1. Marcellus

    3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People

    I did the same topic 2x unintentionally, some moderator delete this one, please
  2. A

    Trojan War

    Did the Trojan War actually happen?
  3. Marcellus

    I do not understand the timeline of the Trojan War

    It was at the wedding of Tethys and Peleus that Eris threw the apple, in the same day the three goddesses went to Paris, so that he would choose the most beautiful. 9 or 10 years later, because this is the age given to Hermione when Helen went away, Paris went to Sparta and kidnapped Helen, or...
  4. kdbooklover16

    Facts vs. Fiction of the Trojan War

    Title says it all- I started this thread for a discussion for any truth behind the Trojan War. What have you guys found to be true?
  5. ib-issi

    Was the Trojan War circa 880 BC

    A couple of arguments for the Trojan war being some 300 years later than the traditional 1184 BC date are put forward in a book i am currently reading , i wonder what the forums thoughts are in this regard. 1: According to the 53rd chapter of Euterpe , Herodotus says Homer and Hesiod lived...
  6. heirtothewind

    Historicity of the Trojan War

    Until the archaeological discoveries by Heinrich Schliemann in 1870, the Trojan War [1194 - 1184 BCE] was thought to be mere legend in the works of Homer and Virgil. When Arthur Evans excavated Knossos in 1900, the idea arose that the Trojan War may have been an actual historical event, perhaps...
  7. A

    How do we know about the early stages of the Trojan War

    Hi everyone, I might be saying some things here that sound silly, but I'm not to knowledgeable about Greek history. So I've just started reading Homer's Iliad, which to my surprise begins in the closing stages of the Trojan war, the ninth year of the ten. I thought that most, if not all of our...
  8. A

    Byzantium's view of Atlantis, the trojan wars and others.

    Does anyone wonders what did the Byzantines believed? I mean i got myself thinking"Hmmm, i wondered did the Byzantines ever believed that Atlantis exists or any other strange history, like that they searched the ark of the covenant" i mean i read the Suda or souda a byzantine encyclopedia that...
  9. P

    Greatest military mind to come out of the Trojan War?

    I will confidently assert Odysseus for sheer strategy. Finished what Achilles, Menelaus, and Agammemnon could not after 10 years. Inaugurated a new kind of Trojan War-----that of trickery and using mind games and cunning to outwit the enemy---instead of the brute force of an Achilles or...
  10. Korin

    Histroical Trojan language once and for all

    So it's for sure they spoke Luwian, right? What is the possibility of Lemnian, slim next to none? And there's more chance of Trojans speaking Hittite/Lydian over Lemnian because those languages are in the same group as Luwian, but I think Luwian was their first language and Hittite was spoken...
  11. Korin

    Recommandations for Trojan history books

    Simliar to my Japanese history books topic I made. Is there any good Trojan history book that is all about Troy and Trojan people? Other Anatolian books are welcome as well. like for Luwians/Lydians/Hittites/Cilicians.
  12. Earl_of_Rochester

    No Trojan Horse in the original Iliad?

    Just listening to a podcast and the speaker said the Trojan Horse wasn't in the original Iliad of Homer. Achilles doesn't die and Troy isn't sacked either, many of the famous episodes do not appear in the poems at all. So where do these other stories come from? *Elizabeth Vandiver, PHD.
  13. Korin

    The Real Trojan War

    What was the real Trojan War like, the historical trojans I mean.
  14. Korin

    Trojan Language

    For sure it's either Luwian or Hittite but even Luwian has it traces to Hittite so maybe they spoke both? Trojan language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Historicity of the Iliad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. Widdekind

    Trojan War = ethnic culture clash ?

    Linguistic evidence suggests, that there anciently existed a "Pelasgian" speaking ethnic group, living on and around, the Aegean & Adriatic seas: Troy Imbros, Lemnos, Lesbos Crete, Santorini (Atlantis), Cyprus Attica Epirus Etruria, Rhaetia, Alps Greek historians repeatedly refer, to...
  16. Naomasa298

    The Trojan War took place in... England

    Contrary to common belief, Troy wasn't in what is now Turkey, and it wasn't attacked by Greeks. No, in fact, Troy was in East Anglia. :weird: Troy and the Trojan Wars One for those of you who enjoy whacked out theories. I can imagine the reaction of some previous members of Historum to this...
  17. S

    Ulysses S. Grant and the trojan war?

    So i have been given a cahllenge to find direct links between Ulysses S. Grant and the trojan wars. for example: how did one affect the other. common enemies or allies land or civilizations it affected. any ideas on where to start?
  18. Alcibiades

    Rank heroes of Trojan War

    OP is very clear,though it needs a bit of explaining. The purpose of this thread is to rank heroes from the Trojan Was according to their battle prowess and based on who is the best warrior,AS DEPICTED in Greek mythology.Not just Illiad and Oddyssey,but all other sources which mention this war...
  19. Dreamhunter

    If the Varangian Guard was a Trojan horse of Kievan Rus

    This just occurred to me while browsing through the Spartans vs Vikings thread yesterday. It would have turned quite a few things sideways, upside down and all around, wouldn't it? The first edition of the Varangian Guard, as I understand it, was a wedding gift of sorts from Vladimir I of...
  20. okamido

    Trojan War: Who got what they deserved?

    Of all the players, Achilles, Agamemnon, Helen, Patroclus, Hemithea, Diomedes..........who got what they deserved, be it good or bad....and who got the short end of the stick?