1. U

    Anti-Turkish movement by a Japanese nationalist organization in Austria

    There is an anti-Turkish group in Austria run by some Japanese nationalist organization that has been well-known recently on Quora. It was discussed here and here. This group is founded by some Japanese living in Austria called Tanaka Takashi who created the website JapaneseSentry . The main...
  2. Willempie

    Turkey commting assisted economic suicide?

    Today the Lira went to its lowest value. Today started already with a very low rate, then Erdogan gave a speech, which tanked it entirely. At that moment Trump kicked in and added extra tariffs on aluminium and steel for Turkey. My guess he had waited for that exact moment, to make the problems...
  3. ThePharaoh

    Is Anatolia in middle east? (geographically)

    How much percentage of Anatolia is considered in middle east? There is a huge varying opininons and statements about this situation. For example, anatolian antuqity is many times considered as a sub category of "middle eastern antuqity" even though only the easternmost kingdoms were really midde...
  4. N

    Greetings From Turkey!

    Hello, I am nizamialem. I am happy to see people who loves history. When I learned reading, I fell in love with history. Now I am a student and I will always love history. Reading a book about history is necesary for me!
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    If Turkey Joined the Axis 1941

    If the unlikely happened and Turkey allied with Germany in 1941 would it have made a difference in the war? This would open a new front against Russia in the Caucasus and the middle east. Their military contribution would have been minor and would require significant aid from the Germans to be...
  6. Frank81

    Turkey: offensive on Afrin canton, January 2018

    The Turkish army started a massive offensive against the Afrin canton. Attacks are coming from four sides, north, south, east and west, the Turkish air force is bombing all strategic points of the area The Kurds blame Russia and the Syrian government for the situation. I'm pretty sure the...
  7. A

    Should Ankara Promote 'Aliyah' To Turkey?

    The Turkish government has long expressed an interest in boosting Turkey's population numbers. President Erdogan has repeatedly demanded something like a 3-children-family from Turkish women. Nonetheless Turkish birth rates are declining, particularly in the more progressive western part of...
  8. A

    Turkicization of Turkey?

    How “Turkic” is modern-day Turkey? After reading a few articles and books about Ottoman and modern Turkish history, I came away with the understanding that after the conquering of Anatolia and the establishment of the Ottoman Empire by the Seljuk Turks, it was the ruling elites that were of...
  9. F

    Peace at Home Council, The Mystery Council Behind the 2016 Turkish Coup Attempt

    To understand peace at home council, we must first understand where the word Peace at home comes from. Peace at home itself, or in Turkish means “Yurtta Sulh Konseyi” comes from the famous speech Turkey leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on April 20, 1931 during his journey in Anatolia. His remarks...
  10. Eryl Enki

    Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea

    Anyone here drink Turkey tail mushroom tea (Trametes Versicolor)? Last Autumn I came upon a treasure trove of these mushroom in a pine forest. Usually in spring I have hay fever because of my aggressive immune system. But since drinking that tea it seems it has lower my immune aggressiveness and...
  11. P

    Trakia will independence from Turkey?

    Hi, I'm a new user, excuse my english... I'm trying to improve it! In my last visit in Turkey I feel that a lot of people from the west Turkey are against the Erdogan politics, also the people are very different from the rest of the country, they are more european, laic & open. Do you think...
  12. T

    Referandum in Turkey

    Who thinks that the Referendum is good for Turkey? Also if you think that it is not good give reasons why?
  13. T

    Did Atatürk ruin Turkey

    Do you think that Atatürk ruined Turkey? In your opinion do you think after the decline of the Ottoman Empire that Turkey suffered under the rule of Atatürk. I am talking economically, and on the world stage. I believe that in my opinion Atatürk did more damage to Turkey then he did, besides...
  14. T

    Red Head in Turkey

    So this is my cousin. We are trying to find out if he has more Turkish facial features, or if he has more Bosnian or eastern European facial features. I do know that Red hair is not common in Turkey, but people do have it. What are you guys thoughts. Does he look more Turkish or European. We are...
  15. A

    Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated in Ankara.

    Russia's ambassador to Turkey 'shot to death' in Ankara assassination https://twitter.com/agirecudi/status/810886842430132224/photo/1
  16. Excalibur

    Erdogan threatens EU by opening borders

    Erdogan threatens EU by opening borders for migrants. EU stopping accessing Turkey to EU. This guy is worse and worse. He recently expressed an idea of changing borders in Europe (Aegean sea and Bulgaria). Erdogan threatens to open borders after European Parliament vote | News | DW.COM |...
  17. A

    Has USA imposed an unannounced weapon's embargo against Turkey?

    Tolga Tanis, Washington Representative of Daily HÜRRIYET, wrote that USA has refused to deliver 7.62 mm machine guns and special ammo for it to Turkey. ABD ile 7.62 ve Gülen dosyas? | Tolga Tan?? If true and done as a policy, this would signal a tectonic shift in alliance structure in Europe...
  18. V

    Does DNA chart shows Turks were Mongoloid ? (Turkey, Chinese, Mongol , Kazakh, White)

    I feel like DNA charts can really tell us histories that happened 1000 years ago. Turkey was originally called Anatolia and only became Turkic when Central Asian Turks conquered it in the 11th century. The Turkic migrants were a minority but were a elite group, they assimilated every ethnic...
  19. Togan

    Hi from Turkey

    Hi.My name is Fırat.I'm 20.I'm studying at Hacettepe University History Department.My English is not good, sorry.I'm still trying to learn.
  20. K

    Coup in turkey: who did it.

    What is going on in turkey, can somebody please tell me exactly.