1. H

    The turtle ship

    So there's debates over whether the turtle ship had iron plates or not, or what it looked like. I'm not aware of anyone in the English-speaking academia actually going into the information we have. If you look at the actual data you realize that it simply referred to two-decked warships built...
  2. P

    Hello mine turtle !

    This message was generated automatically. Please do not respond. C'mon, I'm joking. Hello to everyone !
  3. H

    The Korean Turtle Ship

    I've been doing some research on the Korean turtle ship. I have found a good number of paintings and drawings, both Korean and Japanese, which depict it. It seems to me that the modern replicas do not match the paintings very well. This is the drawing that all modern reconstructions are based...
  4. Cavanboy

    Turtle Ship or a Galleon?

    Which would be a superior ship for naval warfare? the turtle ship or the Galleon?
  5. Salah

    George Meade - 'the Old Snapping Turtle'

    Born in Spain to American parents, George Meade is best known to history for taking command of the Army of the Potomac just a few days before the Battle of Gettysburg, where he oversaw the Union conduct in what proved to be one of the largest and most decisive battles of the Eastern Theater of...