1. Witson

    Alan Gua is daughter of Khoridey-Mergen. True?

    So, according to buryat's legend, Alan Gua was daughter of Khoridey-Mergen, the leader of Khori-Tuemeds and Bargujin Gua, leader of Bargut's daughter. Have you ever heard about it? Of course I ask those who have some knowledge in mongol history or culture.
  2. Maoistic

    Was the Greco-Roman phalanx superior to ancient Chinese formations and tactics?

    This is a very common claim I've found here, in Total War and other forums, that part of the reason why the Roman Empire had a superior army to the Han dynasty is that it either had Greek phalanx formations or defeated Greek phalanx formations in its conquest of Greek states, something that the...
  3. A

    Is this quote about fall of Rome true? In this link the author of the blog says that according to Gibbon, one of the reasons for the fall of Rome was: The rapid increase of divorce, with the undermining of the...
  4. F

    Direct Democracy in the United States?

    How would a direct democracy work in the United States? I like to think there would be only one body (More than likely just called Congress) but would essentially be a smaller senate. These people would just go through most of the decisions but leave all big decisions to the people with a...
  5. Princess Of Manchester

    Do you think the Y Mab Darogan thing was true?

    Do u think the Y Mab Darogan thing was true? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. A

    Communists and No True Scotsman fallacy

    Whenever someone uses Stalinist Russia or Maoist China as an example of a failure of Communism on these boards, someone else says something to the effect of "Those countries weren't really Communists, no country has ever implemented genuine Communism."...
  7. C

    Which Chinese censuses were true and how do we now know?

    In late 1890s, Choson government held a census in Korea... and found under 6 million people. In 1909, the Japanese protectorate held a new census - and found over 13 million people. It is not that Koreans bred like rabbits in 10 years. Nor did 7 million foreigners immigrate to Korea. The...
  8. F

    When "true" or "false" are the right answers, and when they are not.

    When "true" or "false" are the right answers, and when they are not. From a logical point of view, questions need to be answered by "true" or "false". If not regarded as meaningless. But not least for historians this seems to be way too simplistic - or? So often we see some words used slightly...
  9. Imperia

    The West and the ''one true God''

    the West united under the one true God I just watched the series knightfall, in this series the Pope in 1300 wants to unify Europe in a way that "there are no more kings, nobles and nations in Europe. Only the Pope leading Europe united under the one true God. '' I would like to know if there...
  10. Blue

    Would there be more historical legends that would turn out to be true?

    Many of what we consider as facts now were once considered as legends. Some of the examples are Troy in the Illiad, the Minoan Civilization, the Shang Dynasty, etc. The story of the Great Flood is now believed to have come from the rising sea levels after the warming of the Ice Age. Many...
  11. Jake10

    Is it true that anyone can become an online troll?

    That is what this article suggests, but I don't see it being the case. I think a lot of people will just walk away from abusive online encounters and find something more productive to do. I do recall a guy I worked with who turned to trolling, but he had a mood disorder to begin with. So, is...
  12. F

    True History of "Kilroy was here"

    This is a sign that i'd seen before in treasure hunting, but only recently identified it, as well as identifying the history (purpose) behind this Kilroy sign. This sign became quite popular during WW II. The troops saw this sign EVERYWHERE......they even wondered just how-the-hell Kilroy...
  13. Azad67

    Why Indians assume fiction of Padmavati to be true history?

    Judging from the comments on social media after the trailer of the film Padmavati, general Indian people actually believes that the fiction of Padmavat authored by Malik Muhammad Jaisi in 1540, is history (the film director was beaten by Rajputs for making film on their "history" in particular...
  14. T

    Last True Viking?

    Though the Viking Age is often considered to have ended with the death of Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge in 1066 there continued to be men that lived the Viking life style and could be considered the last of the Vikings. So who do you think it is? Harald, his grandson Magnus Barefoot who...
  15. Futurist

    Is it true that Ho Chi Minh wanted to develop N. Vietnam before capturing the South?

    I have heard on that Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap (two very prominent figures in Northern Vietnam) wanted to develop North Vietnam before capturing South Vietnam whereas people such as Le Duan wanted to first conquer South Vietnam. I have also heard that Le Duan's faction...
  16. S

    Jules Verne Sci Fi predictions that came true

    8 Jules Verne Inventions That Came True (Pictures) Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  17. Fomorian8

    The predynastics Ancient Egyptians a sea-faring people?

    The oldest known in-tact well preserved sea-faring vessel is the 'Khufu ship' dated to 2500 BC. There is also the oldest known ship wreck of a sea faring vessel dated to 4,000+ years ago from Turkey...
  18. T

    So it's true the crusaders lost?

    Didnt know this up until very recently. From what Ive read it appears as though the crusaders eventually lost. Im sure theres more to it though. Anyone that knows more care to fill me in?
  19. Lord Zaihus

    Joseph Stalin's brutal actions were caused by his known illness?

    Hello, visitors of this particular topic! I would start by saying that Joseph Stalin was a curious man and brutal, in other words, known in history. But, like the title of my newly thoughtful topic, I'd be glad to have all of our curious thoughts and answers on this specific topic and forum...
  20. M

    Stab in the Back myth of WWI. How true was it ?

    After WWI ended militarist circles , nationalists and far right in Germany suddenly tried to explain their defeat in war and Stab in Back myth (German war effort was sabotaged and betrayed by Home Front by civilians , socialists especially Jews who spread sedition , Bolshevism etc) became very...