1. T

    LIncoln was a white supremists

    MOD EDIT: Redacted
  2. 1stvermont

    Was Lincoln a Tyrant?

    Lincoln the Tyrant “Dictatorship played a decisive role in the north's successful effort to maintain the union by force of arms... one man was the government of the united states...Lincoln was a great dictator... this great constitutional dictator was self appointed” -Historian Clinton...
  3. Azad67

    Tipu Sultan: Tiger or tyrant? --- by William Dalrymple

    By William Dalrymple The battlelines are drawn in Karnataka over the Siddaramaiah government’s decision to celebrate November 10 as Tipu Jayanti. But what’s the truth about the ‘Tiger of Mysore’? Author and historian William Dalrymple elaborates... In 1791, the Swami of Sringeri Math...
  4. gladiatrice

    Louis XIV: Great King or Tyrant?

    Louis XIV is easily one of the most recognisable figures in French history, if not world history. In his 70+ year reign, he forged France into one of the greatest countries in the world, the formidable foe of Europe. Even his sobriquets emanate greatness: Louis le Grand, Louis Dieudonné, and of...
  5. Lawnmowerman

    Did a Jousting accident turn Henry VIII into a tyrant

    In 1536 Henry VIII was knocked unconscious in a jousting tournament, afterwards his behavior changed and he became far more paranoid and ruthless. Did this accident change his behavior or was he just being a normal medieval monarch. The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant -...
  6. Chanakya

    Most tyrant colonial power

    Colonialism was dark reality for most colonies & its inhabitants. Rail roads to carry the plundered resources shouldn't be termed as development of natives. Colonial powers were seldom kind rulers, rather being tyrant can be described as one of the common traits among the colonial powers...
  7. The Cell

    If God exists, he is a tyrant???

    The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential...
  8. Valens

    Caligula - Despotic tyrant or misunderstood and denigrated ruler.

    This is my first post and I have chosen it to be about a topic that I was very much interested recently. I spent much time reading and searching about the Julio-Claudians, Rome's first imperial family. While Augustus was deified and celebrated throughout history as one of the greatest and...
  9. V

    If an individual with authority eradicates neo-nazis, will that make him Hitler?

    Imagine, if an authoritarian party got elected. And the leader of the party eradicates neo-nazis due to their violence, stupidity, and the way they contaminate the country's name. That Indiviual blames all current problems on neo-nazis, but he may place strict migration laws. The government then...
  10. jeroenrottgering

    Is it just that popular media portrays King George III as a tyrant (US) and a madman?

    My knowledge about George III is limited, I have seen the madness of King George and moves such as the Patriot and George III is always portrayed in bad light. My question to you fellow historumites, is this just? Or should king George be remember for much more noticeable accomplishments? Please...
  11. J

    Peisistratos--early Bolshevik?

    I'm trying to understand this phenomenon of the "tyrant" in ancient Greece. In modern speech, of course, it has a purely negative connotation, but what did it represent then? Were these populist demagogues? Early Bolsheviks? There is probably no single answer. But clearly, Peisistratos' reforms...
  12. CathareHeretic

    Monsieur Robespierre the First Modern tyrant or the Incorruptible?

    Maximillien Robespierre Leader of the French Republic and Committee of Public Safety its ideal Freedom, equality, human rights, a pure Republic virgin of corruption or men are free to think, to write and speak ( but paradoxically not Women) Maximilien Robespierre is one of the most...
  13. Darth Roach

    How do we define a tyranny?

    How do we define tyrants and tyrannies? The cheesy description "eastern tyranny versus western freedom" is applied to the Greek-Persian wars so often it has become cheesy and amusing. Especially so if you consider the fact that there were city states ruled by a narrow class of elites, or even...
  14. Semjax

    Napoleon: Traitorous Tyrant, or Revolutionary Idealist?

    Napoleon is known as one of the largest tyrants in history due to his unforgiving nature and indomitable spirit, However what truly is never answered is...Is he truly a Traitorous Tyrant or a Revolutionary Idealist. There were many tyrants in the world whom did far worse then he did, look at...
  15. R

    Augustus- Tyrant or benevolent statesman?

    Was Augustus an evil tyrant deviously and quietly dismantling Roman liberty? Or was he indeed a benevolent statesman who, first among equals, shared power with Roman senators and had the consent of the Roman people?
  16. Inc

    St. Bartolomew's Day Massacre

    Paris. 1572. Catholic mobs go on a rampage lasting several weeks, murdering thousands of Protestants. But how many? Estimates seem to range from 5,000 to 30,000. That's a wide range. I'm wondering; a) Why there's such big differences in estimates for this event - after all, it occured in 1572...
  17. Nick

    The death of King Herod

    After massacring the children of Bethlehem Herod supposedly went mad and died raving while his bowels rotted. What caused this? Was it a disease? Poison? Or divine punishment?
  18. R

    Julius Caesar~ Brilliant leader, or tyrant?

    Was Julius Caesar a brilliant general and leader? Or was he a true enemy of Rome?
  19. L

    Caligula vs Nero

    Who was more evil? Caligula or Nero?
  20. Nick

    The jousting accident that changed Henry's personality

    Does anyone know the name of the book that inspired the TV series Inside the Body of Henry VIII?