1. T

    Does one need to study Greek culture and history to fully understand the Romans?

    Simple question! I want to do an in depth study of the Romans and I know they have alot of influence from the Greeks. I am unsure of what starting point or how deep I need to dig into the Greeks to understand. Vitam Impendere Vero
  2. maTiasddsm

    Help me understand the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

    In a couple of days, it’s going to be the 75th anniversary of the uprising. A couple of years ago, I saw that movie “The pianist” (great movie, in my opinion). And it left me thinking about that scene of the guy watching from his window, a battle that lasted long days. It’s a very little part...
  3. DaveK

    Battles in History go over my head - Help me understand

    So I do a lot of reading and (podcast) listening about history and occasionally documentary watching. Much of what I am looking at right now is ancient and Medeivel history. When it gets to "the battle of X," which I know is very important, my brain just goes on 'ignore.' for some reason. I...
  4. Wenge

    I do not understand

    I will never understand how Lincoln can be thought of as the greatest American president when he effectively did nothing except to cause the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans when diplomacy would have been better served. Franklin Roosevelt did far more for the country without the death and...
  5. B

    How to understand Hegel?

    Is it possible for someone who has no academic background in philosophy to understand Hegel's works and philosophical system? Lately, I have been very interested in his political and philosophical writings due to the widespread influence they have exercised over the social sciences. I started...
  6. B

    Is this the key to understand the origin of the early Indoeuropeans?

    My claims: - Proto-Indoeuropeans were a part of the Balkan/Easteuropean Culture Horizon, they shared the same believes, symbolism(Swastika), Art (Pottery), religious beliefs (Houseburning), technology (metallurgy and they spread this whole package up to China around 3500 bc(see The diffusion...
  7. Marcellus

    I do not understand the timeline of the Trojan War

    It was at the wedding of Tethys and Peleus that Eris threw the apple, in the same day the three goddesses went to Paris, so that he would choose the most beautiful. 9 or 10 years later, because this is the age given to Hermione when Helen went away, Paris went to Sparta and kidnapped Helen, or...
  8. I

    Can someone help me see why Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" is considered a great poem?

    Can someone help me see why Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" is considered a great poem? I just stumbled on this poem as I was reading something on American literature from that time period and I'm both amazed and slightly amused by how terribly bad it is. I was always vaguely aware of Ginsberg's work...
  9. RomaVictrix

    Why did Yamato Japan aid Korea's Baekje against Silla and Tang-dynasty China?

    [I originally posted this thread at the TWC forums.] I honestly don't understand what the Japanese (Empress Saimei and her successor Emperor Tenji) had to gain in helping Buyeo Pung in his attempt to restore the Korean Baekje Kingdom after its fall to the joint forces of Korean Silla and Tang...
  10. I

    Any reference to understand the Anglo-Ashanti wars?

    I just want to read something related to Anglo-Ashanti wars / campaign comprising the five wars involved in this campaign. Not neccesary to be a thesis or an exhaustive analysis of this conflict, I am only an occasional reader so I want to understand this campaign, just the basics. Could be...
  11. Ancientgeezer

    Do you understand the British?

    Do you really understand the British? http://youtu.be/KdFzMLZAXEM
  12. V

    So,I don't understand Christianity.

    Basically,Jesus is called Son of God right?He also cried calling God when he was on the cross.So why do Christians worship Jesus and think Jesus is the saviour instead of the God?
  13. Jake10

    Do people in government understand the general population?

    Are the lifestyles too different for those who govern to really comprehend most of the people in their nations? When Rulers Can?t Understand the Ruled « News from The Johns Hopkins University
  14. D

    Help me understand Prussia

    I just don't get what Prussia is/was. Was it an Independant nation? Or a self governing region in a larger nation? Was it part of the Holy Roman Empire? Was it part of Hitlers Germany? Can someone help a clueless/brainless noob out here:D
  15. HistoryFreak1912

    Help me understand the Spanish Civil War

    OK, so apparently Spain had a civil war between 1936 to 1939 between the Spanish Republicans versus General Francisco Franco and his Nationalist forces, and he won. What happened to spark the civil war? Why did Franco apparently think the Second Spanish Republic wasn't working, enough to...
  16. B

    Things I don't understand about Charles I

    Wasn't the handsome young Buckingham thought to be James I's lover? Why did Charles I retain him. Sacking or executing him would have been a popular move. What was Charles' intentions with his high church or Aminian policy? Was he trying to reintroduce Roman Catholicism? Did many protestants...
  17. Widdekind

    trying to understand Irish origins (?)

    simplistic summary proto-Celts = continent vs. proto-Basques = coasts 4th millennium BC -- "Old Europe" w/o any IE languages (?) http://www.eupedia.com/images/content/late_neolithic_europe.gif proto-IE (??) 2900-2400 BC -- Corded Ware culture ----> proto-Balto-Slavic (eastern Euro.) ---->...
  18. SafavideIrani

    A old Persian dialect barely understood by other Persians

    The Zoroastrian communities of Yazd and Kerman speak a Persian dialect called ''Dari'' (Not the same as the Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan) which is also known as Gabri, something tells me that ''Dari'' is a Arabized version of it, since Arabs can not say ''G''. The language is probably...
  19. M

    I want to better understand the actions of Tiberius Gracchus

    Reading through this page I had my (amateurish) understanding of the period of Tiberius Gracchus flipped on its head and thoroughly devastated. My understanding of the period had been that, over the centuries, as the Roman state won its wars and acquired territory, this territory was then...
  20. matozoa

    Stalin: Did he understand English?

    Recently I found this rather interesting article. In it Roosevelt's son claims that Stalin actually understood English rather well, but it was kept as a secret so that he would have advantages at their conferences and things. Lakeland Ledger - Google News Archive Search Do any of you guys know...