1. Visigoth Panzer

    Austrian Union with Germany 1918

    I've been reading a book about Austria in which it states that a meeting between the Austrian and German Emperors concluded with a pledge to form a union between the two; in which there would be a joint military and customs union. This would have effectively turned Austria into a puppet state...
  2. Maoistic

    Ottoman Empire vs. Iberian Union

    As the thread of the Spanish Empire vs the Ottoman Empire keeps running in circles and the same addressed arguments get repeated, I decided to make this thread to avoid further confusion and focus entirely on one goal post. This is exclusively between the Ottoman Empire and the Spanish Empire...
  3. Le Hoang

    Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Shang: state or union tribes?

    Some people said that First Dynasty of Egyptians is first nation of human and they created first soldier,too.Like Egyptians,some researchers believed that SHang is first nation in Far East but is it right? Firstly,we must give some different between a nation(like Sparta) and a tribe(as Indian...
  4. M

    Were there any Southerners who fought for Union during Civil War ?

    Whenever I look at US Civil War history it appears like Confederacy was one solid block of South and Union was complately from North. Was it like tht or were there individuals/communities who fought for North/South vice versa despite their ancestral origins do not belong there ? Were there any...
  5. jameen

    US arms race with Soviet Union

    How come that the US did not become bankrupt like the Soviet Union during its arms race with the latter during the Cold War? how come the US maintain the good quality of life unlike the Soviet Union when having an arms race?
  6. Futurist

    Russia regathers a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    What if Russia would have regathered a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union? What effects would this have on present-day Russia? Also, for the record, the scenario that I am thinking of here is having Hitler get killed in 1923. Thus, here is no World War II and no...
  7. grey fox

    Did Confederate batteries on Lookout Mountain shoot Union ships on TN River?

    Yesterday I toured the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN for the first time since I was 11 years old over a quarter of a century ago. The National Park Service calls the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain "Point Park." At Point Park, there is a plaque that...
  8. Futurist

    Did the Soviet Union make a big deal about the Soviet-Polish border in 1921-1938?

    Did the Soviet Union make a big deal about the Soviet-Polish border between 1921 and 1938? Basically, I know that Germany made an extremely massive fuss about its border with Poland in the interwar era, but I don't know if the Soviet Union likewise made a big fuss about its own border with...
  9. PoochieMoo

    Union Rifle...?

    I got a case with some authentic civil war bullets in it, and they’re labeled on the back. It looks exactly like this: Union - Musket Ball - Sharps. Obviously, the last two are from a musket and a sharps rifle, but what is the one labeled union? What kind of gun was that from? It looks like a...
  10. notgivenaway

    Future Africa (in the next hundred years)

    I feel this may happen: Nigeria splits into a Yoruba/Igbo south and a Muslim north. This may be a settlement to contain Boko Haram, and the surrounding Christian countries may form a defensive alliance should northern Nigeria seek to invade. With the re-emergence of slavery in Libya and other...
  11. Karl XII

    How exactly did the soviet union field enough troops to outnumber the axis?

    Now the soviet union obviously had a much larger population than germany but there were 3 things preventing them from reaching their full potential. 1. During operation barbarossa they lost millions of troops 2. By november 1941 large portions of the soviet union had been occupied rendering...
  12. C

    Confederate States and Union debts

    In 1860, Union had a Federal debt of about US$ 65 millions. Some of the United States seceded from Union beginning from 20th of December, 1860, and formed Confederate States by ratification of Confederate Constitution by first 5 Confederate States on 26th of March, 1861. Did any of the seceded...
  13. T

    Union strategy for Civil War

    Discuss the Union strategy for the Civil War. What was Lincoln’s strategy? How was the Union successful in implementing its war plans?
  14. Jake10

    Why did Zaldivar and Diaz oppose the Central American Union?

    Rafael Zaldivar was in agreement at first, but then he backed out and sought help from Diaz to oppose the union. What made him change his mind? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justo_Rufino_Barrios
  15. Imperia

    The union of all races

    Nazi Germany and imperial Japan as other nations had the ideology of the "pure race." Nazi Germany with the Aryan white race and imperial Japan with pure (Asian) yellow, both as an example, dealt with the idea that a race was pure without miscegention . I would like to know if there is any real...
  16. N

    What if the Soviet Union Split Japan into 2 after WW2?

    When the Soviet Union invaded Japanese Manchuria in late 45 after the first bomb dropped, their goal was to seize as much land as possible and do as much as they can to spread communism. Lets say they invaded mainland Japan and made it almost all the way to Tokyo. Would we see a North and South...
  17. Futurist

    Would the Soviet Union have collapsed if it wasn't for World War II?

    Would the Soviet Union have collapsed if it wasn't for World War II? Specifically, I am wondering if the Soviet Union would have survived if it wouldn't have lost 27 million lives--including presumably those of some men who could have become talented Soviet politicians later on--as a result of...
  18. K

    Union of Central Africa

    Qin Shi Huang united all of the many Chinese states into one national order that lasted to modern day. Was there any leadership, nation, tribe, or a method to have a united Africa or a united regional Africa?
  19. VHS

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has always been an intriguing topic, and I know a history professor who has been repetitively interviewed for current events in Ukraine and Russia. I refuse to give his name here; I usually don't reveal my full identity. How was governance under...
  20. Dayton Lavon Kitchens

    Who In The Soviet Union Opposed Gorbachev?

    Most World War Three scenarios toward the end of the Cold War are dependent upon Mikhail Gorbachev being overthrown. Were there any Soviet leaders in the 1988-1991 time frame who might realistically have plotted to overthrow Gorbachev?