1. Visigoth Panzer

    Types of Medieval Military Crossbow Bolts

    For medieval military crossbow bolts, what kinds were there? I've heard of bodkin and broadheads, as well as a type I recently found called square-faced bolt heads. These are described as having square-faced heads with four small points, one at each corner of the head, so that they might not...
  2. R

    Body Types of Gladiators

    How would the body type of a gladiator determine the type of fighter he would be? For example, would a secutor be quite a big man? I would like a list of all the different gladiators with their body types please. :)
  3. JoanOfArc007

    Other then the Abrahamic religions, which Religions revere the same people ?

    Judaism, Islam, as well as Christianity speak positively of Abraham, David, and Solomon just to name a few. Do any other religions do this? Perhaps Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism look up to the same people?
  4. civfanatic

    Social Class and its Relation to Using Germanic or Latinate Words in English

    In Anglophone countries such as Britain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, are lower-classes more likely to use words of Germanic or Anglo-Saxon derivation, while upper-class individuals are more likely to use words of Latin derivation? I ask because over 90% of English vocabulary with more than...
  5. V

    Can the different types of Celts be classified

    I'm basically all Scottish, Irish, and Welsh and I've always seen as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The isle of Mann, and Brittany as the Celtic nations but also I hear about Celts being even in Anatolia and all across Europe. I'd like to say i'm a little educated on Celtic history but when i hear...
  6. VHS

    Let's discuss different types of military leaders

    Most people have their moment of brilliance and ineptitude, but some people just fail totally. Generally, a few kinds: 1) Excellent or great most of the time. 2) Consistently good, but nothing outstanding. 3) Mediocre almost all the time. 4) Potentials for the greatest achievements and the...
  7. O

    What types of gladiators had advantages over what types?

    I've heard that records of Roman gladiators show that certain types of gladiators (with certain armaments) would usually win over other types like some kind of human pokemon matchup.
  8. A

    Different types of Bibles.

    I always wanted to know the bibles that have been read or used from throughout the middle-ages to the renaissance from eastern and western europe, middle-east, north Africa and Ethiopia. We all know that these books can only be found in churches, monasteries, and palaces. But what about the...
  9. The merchant of Venice

    What types of traits are favoured regarding reproduction in western societies?

    It looks to me that in the modern west the ambient selection is pretty secondary, if not completely irrelevant. But on the other hand, when it comes to sexual selection, things are probably getting more complex than in the past. Today, the number of children doesn't seem to be correlated to...
  10. W

    Types of cohorts used in post-marian army?

    What types of cohorts was there and how many were used in an army? I understand that it depended on the army, but was there a norm and did it depend on the region? I know that Pompey used Evocati cohorts in his army, but that's all I've read about a special kind of cohort (except for cohortes...
  11. Jake10

    Examples of different types of poisons used throughout history

    In China, gu poison was made by placing venomous creatures such as snakes, spiders, scorpions and toads in a pot. The animal that survived was considered the most noxious for having absorbed the poison of the others, so its feces were used to kill people. When it was time to assassinate someone...
  12. redcoat

    British and Canadian tank strengths and types Normandy 22 June 1944

    Found this web-page while digging for some info on a related matter, some of you might find it interesting 21st Army Group Tank Strengths - June 1944
  13. Salah

    Types of Gladiator

    The origins of Imperial Rome’s infamous blood-sports has been a source of debate for historians – many are currently of the opinion that gladiatorial combat was a bloated perversion of an Etruscan funerary ritual. But no one could deny that, by the lifetime of Julius Caesar, staged...
  14. Salah

    Islamic troop types during the Crusades and Mongol Wars

    This is a glossary I wrote several years ago, detailing (in brief) the major units/troop types found in Islamic armies during the 11th - 14th Centuries CE. Hopefully it will be of interest to somebody:) Muslim Troop Types, c. 1055 – 1517 AD JM, Thursday, July 16th, 2009 Abna...
  15. The Imperial

    Types of Maces

    It is getting a little boring here on Historum, hope this doesnt get gobbled and lost forever in the boredom too! Ok. Here will be a pictures and description thread on maces. Maces are like 'honey-combs on a stick' like weapons, usually used against heavy units in armies. Many cultures...
  16. corrocamino

    Personality types and blogs

    Obviously we find at Historum a variety of personalities. Which Myers Briggs type are you, and how do you interrelate with other types at Historum? You can determine your type here: http://www.personalitypathways.com/16-personality-types.html