1. Visigoth Panzer

    Thrown Melee Weapons Useless against Heavy Armor/Shields?

    Are thrown melee weapons (axes, daggers, javelins/spears) largely useless against heavy armor and shields? A notable exception being the Pilum against wooden shields. What about thrown maces, could they be of use?
  2. analysis17456

    When humans become lazy and useless?

    Just a thread for an entertaining discussion. What are your opinions? What I mean is: "The history of the Z'vali is a tale of technology gone wrong. An intelligent bipedal race born on a cozy, resource-rich world, the Z'vali developed advanced computer systems long before they discovered any...
  3. F

    1934 The night long knives useless?

    By looking again at the masterpiece of Viscomti "the damned" and its famous scene on the massacre of the SA by the SS, (completely false from an historical point of view because the SA were taken by bus before Be shot and not massacred in their hotel room in Baden-Wiese) I became more interested...
  4. M

    US JASSM, HARMS and JSOW-Rendering the Russian S400 useless?

    How useful is Russian Air Defense systems like the S300/S400/S500 and their radars when the United States has advanced passive radar receivers and advanced long range air-ground missiles? The S400 can detect targets out to 400 km. Stealth fighters like the F35 have advanced cross sections...
  5. M

    The South Korean K11-The most useless assault rifle the world

    This baby is the South Korean K11 Assault Rifle. Based off a earlier German assault Rifle designed to replaced the American M16/M4 in the 80s-90s. It is a 5.56 rifle with an intergrated bolt action grenade launcher in the rear firing airburst 40mm rounds.(The magazine in the back is the grenade...
  6. P

    Maginot Line Myths

    All this talk about Blitzkrieg reminds me of a dead horse I learned years ago. The Maginot Line is often associated as France's sole reason for defeat and proof of what happens to an army when it doesn't adapt to the latest trends..... That when the Germans attacked the Maginot Line, they...
  7. throughthepastdarkly

    Resistance is useless!

    The Internet is a surveillance state I think it was someone like Dostoyevski or Tolstoy who said "the real tragedy is when you get used to it."
  8. J

    Useless British Trivia Thread

    Having been thrown out of the American Trivia thread, I decided to start my own thread on useless British Trivia. Whether the British were ever useless is not the point; this is trivia with British origins. As Clemmie had the idea first, Americans are welcome to join in, have tea and scones and...
  9. Clemmie

    Useless trivia

    There was a similar thread in the Middle Ages section so I thought perhaps I'd start one here. I am reading a book by Bill James called Popular Crime I just learned that the huge bank called Chase Manhattan got its start from the Manhattan Co. and J.P. Morgan's Chase Bank. The Manhattan Co...
  10. Sargon of Akkad

    The Interesting Classical Anecdotes and Useless Trivia thread

    I was informed recently that the right-hand handshake was a holdover from the Romans, as you extended the right hand to show you did not hold a weapon in it. I cannot confirm the veracity of this, but its an interesting bit of cultural memory of the Romans if nothing else.
  11. Salah

    The Useless Medieval Trivia Thread

    A thread for some of the more colorful, if trivial, nuggets of medieval history. King John of England is said to have had a Frenchmen in his retinue known in English as Peter the Farter. Peter's claim to fame, indeed, his only apparent use in the King's court, was his ability to pass gas to...
  12. Mohammed the Persian

    The Nobel Peace Prize: Useless?

    Does it really signify anything ? I mean, sometimes people who lead a country at war are awarded the Peace prize (oh the irony :laugh:). Today, the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced (Hoping for a Middle Easterner!! :evil::p). Regardless of what happens, I have a question: Don't you think...
  13. S

    Other countries aren't completely useless.

    It is my opinion, that contrary to popular belief, countries other than America aren't entirely useless. For instance, the British do sort of do some things.
  14. JohnnyH

    Useless fathers?

    Which are the best examples in history (or the present?), where a noted character from Politics, the military or today's Showbusiness, has a disastrous relationship with his/her father? Usually if they were inept, uncaring, absent or weak? The three king George's of Britain (1715-1830), for...
  15. Richard Stanbery

    Useless Military Waste...

    Anybody remember the useless purchases made by certain Latin American countries in the early 20th with the battleships Sao Paulo and Minos Gerais? These two nations were so sure that they were going to get rich from rubber plantations, etc. So they bought these ships new, contracted them, from...