1. A

    History Bowl: Trivia to refresh your knowledge

    Hi guys, I just want to tell you guys about a great resource called history bowl. In history bowl, teams of players compete on a buzzer system to answer questions as fast as possible. Roughly, here are the rules: In the first quarter, all the questions are worth 10. In the second quarter, the...
  2. I

    Trivia About Second Degree Relatives in Polygynous Marriages

    Let's say, in ancient Israel, a man marries two wives. The first wife has a child, and that child grows up in the household with his father, his mother, and his father's second wife. Is there an English term that refers to that child's relationship to his father's second wife? Would she be...
  3. funakison

    Historical Trivia

    Got some snippets of useful info that don't deserve a thread of their own. Pop them in here. Philip II of Spain has the reputation of being a dark brooding figure and so he was; but in appearance he was blue eyed and fair haired. He was described by the Venetian ambassador Paolo Fagolo in 1563...
  4. H

    Japanese Historical and cultural Trivia

    1) the Japanese could not run.. Nanba | NANBA ART OF PHYSICAL FINESSE the Japanese walked like cowboys even today, Japanese walking is wired. it is said because of DNA of Nomba walking, it din't eat any meat for more than thousand years, Japanese sitting style or martial arts it starts...
  5. S

    History trivia

    Hi all, I would like to invite you to try a new American history trivia game for Android users : Your feedback is welcome, we hope you enjoy it !
  6. Europe

    Trivia: Why did Louis XVI help the Americans during their revolution?

    What was his reasoning? What were the affects of his actions?
  7. J

    Useless British Trivia Thread

    Having been thrown out of the American Trivia thread, I decided to start my own thread on useless British Trivia. Whether the British were ever useless is not the point; this is trivia with British origins. As Clemmie had the idea first, Americans are welcome to join in, have tea and scones and...
  8. D

    Trivia thread

    Do you know interesting and/or strange, but little-known facts about major figures and governments you could share? I read that Nazi Germany had some of the strictest animal protection laws ever enacted. For example, lobsters had to be killed before being put in the water.
  9. Clemmie

    Useless trivia

    There was a similar thread in the Middle Ages section so I thought perhaps I'd start one here. I am reading a book by Bill James called Popular Crime I just learned that the huge bank called Chase Manhattan got its start from the Manhattan Co. and J.P. Morgan's Chase Bank. The Manhattan Co...
  10. Sargon of Akkad

    The Interesting Classical Anecdotes and Useless Trivia thread

    I was informed recently that the right-hand handshake was a holdover from the Romans, as you extended the right hand to show you did not hold a weapon in it. I cannot confirm the veracity of this, but its an interesting bit of cultural memory of the Romans if nothing else.
  11. Salah

    The Useless Medieval Trivia Thread

    A thread for some of the more colorful, if trivial, nuggets of medieval history. King John of England is said to have had a Frenchmen in his retinue known in English as Peter the Farter. Peter's claim to fame, indeed, his only apparent use in the King's court, was his ability to pass gas to...
  12. Salah

    Roman Military Trivia

    The Imperial Roman Army is probably one of the best known historical armies in the pre-modern era. I figured it would be cool if we could compile some random 'did-you-know?'-type facts about it here. I'll kick it off... At the Battle of Second Cremona, which effectively decided the...
  13. P

    WWI Trivia

    I’m working on a WWI crossword puzzle and can’t find these two answers. Cookies for anyone who can help me! :D 1. The German-French border where most of the fighting took place ( _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) 2. Unofficial leader of Germany who came up with the alliances to protect his country ( _...