1. L

    Uniform Identification Help

    Hi all, I have a portrait of my GG grandfather in an army uniform and was wondering if anyone out there could help identify approx when it’s from. I know for a fact he served in the Boer War (2nd) and maybe served in the US during WW1 as I’ve a record for him at Camp Upton in Long Island from...
  2. F

    Which Russian Empire uniform is it?

    Dear history friends! Can anyone recognise in which regiment these Russian Empire soldiers were? Picture was taken in photo salon of K. Śledzińska Company in Łomża, Poland. It was founded in 1905, so picture is not older than this date. Also maybe someone can recognise...
  3. Moros

    Identify Uniform

    Can anyone identify this uniform? The photo is dated June 1911, and has something to do with the Coronation of George V in London. Thanks.
  4. E

    Trying to identify austrian-hungarian uniform

    Hi, can someone help me with the identification of this austrian-hungarian uniform from World War I? From what I know he should be some kind of medical officer.
  5. T

    Trying to identify German Uniform

    Good evening all, I am doing a bunch of genealogical work, and scanned this photo of a man in a German uniform. He served in the German army during WW1, and probably served later on as well. Is anybody able to help identify what type of soldier he was? I was told he was an officer of some kind...
  6. A

    Help in identifying a uniform please?

    I recently came across this photograph of a family member, whose original nationality is a hotly disputed case amidst us. I believe that - by identifying where he served through figuring out what uniform this is - we'd be able to more accurately pinpoint where he was truly from. Thanks in...
  7. U

    Which army uniform is it?

    Hello. Can you help me identify which army uniform this is? (see the attached photo of a painting). My current best guess is that it is a french cavalry uniform from the early 1800 - maybe a Napoleonic hussar uniform. However, the colors and other details of the uniform does not seem to be...
  8. S

    Help Identifying Uniform

    Hi Everyone! Newbie here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I admit, I am totally out of my league here, but was hopeful that someone could help, or steer me to a website. I have researched this, and all I can find is info about the frame. The photo has me stumped. Not even sure...
  9. Socrates of Athens

    Ashigaru straw coats?

    Did spear wielding Ashigaru ever wear peasant straw coats in the Warring States/Sengoku period of Japan? I have seen pictures of gunners them, but few of spear wielding infantry with straw coats. Any information about Ashigaru swearing straw coats?
  10. E

    Which army uniform is it?

    Hello. My great grandmother Laura kohn was born in 1894 to a Jewish German family that lived in Munich. I found a photo of her in days near world war 1 with her siblings. One of them (his name was probably Heini or Oscar )wears uniform. Which army had this uniform? (Austro Hungarian/ German etc...
  11. jgrooms

    US Army WWI Uniform Clues

    Ok I have another one to go along w my 10th mtn question. This relative is way off the tree & I know very little about him. But we have this great photo! From this we see he is a Lt & MD. A doctor after service we have a record. Can anyone zero in on a date for this photo by uniform details...
  12. Y

    Officer water color dated 1844

    Does anyone know what type of uniform this is?
  13. H

    Trying to place time period of military uniform for a history class

    I'm trying to place the time period this uniform came from, for a museum studies course I'm taking. They have it marked as Spanish American war, but the folks who did that have left and we cannot find the paperwork that supports that claim. Can anyone tell me anything about this type of...
  14. A

    WW1 Soldier Regimental Uniform Help

    This is my first post. My great-grandfather served in WW1 but we don't know his regiment. We only have 1 photo of him but can't find his regiment but he has an unusual ammunition belt and pads on his trousers. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! Adam
  15. R

    Uniform ID, Belgian? Taken in France 1923 +/-

    Hi, I am researching ancestry. I am trying to identify the man in this pic, as well as the origin and unit of the uniform. Pic was taken in Sarrebourg, Fr in about 1923. After much research, I am beginning to think it may not be a French uniform, as I have stumped many in France regarding it...
  16. D

    Military uniform or not

    Hi I joined because I found an old (pre-1860 Carte de Visite) photograph of a relation in uniform. If I have the right information, he died in 1858 aged 69 so I assume this photograph was taken in the early 1850s although I was informed that Carte de Visite type photographs didn't begin until...
  17. D

    Question about military regiment uniform

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this - if so I do apologise - but I have a question that I have wanted an answer to for some time, and having come across this forum I figured it would be the right place to ask. I have been looking into my family tree over the past...
  18. S

    Please help identify this Victorian's military uniform

    Good evening all, Can anybody help me identify the regiment and/or rank of the chap in this portrait? I think he might be a dragoon but would appreciate the help of those that are more knowledgable than myself. Many thanks in advance, SilburyHill
  19. C

    European Military Uniform Identification

    I would like help in identifying the uniform my ancestor is wearing in this photo. Our oral history is that "he was in the Prussian Army". We do not know if that is true and what period of time it would have been. Does anybody have any ideas? PeterGrotePrussia089.jpg
  20. ez123

    Help ID WWII uniform and plane

    I was hoping somebody could tell me something about two old photos of my great uncle from WWII. I had been told he flew a P-51 in WWII, but his online enlistment record showed he had only 3 years of college and joined the National Guard Field Artillery. (However it also lists his career as...