in a magic boat drawn on the sand. His nefarious activities were...
  3. C

    Online and Travel History Opportunities

    Are there any companies that hire online history instructors? Are there any history product companies that hire people willing to travel to sell their inventories? Ex for school districts, historic sites, home school convention booths, etc. I am asking for U.S. based opportunities.
  4. Futurist

    You can travel back in time to 1914 and kill either Hitler or Stalin with impunity

    You can travel back in time to 1914 and kill either Hitler or Stalin with impunity--but not both of them. Anyway, who would you kill? As for me, I would pick Hitler since he strikes me as being more destructive than Stalin was. I mean, it's an extremely atrocious tragedy that Stalin killed...
  5. S

    Safety of Transatlantic travel in nineteenth century

    I'm looking for advice on how best to research a family who, in 1882, sailed on a Cunard steamship from Liverpool to New York. I believe they travelled with a young son (1 years old). It appears that the son died either en route to New York or shortly after arrival. I am not an expert on...
  6. O

    I time travel to the USA Constitutional Convention

    I go, get myself elected as a delegate, and then I give a speech saying something like the ACW is very likely, and to prevent it the Constitution needs to be explicit on whether or not secession is allowed. What would happen? If it was known in advance what I was going to do, how serious would...
  7. M

    Safe Time travel - what would you change?

    Everyone here has probably thought about time travel and changing the past. What would you change if you could do so at all, and also safely? The trouble with time travel to the past, except for it being almost totally impossible, is the facts of genealogy. Everyone has genealogical slots for...
  8. O

    Time travel actually made things better

    Are there any novels, etc. where somebody went back in the past and changed things for the better? Too many are like Stephen King's November 22, 1963 where things become so bad they need to be put back the way they were. I've always wanted to be a chrononaut. Haven't you?:) I used to dream I...
  9. D

    Travel through Europe 1944-45

    Hi there! I am writing a novel about World War II, and I was wondering if anyone could point me towards some reference materials about how civilian travel would have been conducted across borders in the latter days of the Second World War. Basically, I have a character who has to get from...
  10. DeadCorn

    How long to travel from Ostia to Rome

    IN the the First Century AD, how long would it take to travel from Ostia to Rome? How long by ship from Caesaria to Ostia? How long from Ostia to the Portius Itius (Boulogne)? How long from Portius Itius to Kent? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. T

    Time Travel

    If you had a time machine, where/when would you go back to and why? :)
  12. Commodus

    When did humanity first envision space travel?

    As in theorising ways to reach the planets, or envisioning the possibility of other life on them? The idea was at least present in the Victorian age, as postcards were made imagining the future: Before that, there were of course astrologers who believed they could divine the future by the...
  13. Blue

    European Parliament ends visa-free travel for Americans
  14. J

    California 1850 travel to Eastern States

    I hope this is the right area for this question. My 3rd GGrandfather, Amariah Wilson came across the Oregon Trail in 1844 and drifted down to San Francisco by 1846-7. I have proof (H.H. Bancroft, History of California, Vol. 29), that Amariah became a landowner in SFO in 1847-8, Along with his...
  15. Yossarian

    Old Time Travel thread revisited....

    I was scrolling over some old threads and came across this one that began a few years ago, with the link below. I am nobody's conspiracy theorist, but I gotta say I find the thread fascinating, and the thread author, if he was joking around, made a compelling case that seemed hard to disprove...
  16. A

    Simple Travel Strategies and Exercises to Stay Fit

    Traveling is always a pleasure no matter what the reason. But, one thing is certain, if you love to workout every day, your normal workout routine will definitely get thrown out of the window. It is rather easy to wake up at the same time, eat all the meals, workout and go to sleep. Therefore...
  17. W

    Neutral civilian travel during WW1?

    I was reading a bit about the Lusitania and the German exclusion zone in the waters around Britain, and it got me wondering how was civilian travel negotiated between countries during the war, particularly by those that were neutral but in close proximity to the warzone? For example Switzerland...
  18. W

    Native American travel before Citizenship Act?

    Before the Indian Citizenship Act in 1924 many members of Native American tribes were not US Citizens. I'm then naturally assuming that they did not have US passports for international travel. This got me wondering how did non-citizen Natives travel to other countries, for example Canada...
  19. RomanEmperor

    Time Travel

    Does anyone think time travel has occurred/does occur and has impacted history? For instance this.....
  20. SF Alba

    Ancient travel

    Okay, to make a long story short, I'm studying games development. As part of world building and plot structuring of a specific concept I'm trying to flesh out, I need to figure something out. It'll sound a bit odd, but bear with me. In the late 1200's, 1290 to be specific, just a few years...