1. TrueHistory77

    Were Italians unfairly portrayed in World War Two?

    Were Italians unfairly portrayed in WW2 and after the war? If so, why?
  2. T

    Unfairly Maligned Historical Figures

    What people do you think don't deserve their modern bad reputations? I was thinking specific people, but feel free to name groups/cultures as well. One whom I think definitely got the short end of the stick reputation wise is Vlad III Tepes aka Dracula. In Romania he is a national hero and was...
  3. Mike Lynch

    Does The British Empire Get A Bad Rap?

    First, I'd like to make it clear that I am not a "fanboy" of the British Empire. I am quite aware that many less than honorable occurrences came to pass under their rule. That being said, it seems that it is only the bad that we choose to remember, and not the good. In my opinion, the British...
  4. G

    Who were the most unfairly treated by whites?

    Who do you reckon were the most unfairly treated by white colons/oppressors/invaders*... ?? * god damn you name it!
  5. SirOrmondeWinter

    Is Jimmy Carter unfairly maligned?

    He's been in the news a lot more recently following the success of Argo. Over the years his administration has become a byword for malaise and indecision but is that fair? By all accounts Carter was an very clever man, had a degree in nuclear engineering and would probably have been an admiral...
  6. C

    Was Outer Manchuria unfairly taken away from the Chinese???

    Outer Manchuria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it was basically an unfair treaty signed between Qing China and Imperial Russia, China lost acces to the sea of Japan wich is a strategic location, The Russians gained territory about the size of Iran without a fight... yeah at the same time...