1. Q

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Rome......

    If we were to trace the legacy of Rome, from ancient times to the modern, what paths could it take? Zeroeth Rome: Athens? 1st Rome: Rome. The original one 2nd Rome: Byzantium/Constantinople 3rd Rome: For me, instead of one linear path, the paths diverge here into two separate directions...
  2. Child of Dragon

    Do you think that the US aggressively preventing Vietnam reunification justified?

    Have the US not created South Vietnam in 1955 and prevented the expected general election in 1956, the Vietnam War would have never happened. Do you think that it is better if 58000 Americans and 1 millions Vietnamese are still alive?
  3. USA Statue of Liberty

    USA Statue of Liberty

    USA Statue of Liberty
  4. VHS

    If both China and the USA are both ethnically Chinese

    In a few webnovels and one printed short story named 西洋 (The Occidental) by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), the territories of China and USA are under ethnic Chinese. For the webnovels, colonists from the rejuvenated Han Dynasty colonized North America...
  5. C

    Flights of USA treasurers

    I found mentions of 4 different Treasurers of United States of America who fled within 12 years in Gilt Age with their respective State Treasuries Isaac Vincent, Treasurer of Alabama, fled in 1883 with Treasury of about US$ 200 000 Honest Dick Tate, Treasurer of Kentucky, fled in 1888 with...
  6. B

    The USA Terror; did it happen?

    Following the French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and (as far as I can recall) any significant revolution, a political and social ‘terror’ took place. This often involved harsh repercussions against anyone seen to be ‘anti-revolution’ as well as a general purge of...
  7. A

    Questions on the Puritans

    1. Was the population growth rate of the Puritans absurdly high, or was it average for the time? 2. What political effects did the Puritans actually have on New England long term? Puritans are blamed for a lot of cultural and political ideas, but New England was the most liberal part of the...
  8. J

    Does Democracy Really Exist in the elections of the USA? An interesting video

    PJy8vTu66tE Who was/were historically the responsible for the creation of such really bad system? It is not a real democracy, but a puppet theater of big companies. Are there any serious people or pressure groups who fight against this unfair system? Share you opinion!
  9. Futurist

    Was Russia more humane to Siberians & C. Asians than USA was to Indians?

    Was Russia more humane to Siberians and Central Asians when it settled their territories with ethnic Russians than the U.S. was when it settled various Native American lands with White settlers? Also, how humane was the French settlement in Algeria in comparison to the Russian and U.S. examples...
  10. E

    USA fails right away, reverts back to separate colonies.

    When the US first acquired independence many Europeans expected the American experiment to fail. What if it did and after four years of the Constitution things weren't working(let's say there was another less effective President because Washington opted to retire) and the Union was dissolved in...
  11. M

    Industrial Revolution in USA, social questions and comparison wie Europe

    I am interested in the question about the industrial revolution in the USA, especially from the social point of view and differences in the development in comparison to Europe, especially with GB, F and and Germany. Would you agree that there were stronger union and workers movements in Europe...
  12. M

    When and if did the bald eagle become the national bird of the USA?

    Many sources describe the bald eagle as the national bird of the United States of America. In order to become the national bird, or tree, or flower, or other national symbol, something has to be officially proclaimed the national symbol at a specific date in time by a specific act of...
  13. O

    USA spies in the Third Reich

    I heard on NPR years ago when the USA government was believing that within a few years WWII might be coming they infiltrated numbers of American agents into Germany who could pass as ordinary Germans. After the war they were interviewed and had known nothing of the holocaust until after the war...
  14. notgivenaway

    Why exactly was the USA isolationist pre-WWII?

    Yes, I get that it was a European war, and it was wise not to get dragged in. But then if Hitler defeated the British and Soviets, the USA was next. Why? Because Hitler despised liberal democracy and communism. And whilst he respected the British Empire, like the USA it was a long-standing...
  15. Murffy

    Women's/Girls Sports 1920s-1960s USA

    Doing some research for a novel, I was talking to my stepdad about sports opportunities for girls and women in schools during the 50s. He went to Carlton College in Minnesota during the 50s. He said there wasn't much for women's sports then but, when his mother attended in the 20s, the college...
  16. General Winter

    How Great Britain and the USA lost the victory in World War II.

    These days, when a shocking number of people on this planet possess only the most primitive grasp of the history of World War II and devoutly believe that in that great confrontation, the US and Great Britain defeated some kind of general “totalitarianism,” many are alarmed by any hint of a...
  17. K

    Hakka immigration to USA during Qing era?

    Does anyone have info on what numbers of Chinese living in the mainland USA (not territories like Hawaii) up to the end of the Qing era were of Hakka origin, and what (if any) areas had grouped Hakka communities? I've heard that they were always a minority compared to Punti people, but I did...
  18. O

    1851, space aliens take over USA

    Suppose space aliens take over the USA in 1851? They tell all the slaves each has two choices. If they complain about them they'll be sorry. One, they can be freed but sent to Africa in or near Liberia, and never allowed back. Two, the can remain as they are. What do you think most slaves...
  19. D

    [Question] USA railways

    Hello :) Just two questions: 1. How did people buy railway tickets in USA in 50s,60s and 70s? Surely at the station, but did a conductor sell tickets as well? 2. If not, then when did the conductors start selling tickets? Does anyone know? I'd be grateful for your answers :)
  20. O

    After Pearl Harbor Hitler tries to avoid war with USA

    Suppose Hitler states that he wants no war with the USA, Germany has enough on its plate already, and the USA has better uses for war material than shipping it to the UK and the USSR, though Germany will not provoke the USA more than it had been doing, and maybe even less, at sea.