1. AlpinLuke

    Aliens attacked!

    [And I don't mean Mexicans] So ... all these threads about ancient aliens have made me think to a speculative scenario: aliens attacked the earth in the far past. Let's say in ancient Egyptian age. Obviously aliens would have conquered this planet. But ... to do what? This is the question...
  2. auralor

    Rollerderby name was SheWolf

    I'm grateful to the good human who invited me here. Grew up both severe farms and suburb, a tomboy. father a musician, mother: nurse. Oldest of 4, I became the "little mother when he left the Summer I turned 10. So this is going to sound weird. (Maybe not, to some.) I used to see beings like...
  3. Belloc

    Nuremburg 1561 UFO "Battle" Debunked

    Ancient Aliens debunked once again. Nuremburg 1561 UFO "Battle" Debunked - YouTube Nuremburg 1561 UFO ?Battle? Debunked | Ancient Aliens Debunked
  4. davu

    The Huffington Post -- UFO's -- Leslie Kean

    Leslie Kean: UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base Leslie Kean: UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base draw your own conclusions ----
  5. Merzin Tavaria

    UFO Religion?

    Does the UFO religion really exist? Why do people follow it? Do people who believe in this religion think that god is an Extra Terrestrial form?
  6. Cavanboy

    Need help identifying UFO

    Last night when I was laying in bed looking out the window at the stars in the night sky I moved my eyes over to a certain cluster of what I perceived to be just stars, then all of a sudden one of them started moving across and then diagonally straight down, it Cleared my field of view within...
  7. D

    The truth is out there about UFO in Baltic Sea, Swedish scientists say

    The truth is out there about UFO in Baltic Sea, Swedish scientists say | Fox News I myself thinks it may have been a some kind of experimental craft of Hitlers maybe another type HO 2-29 http://news.national...hter-plane.html
  8. CIowa

    UFO in the baltic?

    Shipwreck hunters find mysterious UFO-like object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea | Mail Online I think it's likely one of these (and in this order). The product of equipment error. The remains of a man made craft (or multiple crafts). The remains of a man made stone circle from a time when...
  9. Lawnmowerman

    UFO's in History

    There have been many UFO sightings in history. the 2 most notable being a mass sighting in Nurenburg in 1561 and a similar event that took place in India. (can't seem to find any sources for this) A woodcut of the Nurenburg sighting in which the UFO's appeared to fight each other. Are...
  10. K

    New film to detail first widely reported ufo kidnapping

    BETTY AND BARNEY HILL’S ALIEN ABDUCTION 'Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the reported UFO kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire, [Bryce] Zabel, a former president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the organization that produces the Primetime Emmy Awards)...
  11. Born Belligerent

    Why are most UFOs seen in USA?

    UFO Sighting Reports - USA
  12. Belloc

    Siege of Syburg of 776 = UFO?

    Recently it's come to my attention that one claim about "ancient UFOs" involves the siege of Syburg in 776 A.D. It took me a while to find a legitimate source on this, but find I eventually did. This is from the Annals of the Kingdom of the Franks: So what are we to make of this account?
  13. davu

    Proof of U.F.O.'s - Our American Military

    http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS166901+15-Sep-2010+PRN20100915 what can you say:eek: just look at the crediantials of the authors and the supporters of this news items from Reuters GLOVES ARE OFF WHO: Dwynne Arneson, USAF Lt. Col. Ret., communications center officer-in-charge Bruce...
  14. wittgenstein


    First let me say that it was difficult to decide where to put this thread. The following is a news article. I am very skeptical about extraordinary claims. If someone said that their was a mouse in the next room I would require little proof. But if they said an elephant was in the next room I'd...