1. VHS

    The truth about the so-called "Dark Age"

    Until the Renaissance, it was said that European civilizations never reached the level of the Romans in the Medieval period. Interestingly enough, while the Mongols brought massive destruction to existing infrastructures, they also brought in technologies that changed Europe forever. How did...
  2. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    The truth about the welsh that fought Wallace..

    Many scots seem to think the welsh were happy to fight with the English against Wallace but this was far from the case. Wales was at the time fresh from conquest and suffering extreme hardships and slaughter. Many of the Welshmen that come to Scotland with Edward had no choice. One thing for...
  3. R

    Irish and Welsh mythology: truth or fiction?

    Both Ireland and Wales have very rich traditions of myths and legends. Some of these stories are extremely ancient...going back to the misty, earliest Gaelic period...and seem to give enticing hints of real people and events from prehistoric or proto-historic times. Is it possible to extract...
  4. A

    Atlantis: truth or myth?

    Plato refers to Atlantis in his dialogues. He says he got this information from the initiates of ancient Egypt. Plato was a serious writer, so this information must be true. It recalls the migration of the Arias that passed through ancient Egypt and went to Atlantis. In antiquity there were...
  5. truehistoryjunkie

    Hello Everyone-Time for the Truth..

    For years I consumed myself with the wonderful stories of Kings and Queens of England, France, and Spain. I was totally in love with my country (The greatest country to ever grace this planet-America) and then one day I woke up and I found out Christopher Columbus did not discover America...
  6. Oliver Cromwell

    The Truth About The Treaty of Versailles

    At school it is rammed down our throats that the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 was an unbelievably harsh treaty which laid the blame for the outbreak of WWI solely on Germany. The resentment and bitterness created thereby led directly to the rise of Adolf Hitler and therefore, WWII. This crooked...
  7. J

    Interns, Volunteers and Assistants needed for Shades of Truth Theater!

    We need interns, volunteers, and assistants to assist in our productions. We showcase plays that teach about the Black experience in American history. We are looking for secondary and tertiary high school students as well as college students and graduate students. You will receive college...
  8. VHS

    Colonial prosperity vs current poverty: A pure illusion or the partially truth?

    Some may mention that some countries were more prosperous as colonies than as independent states. Let's pick Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. If inflation is taken into account, the GDP per capital at independence might be substantially higher than today. Did...
  9. G

    Biblical historical truth vindications

    This is a history thread/topic not a religion/faith one, nor a(n unfulfilled) prophecy one (except fulfilled prophecy), and it is probably best to not be a creation vs evolution excepting historical/archaeological evidences of Genesis 1+ history. (Personally i do not consider this as speculative...
  10. RomanEmperor

    Is there a chance Paul Bennewitz was telling the truth? What do you guys think about this? I mean what if he wasn't crazy and they just wanted to make him look like he was.
  11. Tsar

    Germany Sent Lenin: Truth or Myth?

    I was never too interested in contemporary history, but this claim is posted very frequently, especially in so-called Eastern Europe. As far as I know German government did know about him going to Russia and did let him through, but was it the mastermind behind this event?
  12. A

    Sky God vs, Earth Mother: Any truth to the Patristic Invader Theory of Religion

    As I understand it, archeologist Marija Gimbutas advanced a theory popular among feminists that in the Neolithic the predominant form of political organization was matriarchy, the religions emphasized nourishing female deities, and people were peaceable. Then came the male marauders, horse...
  13. S

    Female Viking warriors: truth or fiction?

    I was watching the tv series Vikings and they portrayed women going with the men and fighting in the battles. I searched for information if this phenomenon really occurred. I found a lot of contradicting thoughts on this manner. Anybody can shed some light on this?
  14. D

    The truth about Albanian origins

    The truth about Albanian origins - Latest sources revisited In the following few pages, we shall examine the origin of Albanians based on the latest sources. We shall demonstrate that Albanians are not autochthonous, they do not stem from Pelasgians, neither are they Illyrians and even less so...
  15. S

    The Cucumber King of Cambodia; Truth or Fiction?

    There are two legends concerning the succession of the Cambodian throne by a cucumber gardener, who according to the story, killed the last Angkorean king by accident and succeeded him. The first one is the official story told by the Royal Cambodian Chronicles, the second one is the folk...
  16. F

    My story, a warning and a revelation.

    Hi everyone. My name is freethinker78, I am a vegetarian agnostic truthseeking freethinker in the side of goodness and justice currently living in Latin America and experiencing the persecution that is given to truthseekers by hidden forces that probably don't like people who approach too much...
  17. Artaxata

    A spectacular revealing truth about the Armenian Genocide (Documentary)

    Last April the 24th Dutch tv broadcasted a stunning documentary which revealed how to Armenian Genocide took place, and how the Turkish goverment did and still does everything to deny the Armenian Genocide. A spectacular documentary called “Blood Brothers” in which a Turkish-Dutch...
  18. G

    What is the truth behind Thapar's theory on the Somnath legends

    Just heard a Somnath podcast of Romila Thapar. As per her theory no mention of temple destruction in Sanskrit or Jain sources. Persian sources talk about desecration of idol not temple itself. She also mentions different poetic descriptions mentioning the idol in wood, metal, iron etc. inlcuding...
  19. heirtothewind

    Medieval defloration -- truth or fiction?

    The right of the first night — also known as jus primae noctis (law of the first night), droit du seigneur (the lord's right) — has been the subject of scholarly debate for centuries. Examinations of the available records by reputable historians have found no evidence of its existence in law...
  20. P

    Can Truth be Judged by Social Impact?

    I am pondering the topic of truth and its impact on society, and I'm wondering if you can gauge truth based upon social impact. This is from a religion debate (Christianity v. Atheism), but I find the general question very fascinating. The first thing we need to do is to define Truth. My...