1. AssyrianMelodies

    Could Trump lose in a Clement Attlee Styled landslide?

    I believe this is a real possibility despite what some may actually think because I see America as going leftward. Under this idea, I see it as likely that the Social Democrats will take over the Democratic Party in 2020 and use it to defeat Trump in an upset landslide.
  2. tuesdayschild

    Trump calls off NK talks

    I can remember putting on here the fact that North Korea had NEVER kept an agreement, so it is strange that President Trump has called off negotiations due to take place in Singapore on 12 June. What is going down?
  3. Blue

    Trump Brags About Lying to Canadian Prime Minister

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  4. artistauthor

    The Trump visit to the UK

    It now seems fairly likely that President Donald Trump's proposed state visit to the UK(where he could at least claim some descent- his late mother Mary was of Scottish ancestry) will either be a fairly low key affair(NO addressing both houses of Parliament, or dinner with the Queen) or may not...
  5. Abishai1000

    Cromwell's England: Dianetics?

    Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658) was an English military and political leader. He served as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1653 until his death. He was a member of the short-lived Rump Parliament (the Rump Parliament was the English...
  6. A

    Science trumps the Trump

    Here is an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. It is science that separates our democracy from the dictators like Moa, whose good intentions but ignorance lead to the starvation of thousands of Chinese. Trump has denied global warming and wants policies that favor the industries...
  7. artistauthor

    Trump to visit Britain but NOT as a state visit

    It now seems that President(and I use the word advisedly) Donald Trump will indeed visit the UK but NOT as part of an official state visit early next year. All I can say is: GOOD. To dignify this lout's visit with an official state visit would be for the British Government breaking the first...
  8. Valens

    Trump threatens Venezuela with 'military option'

    THREAD CLOSED The rules of Historum do not permit discussion of contemporary politics which is defined as politics post 1991.
  9. Magnate

    Trump in Poland before G20, why?

    Trump aides say he is giving his Warsaw speech at a very specific place, and for a very specific reason. Has Poland become a major power?
  10. Frank81

    Trump's first foreign visit: Saudi Arabia

    Someone expected the opposite? Trump propose an "Arab NATO", whatever is that thing, and also the US gets an astronomical billionaire weapons contract:
  11. Magnate

    Will Trump get kicked out of his office?

    From day one as a president Trump been criticized from all directions. And now with the ex FBI boss memos things are getting worse and there is talks to remove Trump from office. Is it really possible? I read that two thirds of the Congress needs to vote yes to remove him, but for what?
  12. ThePharaoh

    Trump Putin Erdogan Alliance

    What do you think would happen to world in such scenario? Say these trio make an over-the-Nato alliance
  13. Magnate

    Trump vs the world

    So far Trump has been threatening Mexico and Iran and the relationship between Trump and the EU is very bad. He also plans to close down Obama care. He probably done more the past weeks that I've forgot. Is he doing this with purpose to isolate the US?
  14. tuesdayschild

    Trump's election THREAD CLOSED

    Surely, the most significant current event is the election of Donald Trump to the White House. The only thread on here, got blocked. Why? PS no politics,
  15. Aham Brahmasmi

    Donald Trump says US should let Chinese keep the underwater drone they seized Source

    onald Trump has said the US should let the Chinese keep the underwater drone they seized off the coast of the Philippines last week. The president-elect, who used Twitter to condemn the Chinese for seizing the drone in the first place, used the same platform to re-enter the fray later in the...
  16. Kapyong

    The Trump of God at the End of the World

    The Trump of God at the End of the World I just read in the King James Bible this shocking passage about the end of world according to Paul - " For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and The TRUMP of God, and the dead in Christ shall...
  17. AlpinLuke

    Is Trump challenging China?

    [] This can be just nothing or the beginning of a process which will change history [and at planetary global level]. If Mr. Donald Trump made a phone call to a guy at Taiwan ...
  18. notgivenaway

    Trump warming...

    Call this cynical, but it seems like a PR move to me. And to his credit, seems to be working. Donald Trump: Anderson Cooper Says Presidency Will Be an Interesting 4-8 Years Donald Trump 'never drank alcohol' due to brother Freddy's death
  19. Valens

    Trump will likely end US aid to anti-Assad rebels in Syria If true, it could be a game changer in the Syrian conflict. Also:
  20. F

    Trump and Europe

    *Many people in Europe, especially in Germany but also in France, are opposed to the treaty TTIP / TAFTA and other free trade agreements. There is no better way than a victory of Donald Trump in the race for the White House to ensure that a free trade agreement between the United States and...