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    Tribes of the eastern steppe during the Tang dynasty
  2. RidiculousName

    Why did Nahuatl Tribes Pick up Mayan Religion?

    A very large part of the reason the Aztecs were conquered so easily by the Spanish was their religion, which seems to have been largely self-defeating in mannerism. The Aztecs and other Nahuatl tribes had recently displaced the original occupants of Northern Mexico when Columbus first arrived...
  3. M

    Were the Medieval Polish Composed of Barbarian Tribes Like in Germany?

    Because of the close proximity and lack of any real kings, it makes me wonder, "Were the Poles barbarians during the Middle Ages?" What was their history like during this time?
  4. stevapalooza

    Native tribes map

    Here's a pretty cool map showing all the native tribal territory in the Americas and Australia
  5. Le Hoang

    Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Shang: state or union tribes?

    Some people said that First Dynasty of Egyptians is first nation of human and they created first soldier,too.Like Egyptians,some researchers believed that SHang is first nation in Far East but is it right? Firstly,we must give some different between a nation(like Sparta) and a tribe(as Indian...
  6. A

    Information on Arab tribes migration during the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Fatimid eras?

    During the Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, and Seljuk eras, some level of Arab migration, establishing dynasties in the conquered lands, took place. Many of the dynasties from Islamic Iberia (Al-Andalus) to Khorasan in eastern Persia claimed descent from the Arabian Peninsula and from various...
  7. H

    How common were wars between Aboriginal tribes in Australia and how bloody were they?

    There is a large collection of evidence that suggests Aboriginal Australians went to war with each other from cave paintings of battles to the discovery of wooden shields. While the fact that they went to war is undisputed, I want to know how common these wars were and how bloody did they get...
  8. H

    why some Rajput and Brahmin tribes Have similar origin ?

    Tribes like Dixit, Gautam, Kaushik, Atri, Vishwamitra, Gaur etc have both Brahmin and rajput as their members, which is strange as both ethnicities have different Social customs despite having origin from same stock.
  9. H

    history & Culture of Kashmiri kshatriya tribes

    Hi all, I want to know about History of martial kashmiri clans such as Tantray, Rather, Dars(claims origin from Damaras) and mantrays.
  10. D

    Why did Indo-Aryan tribes never develop into ethnic groups?

    Examples of Indo-Aryan tribes include Jatts, Rajputs, Gujars, Ahirs, Khatris, Arains, Gakhars, Awans, Marathas, etc. These tribes should not be confused with castes (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra) or sub-castes (Purohit, Nambudiri, Kulkarni, Patel, etc). These tribal communities are not...
  11. A

    Jewish origin of Some Pashtun Tribes.

    Hi folks, There are some Pashtun trubes as well with Jewish Origin. i hope thisdocumentary created by Jewish Israeli wil allow you too look at Afghanistan with different light. s25JLGE9vvI
  12. civfanatic

    Do Anatolian Turks still have tribes? If not, when and how did tribes cease to exist?

    Most of the Turkic peoples, including the Oghuz Turks, were divided into different tribal groups. For example, one of the Oghuz tribes was the Kayı tribe. The Ottomans claimed that Osman was descended from this tribe. When the Turks conquered and settled in Anatolia, what happened to these...
  13. C

    What American Indian Tribes did the US government have good relations with?

    In American history, we usually hear about the sad times in its history how the Native Americans suffered from some of the policies the US had carried out, such as the Trail of Tears or side effects of Manifest Destiny. We know that some tribes had relations so bad that armed conflict occured...
  14. RidiculousName

    Books on the Tribes of Mesoamerica

    I need to do a presentation for a class. My topic is the ecological environment of pre-columbian Mesoamerica. Can you suggest any books for me?
  15. Earl_of_Rochester

    Native Americans - bloodthirsty savages or peaceful tribes?

    The brave pilgrim forefathers set off from Plymouth to start a new life in the new world, a virgin territory untouched by European hand, and when they finally got there they arrived in a place called Plymouth - what are the chances of that eh? The myth goes that the friendly natives helped the...
  16. D

    geografic card of the indian tribes of the USA

    Hello.Where can we study the best geografic card of the USA with the indications of all the indian tribes who existed in the USA at the beginning of the XVIIIth century ? Thank you.
  17. F

    What was sex and marriage like in nomadic foraging tribes?

    Before any domestication of plants or animals and before any concept of land ownership. Were there marriages? Were they life long and monogamous? If so, was there a concept of "cheating?" Were babies raised by mother and father or by extended family or by the whole tribe? Obviously, there...
  18. mnsr

    Greek Tribes and City States

    I asked this question in another thread but never got an answer/clarification on this. My question is that is this true that Tribal Areas as well as City States existed side by side in the Ancient Greece as shown in the map below ?
  19. aldo12

    Barbarian tribes were christians. .

    Many barbarian tribes were professing Christians long before the fall of Roman Empire.
  20. M

    The Roman Tribes & the Roman Army of 499 BC

    I’ve just uploaded a paper on The Roman Tribe & the Roman Army of 499 BC Abstract: This paper is to show how the number of men in the twenty Roman tribes determined the number of men as given by Dionysius for the Roman army at the battle of Lake Regillus in 499 BC. This paper...